apparently i drunkenly emailed kraft the other night and asked when the first shapes mac and cheese came out

i’m pleased to inform you all that it was in 1996 and they were animaniacs shapes

I tried Kraft Dinner

When we went to a Walmart in Canada, I saw a display full of the strange “Kraft Dinner.”
I was curious, so I bought some to find out if it was better than the US “Kraft Mac and Cheese.”
You know which was better?
“Kraft Dinner” won by a long shot.
SUPER TASTY. If you go to Canada and see this in stores, BUY IT.

the saddest thing about working in a grocery store is seeing all of the kids beg their parents to buy them a carton of blackberries or a bag of organic apples and watch the parents say “no, you don’t need those” or “no, those are too expensive”. Meanwhile their cart is loaded up with kraft mac and cheese, frosted animal crackers, and frozen chicken fingers.