kraken the cat


Fanmade Choices Ice Pop Ads. 🍭

NOTE: These ice pop designs are inspired by Choices’ furry, slimy and scaly characters that can be found in their respective books. 🐱🦊🐙🐸

fun plots i want

  • au where robb survives the red wedding and is also tortured by ramsay
  • au where robb survives the red wedding and come to get theon { 👀 @yngwolfrobb me especially at u for those two bro }
  • honestly modern gangsta au. i know i touched briefly on this on my myranda blog but honestly. theon being raised by the starks, a bigger mob than the greyjoy gang.
  • modern prince theon ayyee
  • selkie theon though guys!!!!
  • if dany can ride a <strike>dragon</strike> wyvern and the starks can have pet direwolves then why cant asha and theon ride krakens
  • more nautical modern adventures of theon and kraken { his savannah cat }