I got bored at the end, but here, have some pokémon from my XY team

With Arabelle/Florges - Misteigne/Meowstic - Flip/Talonflame - Chock/Raichu - Erin/Oshawot - Persil/Greninja - Aerendil/Gardevoir - Ju/Leafeon ( It’s called a Phyllali in French it’s so cute ) and Percy/Kravarech

Yes I name my Pokémon like a 9 year old.

Some are missing, I didn’t know how to draw them , maybe later  

honokkakousaka asked:

Man, that was really great, wasn't it? Please tell me how you're feeling, now that I told you that amazing and fantastic thing. You're feeling really cool right now, right? You are cool after all. The coolest guy on the streets. The coolest guy on heavens. Damn, I love you.

"You… Can’t be serious, right? How does that make me feel cool?"

"I don’t even know you and you just kinda marched up and said that. You’re some kinda weirdo."

honokkakousaka asked:

Hey, big bad boy. I got something nice to tell you. You ready for it? Please, tell me if you are or not. Because if you are, then it's gonna be one hell of a surprise. If you're not... Well, that would be sad. Well then, boy. You ready for it?


"What? Uh… Okay…?"