Headcanons nobody asked for

Gilbert’s (rough) weekly schedule, or where he divides his time:


20-40 hours with the Budestag (politics)

25-40 hours with the Luftwaffe (military)

This schedule changes, and is also dependent on his brother’s - if Ludwig is out of town for any reason, Gilbert usually has to pick up what’s left behind and is at the Bundestag more often. He always prefers to be more active in the military than politics.


5-10 hours with the Preußische Krankentransport, a private ambulance/transport service in Berlin. He does this weekend mornings, usually.

4-8 hours doing work for the Prussian Heritage Foundation

??? (0-168 hours)  doing questionable shit for Julia in weird places


5 hours cleaning the house & auto

5-10 hours staring at a wall wallowing in self-loathing

7-14 hours exercise

10-50 hours sleep

Other allotted hours for visiting others, journaling, reading, drinking himself into a coma, sex, hobbies like stunt piloting and dance, getting arrested, yelling at neo-nazis and hipsters, petting dogs, performing music, etc.