Here’s an awesome way to cope with winter blues, that is, if you live in Krausnick, Germany. There you’ll find a former Soviet military airbase hangar, an enormous structure that originally contained cargo airships, that has been transformed into the Tropical Islands, an indoor tropical beach resort, “Europe’s largest tropical holiday world.” Outside the landscape may be bleak and bitter cold, but inside it’s a warm tropical paradise. 

The hangar is 360-meters long, 210-meters wide, and 107-meters high - tall enough to contain the Statue of Liberty. Instead of military airships or wayward giant monuments, the Tropical Islands resort contains a sandy beach peppered with palm trees around a clear blue lagoon, a water slide, adventure park, numerous restaurants, lodging options and even evening shows. It’s a wonder anyone goes back outside at all. 

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Under the dome: The world’s largest indoor beach … right in the middle of the German countryside

6,000 people can enjoy the ‘sun’ - and without a cloud in sight thanks to the roof

The Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick also contains a 50,000-plant forest - and room to fly a hot air balloon


Tropical Islands Resort

Tropical Islands was built by the Malaysian corporation Tanjong in the former airship hangar known as the Aerium. The hangar – the largest free-standing hall in the world – was originally designed to protect large airships from the elements.

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Tropical Islands Resort. The largest indoor tropical pool in the world, located in Krausnick, Germany. (Opened in 2004). Cargolifter-Werfthalle, the former airship hanger holds 55 million cubic meters of indoor space.

As we saw in the last post… artificial waves, a yellow Lamborghini and about a dozen Russian supermodels running around at Al Ain Surf Park Wadi Adventure. In the middle of the UAE desert, we find “Paradise”. A mash-up of environment, color, nature and exoticism. The word is built of two extremes pushed against one another. Whether this manifests as a pristine tropical pool hidden between sand dunes, or equally, a sand dune standing alone in the middle of a pristine tropical ocean (palm trees in tow). Today, this concept of “paradise” appears to be popularly man-made. Something where nature appears indoors, and exists as a playground plopped within a suspiciously familiar landscape. If we’re already constructing and accepting our own escape, does that mean there is nothing left to explore?

Tropical Islands Resort. Exterior (below).

Tropical Islands Resort, complete with a jungle, a ferris wheel and a hot-air balloon ride.

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