Rip it or Ship it book tag

tagged by @ktrovosky ♥ 

Rules: Make a list of 10 book characters in whichever order you like, then go to , insert ‘1′ in the “min” and ‘10′ in the “max” then click “generate”. The first two numbers that appear are the characters you must pair up and then tell us if you ship them or rip them. Repeat this until you have 5 (so, no repeating characters) pairs, then tag 5 people!

  1. boyd beaulieu, icos
  2. lou krauszer, icos
  3. ronan lynch, trc
  4. david butler, five boroughs
  5. neil josten, tfc
  6. laurent, cp
  7. pallas, cp
  8. john toffler, the rifter
  9. saimura, the rifter
  10. dominic costigan, cyberlove

ship #1: josten x costigan (5 and 10)

oh my god?? this is actually pretty sweet?? i can imagine them working out together and wearing each other’s sweatpants and being really cute together, but. considering neil doesn’t swing, i’d say i SHIP IT, platonically :’)

ship #2: ronan x boyd (3 and 1)

oh. ohhhhhh. boyd would definitely be attracted to ronan’s savage handsomeness. ronan dreams of light. i’d say, ah, SHIP IT, young beau with ronan, tentatively 

ship #3: saimura x pallas (9 and 7) 

SHIP IT. 100%

ship #4: lou x david (2 and 4)

nah noo, RIP IT, lou is not david’s type, and lou only has eyes for bae tbh

ship #5: laurent x john (6 and 8) 

um, goodness, SHIP IT. i mean, laurent is probably a bit too savage for john (or is he? kahil can be pretty savage too), but at the same time, john is the gentlest sweetest (but v powerful too), and laurent would be enamoured ♥ 

tagging: @dreamingparrish, @beanmoreau, @hopelesswillwin, @caravaggion