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Francesca (Frannie) St. Clair | FC: Lily Collins | Scorpio | 24 | Reserved

Mob Affiliation: Secondary family

Associated with:

Background: Frannie is the oldest St. Clair child and has always been treated like a princess. Her entire childhood and into adulthood she has gotten whatever she wanted. While her parents gave her everything, the phrase, ‘money doesn’t buy love’ seems to apply here. Her father is a close friend of one of the mob bosses of the Khan family, her and her siblings having grown up with them all their lives. Frannie was never directly involved with any sort of gang related activity but she is quick enough to know all about it. Frannie, knowing everything about everything, quickly found out about the fight club at the school and joined in to earn a little extra cash. She quickly rose her way through the ranks and never lost a fight. Now-a-days she only fights when she is challenged or if people need to be reminded about why they don’t cross Francesca St. Clair.


Bio: Frannie is the princess of the family. She’s spoiled rotten and made sure to never be accountable for any sort of wrong doing. Growing up she was given everything and while it was wonderful for her to get whatever she wanted, she never really thought of her parents as parents. They were there if she needed something or if she directly asked them for anything but they never went out of their way to make her feel loved. During her early teen years she came to the painful realization that not everybody was out to give her everything she wanted and became highly manipulative and conniving so as to get what she wanted from everybody, not just her parents. While she seems like a rotten princess she’s very resourceful and can solve just about any problem her friends come to her asking advice for. Frannie was often out late at night with friends or at parties, not bothering to call or inform her parents of her whereabouts, but that never mattered to them anyways. She’s not especially close with either of her brothers but she’s closer with Freddie than Frankie.

✔: Resourceful, Passionate, Observant

✘: Spoiled, Manipulative, Jealous

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