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Malcolm De Luca | FC: Logan Lerman | Pisces | 17 | Open

Mob Affiliation: Prominent family.

Allied with:

Enemies with:

Background: Malcolm is the youngest of the three De Luca sons. His father doesn’t expect much from him, and he especially doesn’t expect Malcolm to become some huge mob boss. Though if something were to somehow happen to Matthew and Maxwell, Malcolm is next in line.


Bio: Malcolm is the baby of his family, and he’s definitely been treated as such. Like his two brothers, Mal was indulged with plenty of attention and had the finest nannies that old Italian money could afford. He was a quiet baby; a saint for his caretakers. His mother, like what she did with his brothers, tried putting him through music classes, but they never stuck with Malcolm like they did with Max and Matt. Mal’s real talent lay in his ability to draw. He loved sitting around and drawing what he saw, and to quote an uncle, “the kid is damn good at that artsy shit”. She wouldn’t have ever admitted it, but Mal’s mother, ever the strict violinist, was a little disappointed that he couldn’t pick up an instrument.

Malcolm is somewhat of a lonely kind of guy. He’s social enough, but he prefers having a few close friends than having tons of acquaintances. To the good friends he does have, he gives his best at being there for them. Once he gets attached to someone, Mal’s something of a personal cheerleader. At Krantz he’s somewhat of a perfect student, doing all of his work when it needs to get done… If he doesn’t start to daydream or doodle.

✔: Supportive, Loving, Hard-working

✘: Oversensitive, Stubborn, Inability to say no

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Remus La Belle | FC: Chace Crawford | Virgo | 23 | Open

Mob Affiliation: Secondary

Associated with:

  • All - Remmy’s father was associated with a number of groups

Background: His father was a ‘traveling business man’ when, realistically, Remy’s father dealt with financial deals of certain mob groups. His mother never told him, and to this day, Remus still doesn’t know the exact details of his father’s job. His family, more so his mother and himself, were never in any real danger since his father did a good job of keeping his wife and child out of and far away from his work. Hence, why Remy attends Krantz.

Relations: None

Bio: Remus was the pampered only child growing up, and it left him quite lonely. Though it’s not to say his social skills weren’t up to par, as he was taught proper etiquette from an early age. He didn’t know his father very well, and the fact that his father was such an on-the-go business man caused them to never really have a relationship. His relationship with his mother, on the other hand, was a good one. She was a bit of a perfectionist, and was always there to guide her son along to being the man she wanted him to be. He never grew to dislike her, on the contrary, he actually admired his mother. She didn’t come off as the loving and attentive mother that she actually was on the inside, but that was alright with Remus, because he knew. Remy’s mother has a lot of influence on him, and he’s grown to be quite the perfectionist as well.

Remus is seen as the supportive and helpful friend, and many of his feuding friends come to him when in need of a mediator. It’s easy for him to sort problems out for others, but not so much when it comes to himself. He’s fussy and gets annoyed quite often, especially when it comes to things not going his way. His grades are absolute perfection due to his compulsive need to do everything right. If he knows he did a problem wrong, he’ll do it over and over again until it’s right.

✔: Reliable, Independent, Logical

✘: Come off cold, Picky, Feels the need to improve/perfect the things around him

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