anonymous asked:

Do you think panda and grizz know how to cook atleast something??

•Can cook ready-made things like kraft mac and cheese and ramen cups + anything that goes in the microwave

•Isn’t allowed within 8 feet of the stove but he too can use the microwave

tommym1997  asked:

Hey ✌🏻️ Kennst du diesen Moment im Leben wo es für dich nicht nach vorn und nicht nach hinten geht und du am verzweifeln bist was das Leben dir damit sagen will?? 😔

Jeden Tag. Aber bleib stark, irgendwann wird der Tag kommen, an dem es besser wird! Ganz viel Kraft an dich & ich weis, dass du das schaffst. 💖


Everybody loves Amethyst” SDCC zine by Grace Kraft !

0.  aight maybe this thing is coming together
1.  the cover!
2.  objectively the best page (Amethyst & Pearl)
3.  only peeks from here on out (Amethyst & Garnet)
4.  how about something sad now (Amethyst & Rose)
5.  Tiger M is still one of my fave eps (Amethyst & Steven)
6.  This page is dedicated to @zigsoul333 (Amethyst & Vidalia)
7.   oh to be young (Amethyst & Greg)
8.   let bygones be bygones (Amethyst & Peridot)

I added the context in the description as well but whatevs ! Make sure to stop by her panel and say hi. And… and just buy your SU zines, you monsters ! Yes, that goes for you attending SDCC T_T