Things I've heard my (cis/het) brother say while he's been in college for the last year:

-(Heard over the phone) “I don’t care WHAT is in your pants or what you identify as, GET THE FUCKING PISS OFF THE TOILET SEAT
- “I don’t get why some men like to call themselves straight and then say they’d never date a Trans woman because honestly if you’re willing to exclude an entire subsection of women based on something so stupid you’re probably not worth their time anyways”
-“I don’t know why some guys worry about gay men in the locker rooms because if I was a gay guy, even I wouldn’t date me. I’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days.“
-(Over spring break) “How the fuck do you make Kraft mac&cheese”
-“What do you mean it’s written on the box– WAIT SHIT IT IS”
-“I hit on a lesbian two weeks ago in the SU without knowing it and I still feel bad about it”
-“I honestly think I’d prefer living with a (Trans) person at this point because if they’re even as half as cool as you then it’s got to be better than living with two 19 year old boys who have fucking competitions of who can piss farther on the ceiling
-“For some reason even in college guys don’t seem to get that the only reason I get so many girls’ numbers is because I treat them like I would treat anyone else”
-“No seriously they think you have to act uninterested or like a dick for some reason”
-“No I don’t know why they think hitting on a lesbian is anything but a lot of secondhand embarrassment for the rest of us”
-“My roommate came into the room looking really dejected and when I asked why he said that he spent hours talking to this girl just to find out that she had a boyfriend the whole time and didn’t say anything” (And after me asking why it mattered) “I dunno, apparently he doesn’t understand the concept of friends”
-(After me saying I don’t get heterosexuals sometimes) “Even I don’t understand straight guys little dude, and I am one”


Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial featuring Cheesasaurus Rex, circa early 2000s

anonymous asked:

This might be a silly question, but do you happen to have any pictures of Mamoru in his trendy outfits from the 90's anime? I wanna do something creative and I need some reference pictures. Thanks in advance if you find some.

Not a silly question at all! In fact, maybe one of the only questions I am qualified to answer. And I would love to see what you create from this! I present to you: Mamoru’s Greatest 90s Fashion Hits. (Sidenote: Many of these caps are from @sailorcivilian, the most organized Sailor Moon fashion blog ever to roam the earth. Check it out!)

10. Everything Is Rolled Up And Nothing Hurts

9. My Collar Is Just Two Small Belts

8. The World Needs Someone To Wear Its Oversized T-Shirts The Color Of Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese, And I Am That Man

7. No, The Collar Does Not Flip Down, Please Stop Asking

6. Nice Ascot

5. Black Is The New Black

4. You’ll Never Guess What I Was The Prince Of In My Previous Life

3. Ladies Can’t Resist The Yellow-and-Violet Button-Down

2. The Shirt That Got Tuxedo Mask Punched In The Face

1. It’s Not Meaningless, It’s “Abstract,” I Swear To God, It’s Almost Like You Don’t Understand Anything About Modern Art

The Aesthetics of Borderlands Characters

Roland - Hot Pockets
Lilith - A bloodstained leather jacket
Mordecai - The pet supplies aisle
Brick - Old Spice guy
Zed - TF2 Engineer
Marcus - A Boston Creme Donut
Hammerlock - Chef Gordon Ramsy
Moxxi - Red wine in a, “I 💜 mom” mug
Scooter - A Tech Deck
Ellie - Romances with strong female protagonists
Angel - “Wake Me Up Inside” by Evanescence
Torgue - The sun
Tiny Tina - A haunted jack-in-the box
Tannis - Bitter, cold, three day old coffee
Captain Scarlett - Johnny Depp
Shade - CapriSun
Claptrap - The genie from Aladdin
Axton - An airhorn noise
Maya - Grungy hipster blogs
Salvador - A Lil’ Monkey Fella
Zer0 - A jazz club
Gaige - Hot Topic
Krieg - A mosh pit brawl at a Linkin Park concert
Handsome Jack - The Geico money stack with winged eyeliner
Nakayama - Waifu body pillows
Athena - Medieval chivalry
Wilhelm - Bionicle
Nisha - Oddly colored blue jeans
Aurelia - The cool refreshing taste of Pepsi
Janey Springs - Dr. Seuss books
Gladstone - Pencils that have been snapped in half with no eraser
Tassiter - The old lady with the poodle in the Sticky Buddy commercial
Pickles - Kraft Mac and Cheese
Timothy Lawrence - Half-assed high school acting
Rhys - Capitalism
Vaughn - The concept of being a badass
Vasquez - The slutty secretary that wants to bang their boss
August - Gary Oak

Tree Bros Anniversary Headcannon

• They decide to spend the day together for their anniversary
• Connor usually plans the dates, so it’s a pleasant surprise when Evan asks to plan it
• Evan tells Connor nothing about it except to make sure he has fancy clothes to change into
• Once the day comes, Evan picks up Connor at nine and gives him a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear with a heart because he’s a basic boyfriend
• They go on a hike and then cuddle in an open field because it’s where Connor asked Evan out.
• Then they leave and get ice cream at A La Mode because that’s where they had their first kiss
• Evan orders his ice cream all by himself because he’s overcoming his anxiety
• Connor is so proud of his little tree boyfriend
• Connor gives Evan a gift, a jar filled with reasons he loves him and Evan is so happy he starts crying
• Evan gives another gift to Connor and it’s a watch with their initials engraved on it
• Connor gets so happy, he starts crying too
• They go back to Evan’s house because that’s where they first said I love you
• Together they make Connor’s favorite meal for lunch, Kraft Mac and Cheese
• Then they watch reruns of Friends because it’s their favorite show to watch together
• Connor gives Evan two tickets to see their favorite band, Green Day
• Evan brings them to their next stop which is Connor’s house because that’s where they first had s e x
• They talk about how much they love each other and how adorable the other is and it’s so cute but Zoe comes home and makes them go into Connor’s room because she doesn’t want to hear them
• They go into his room and make sure Zoe can most definitely hear them
• They f*ckkkkkkk
• Afterwards, Evan tells Connor to put on his fancy clothes.
• They don’t look at each other while they’re changing because they want to be surprised by how the other looks
• When they see each other, Evan can’t stop gushing at how hot his boyfriend looks
• “Zoe! Come here! Come look at how hot your brother is right now! Like damn look at that ass in those pants!”
• Evan won’t tell Connor where they’re going
• They end up going to the fanciest restaurant in town and pretend to be all fancy
• Evan gives Connor one last gift
• The restaurant is clapping for them and Evan gets all nervous and blushy and Connor thinks it’s adorable and they kiss!

Sorry it probably wasn’t good but I’ll turn this into an actual oneshot fic soon

imagine Prompto asking Noct if there’s any hot sauce because the food Iggy cooked tonight definitely isn’t spicy enough, and Prom doesn’t realize Iggy’s standing behind him