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H&K G11

The spaciest of Kraut Space Magic, the G11 is everything that’s wrong with being clever. You know that kid from school who thought they were hot shit and ended up fucking up everything they did by over-thinking it? That’s the G11 in a nutshell. 

Cased ammo’s been just fine for over 100 years, but FUCK THAT let’s make a brand new caseless round. Look how great it is that we don’t need any kind of extractor, and please overlook the corresponding lack of any way to cool the chamber via exposure to the outside air. Sure it’s prone to cook-off but it’s new and exciting!  And it’s not like you’re getting nothing in exchange for giving up user safety - you also get terminal ballistics that are inferior to 5.56! What a bargain!

Conventional feeding mechanisms are so boring, let’s make one twice as complex just to show off our awesome Teutonic engineering prowess! More moving parts means more reliability, right?

The best part is that the German government refused to prove any actual benefits of the G11 system - they claimed it would penetrate Warsaw Pact armor at 600m but wouldn’t provide evidence. 

Kraut Space Magic is just that - magic. And not the awesome, fantastical kind of magic that actually does things, I meant the real-world kind of magic that’s based on trickery and lies.
StG 44 in 5.56 and 7.62x39 On The Way - The Firearm Blog
A new StG 44 in 5.56 and 7.62x39 On The Way

Modern StG 44 repros coming soon in 5.56, 7.62x39, .300BLK, and 7.92x33!

I’d rather not have the Picatinny rail, but whatever, I can deal. It’s nice that they’re offering a variety of calibers since I don’t think the original 7.92 is going to be easy to find (and even .22lr, which the last repros I saw were chambered in, is still tough)
H&K 97: The Civilian MP7

We here at TFB have had a great relationship with H&K for a long time. Despite them being one of the world’s largest arm’s manufacturers, they

Not sure if April Fool’s joke or not… if it’s real, cool. I know a lot of people would like civvie MP7s. I bet it’s awkward without the stock, though - might only really be worth it if you can SBR it.

EDIT: Oh, and it’s also $1800, because HK.

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The SL8 was H&K’s attempt at countering the perception that their attitude towards civilians is “You suck and we hate you” and instead they just reinforced it even harder than before.

Back in the 90s, H&K realized that civilian shooters wanted a version of their famed G36 because Kraut Space Magic + operationally operating operator-marketing = crack for mall ninjas. That’s all well and good, except they had to go and fuck with it by:

- Not only replacing the normal pistol grip and folding stock with a fixed thumbhole stock but modifying the receive to prevent using the original

- Making it feed from single-stack mags only

Making the gun comply with assault weapon laws, fine, that’s just how you play the game. But going out of your way to make it harder for people who aren’t under said laws to fix it? That’s just being a dick. This is HK telling civilians “You’re going take this shitty knock-off and like it because it’s all you’ll ever get and we both know it.”
New MP-44 Sturmgewehr Rifles Coming to the US! - The Firearm Blog

Yep, that’s right – we will finally again have access to museum-quality new semiauto MP-44 Sturmgewehr rifles from Germany! I spent some time yesterday speaking with Lars Brüggemann with EL BE Tac, who is the US distributor for these rifles, and the prospects are very exciting. A full line of reproduction semiauto German WWII rifles … Read More …