If you don’t yet know what Krafties are…. it’s ok cause I didn’t either til like last night xD… anyways they’re a free MMORPG something like pokemon…. which I personally loved as a kid lol… You get a your first Kraftie by joining the in-world group: secondlife:///app/group/537d2e96-a915-c12a-c3b4-a1485160b79f/about (Copy and Paste the link into local chat and click on it to open the group) Although it’s still just starting up … there are 2,000 players and growing… So if your looking to pass some time in SL grab a Kraftie and get to battling :D

LM to Krafties Sim:

maybe the next Krafties creature? he’s meant to have heavy defense stats. I may draw more different beetle-based creatures based on your thoughts. :> if no one likes bugs I can always go to a crab or a turtle but I’d like to keep him unique from the other creature designs if I can

what do you guys think?


Heroes never die!

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woohoo I can finally post this here!!!

these are all the elemental (plus the wild) variations of the next Krafties pet, due out pretty soon… but in the meantime

we’re lookin’ at you guys to help us choose the one that we work on next! I made a post a little while back with the four choices, they’re now on their own blog page for voting. voting will end on the 5th of December at 12am PST so get your votes in while you can!

you can vote here (you can submit anonymously if you want to)