krampus parties

“I’m still here, but all is lost” A fan art of The Mountain Goats’ Cry for Judas The theme was “Pact” Made for Pixtober/Pixeltober/Octobit Follow me on twitter to stay tuned!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Yeesh, this only took me two and a half years to finish. (No, really. I’ve had the sketch sitting on my hard drive for a while now.)

Since I’m not a writer, I’ll let you all imagine what’s happening.
My personal suggest begins with an aggravating older brother suggesting St. Nicholas doesn’t exist. Little brother decides that he needs proof of this (even though his tiny little scientist heart has doubted this since the initial suggestion.) Big brother ends up on the “naughty” list for being a party pooper. Krampus comes. Hijinks ensue. Somewhere in there is an iron fire poker.