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Lizz talks about Christmas

(Until the end of the Christmas Season, Lizz will talk about Austrian Christmas traditions, music, theology and other christmas related stuff.)

Today: KRAMPUS!!!!!

Two days ago we talked about Saint Nicolas and Santa Claus, so it’s time to talk about Krampus now. Be prepared, it’s gonna get scary (and a little longer) today!!

December 5th is the day of Saint Nicolas’ helper, the KRAMPUS.

(Look at him! Fucking scary!!!!)

Note: Let me just say one thing about the Krampus movie: I’m not a fan of Hollywood taking things from my culture and my traditions and turning it into a crappy horror comedy whatever. I don’t appreciate it, and the trailer was - rightfully - booed in my local cinema. Krampus is not just some movie monster, he’s an important part of our culture, especially where I come from. So fuck you Hollywood. A lot. Thanks.

Now then, let’s talk about the Krampus!

What is the Krampus?

In many European countries, Saint Nicolas has a helper. Krampus is one of those helpers and became highly popular in recent years (because of the movie, and because he’s awesome!). An article on describes Krampus as “a horned monster … who acts as the bad cop of Santa’s operation, scaring children into being on they best behavior with the threats of being whipped with birch rods or, in extreme cases, being stuffed in a wicker basket and dragged off to hell.” They also call him the “Batman of Christmas”, which is pretty awesome!

We see Krampus in three different situations:

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