Sky Freaks is mostly complete, thanks again to everyone who tested it! While it’s waiting for a sponsor, I’ve begun work on a new project (to tide me over until I get underway with Grand Theft Minimal).

Introducing THE MOUNTAIN, a story about confronting an insurmountable task and beating it up in the face.

High-res version here:


Pitch video for the sci-fi game Emerald by krangGAMES Official website: View the campaign:

Heya! I’m currently updating the hell out of, to better reflect me and this studio. Right now, it’s a Wordpress blog that has a bunch of game stuff hackneyed into it, with my games linking out to other sites. Ultimately it will be a homemade site with all my games hosted directly on it.

One major new feature it’ll have is an IN THE WORKS page, which will show what exactly I’m currently working on and roughly how far along those projects are. Cuz I’ve got a lot of stuff on the go, including PRIOR 2, Dead Zombies: A Love Story, a mobile version of Beloved, and all sorts of other crazy junk.

All that said, I am NOT a web developer, and I don’t think I’m going to hire a web developer to do this. So for the next week or so it’s probably going to be super buggy and weird, as I live-update stuff and see what happens. Hopefully it’ll end up looking pretty great - at the very least it’ll end up looking pretty hilarious. :D

Will update further as progress continues! In the meantime, go play a game or something. Games are awesome. via

So when I said I want to continue developing Grand Theft Minimal post-Ludum Dare, I meant it. GTM is now built to work as a standalone application!

It’s set up to take full advantage of your computer’s power, much more than a browser game, and is now a legally verified application. It’s built with Adobe AIR now, versus Adobe Flash, which is like the difference between a go-kart and a drag racer (both of which will be in the final game, btw).

Pictured is v0.5.2, which also has fullscreen and resizable window capability.

I ♥ working on this game. More and more updates will be coming ;)


Development timelapse for Grand Theft Minimal, created for Ludum Dare 26, April 26-28 2013. Theme: “Minimalism” Timelapse concludes with footage from v0.5 of Grand Theft Minimal. Ludum Dare page: Direct gameplay link: Song is The Terminal by Pendulum ♥
Grand Theft Minimal, Ludum Dare 26

Aaaaaand, DONE!… sorta ;)
Compo entry for Ludum Dare 26 is SUBMITTED! View it and play Grand Theft Minimal online here:

However, I REALLY enjoyed working on this game. Like, a lot. So I’m going to continue working on it! I intend to turn this into a full game. It’s handy having half the work already done - I’ll keep you guys updated on that progress. And don’t worry, Minehardt, Emerald, and the rest are still on the stove, they’re just on back burners right now.

Enjoy! ♥ via
Grand Theft Minimal v0.4

NEW BUILD! v0.4 of Grand Theft Minimal. This is a big update. There’s another car (sports car), water will kill you, the city is vastly larger, and DRIVER A.I.! Other drivers will mill about the city, refusing to turn and blindly pressing the gas pedal. It’s lifelike.

Next up, Driver AI that turns, then it’s onto the cops! via