Angus asks Taako to teach him how to make a grilled cheese. And shit, Taako is doing 0 teaching of the magic variety especially not to his magic boy. So he sends him off, only to walk into the kitchen and see Magnus and Angus making grilled cheese

Except it’s not grilled cheese. Magnus is just putting a singular kraft single between two plain slices of bread and Taako’s never been more affronted in his entire goddamn life like Mango dearest get away from the culinary psychopath Taakos gonna teach how not to act like a fuckin HEATHEN

Will kämpfen aber mir fehlt die Kraft. Ich falle und niemand hält mich.

Wieso sieht Niemand wie es mir geht? Wieso versucht niemand für mich da zu sein? Bin ich wirklich so ein schrecklicher Mensch, dass mir alle den Tod wünschen?

I don’t know who allowed me to be an adult, but I came home with exactly zero things that were on my grocery list and way too much Kraft Mac n Cheese. So, if anyone would like to volunteer to be my adult, I can pay you back in kind with candy.


Everybody loves Amethyst” SDCC zine by Grace Kraft !

0.  aight maybe this thing is coming together
1.  the cover!
2.  objectively the best page (Amethyst & Pearl)
3.  only peeks from here on out (Amethyst & Garnet)
4.  how about something sad now (Amethyst & Rose)
5.  Tiger M is still one of my fave eps (Amethyst & Steven)
6.  This page is dedicated to @zigsoul333 (Amethyst & Vidalia)
7.   oh to be young (Amethyst & Greg)
8.   let bygones be bygones (Amethyst & Peridot)

I added the context in the description as well but whatevs ! Make sure to stop by her panel and say hi. And… and just buy your SU zines, you monsters ! Yes, that goes for you attending SDCC T_T