The original Copenhagen Christine wigs

From top: Susanne Elmark (2000-01), Hanne Damm (2000-02), Viktoria Krantz Tocca (2001-03) and Agnete Munk Rasmussen (2003).

They had similar styling to the Hamburg wigs: very long and full, wavy bottom layers, curly top layers, and with lots of tiny curls over the forehead. One of my absolute favourite styles. The 2009 revival wigs were also nice, but much shorter and with bouncier curls all over. I liked the original wigs more.


Woke up exhausted .
Downloaded podcasts from gowanas -native american name -
Downloaded podcasts from there.

Industrial area of Brooklyn. The bowery boys, really cool history podcast about new york. Love it!!
Used to hide the river that used to be very polluted.

The river feels detached from the city,i love the lose ends of places and cites ,its were life get loos and  unpredictable things happen,like all this experience that i am having over here and.  

Ran across  a shop that sells all sorts of building parts. Fascinating business model - anyone that hands over an item can deduce the tax from it - this way they receive and are able to charge low prices.

I still dont know what i think about all this economy models , but it seems like it works .

Searched for an archive that was founded by  young people - they collect posters and propaganda from humane and political struggles. No one knew where it was… finaly found it. Another non profit community organizing to do something.

The mission of Interference Archive is to explore the relationship between cultural production and social movements. This work manifests in an open stacks archival collection, publications, a study center, and public programs including as exhibitions, workshops, talks, and screenings, all of which encourage critical and creative engagement with the rich history of social movements. i was so happy to know this super important place ,i love america theres a will to ask difficult questions.

Met chelsea and went to coney island. The ocean!! Amazing! Ate at a georgian restaurant - talked about my experience so nice to be with a persone that knows what i am doing here ,like we have a common secret.

 Then… we went to the fair!! Crazy! Drawing you in and repulsive at the same time. Everything seems like a melange of many different cultures habits languages that reminds my what i like in Israel the verity.

Absolutely overwhelming.

Grover Krantz había donado su cuerpo a la ciencia. Hoy en día, su esqueleto junto con el esqueleto de su perro favorito se encuentra en el Museo Nacional Smithsonian de Historia Natural en Washington.