so I love cooking, and I’m always on the hunt to find new recipes, but sometimes these online recipes are painful because every! sentence! has! an exclamation point! and there’s always a joke about the husband “stealing all of them” and another joke about calories to the tune of ‘OOOPS.’ Just pls tell me how to deep fry my left over mac and cheese into panko breaded balls. I obviously do not want to hear abt the calories if I’m DEEP FRYING MAC AND CHEESE.

Kraft mac-and-cheese will no longer be radioactive orange

Some things on this Earth are constant: The sky is a deep azure blue (unless you live in Los Angeles). The grass is a verdant green (unless you live in Los Angeles). And Kraft Macaroni And Cheese is a bright neon orange—an orange the color of radiation suits and safety cones, so you know to take precaution around it. But it seems all of that is changing. Kraft has announced that it will remove the artificial preservatives and synthetic colors from its beloved bowls of artificial preservatives and synthetic colors, a change that promises to take away the familiar yellow-orange tint you sort-of glimpse out of your peripheral vision, as you’re numbly shoving it into your face. As the saying goes, nothing vaguely gold can stay.

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Mac & Cheese Trauma

I remember then time when I considered Kraft Mac & Cheese as real mac and cheese…. Let’s all laugh together.

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Special shoutout to my best friend in college and her mother for showing me the right way and introducing me to the REAL mac & cheese as well as my favorites, collard greens and banana pudding. 

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The struggles of a First Generation African-American… I will NOT try no chitterlings though, that’s where I draw the line.

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