How to make Kraflake.

You need: paper (A4), cutter, scissors, pencil

1-2. Make square.

3-5. Fold 3 three times.

(6. It must looking something like this)

7. Draw Half of Kousuke bear.

8-9. With cutter and scissors trim the excess.

10. You got base!

11. Draw stars and “K” in mirroring.

12. Cut with cutter.

13. Turn your Kraflake. It’s done!

You can hang it in the window or mirror, for example =)


For Krakko~

JP: Kraっ子が大好きだ!
EN: Krakko, I love you!
RU: Кракко, я люблю вас!

Add yours language!!!


DE: Krakko, ich liebe euch!

one dialect of China:kra仔,我中意你地!!

or traditionel chinese writing: Kra 子,我愛你們!

NO: Krakko, jeg elsker deg

FR : Krakko, je vous aime ! ♥

SP: ¡Krakko, los amo! Krakkos, los quiero más que la cresta!!

KR : 케랏코, 사랑해요!

PT: Krakkos,eu amo vocês

Question: How many mm in Keiyuu-san’s height?

Keiyuu: 45 hectopascal.

!!!Alternative physics time!!!

In first, pascal is the derived unit of pressure, not height, Tenshi-chan.

In fact we have:

45hPa = 4500Pa

p =  F/A

F = m*g

g = 9.81N/kg

m = 3g = 0.003kg (Keiyuu’s profile)

F = 0.003 * 9.81 = 0.02943N

We must found A, A is the area of the surface area on contact.

4500Pa = 0.02943N / x

x = 0.02943 / 4500

x = 0.00000654 m2

What is that, Keiyuu?!!!

And! If x is Keiyuu’s height in the second power…

√0.00000654m2 = 0.002557m = 0.2557cm = 2.557mm

Hehe, pretty small, little muma xD


Krakko, she needs you!

12/12/12 will be released Keiko-chan’s mini-album “#MOREKEIKO” in two versions.

We need more arts >:|

PS: not contest at all, just… festival?

PPS: And Keiko-chan said one more album will be little later ^_~