kraft tag

Du willst wissen warum ich sterben will? Weil ich keine Kraft mehr habe. Jeden Tag gehe ich raus und tu so als wäre alles perfekt aber das ist es nicht. Innerlich bin ich nur am weinen. Ich fühle nur Schmerz. Alles zieht mich runter und jeden Tag kämpfe ich gegen den Drang an es zu beenden einfach weil alle ohne mich besser klarkommen.

etsyfindoftheday | festive finds | 12.16.15

christmas wrapping paper kit by toneandstate

the minimal, geometric pattern and color schemes of toneandstate’s wrapping paper sheets are totally my style — and in this listing, you get a full-on giftwrap kit! it comes with two sheets of paper, greenery as an accent, kraft gift tags, and yarn to wrap it all up. so creative!

dieser moment, wenn deine kraft von tag zu tag immer mehr nachlässt und du einfach nur wegen den menschen aufstehst, denen du was bedeutest oder weil sie dir etwas bedeuten..

Hey, imagine that, I actually know more about my job than some pissy customer!

Last week this woman walked up to me in the dairy department with a tub of our higher-end store brand shredded Parmesan cheese, which I knew was one we carry in the deli department, not the dairy. So, she asks me if we have any more of it, and I of course tell her that that’s one we carry in deli (across the store), not in dairy, and she’d have to ask them about it.

Oh hell no, things are never that simple, are they? She starts arguing with me, tells me it goes on this shelf over here, that that’s where she found it. Now, the shelf she’s pointing at is clearly filled with much taller shaker canisters of Kraft shredded parm, clearly labeled as Kraft on the tag in front of it, and as a bonus, my store even has pictures of the item that goes in the spots right next to the tags for them. But of course this woman wants to argue that this is the spot she found it in, so that HAS to be the spot it’s supposed to be in, and she always has to come over here to find it, it’s never in the deli and whenever she asks the deli people about it they send her down here because they “don’t carry it”.

Okay, no. So much wrong. I’m trying to remain polite as I inform her that that particular one does not go in the dairy, it never has, and it has ALWAYS been a deli item. I try to tell her that if she found it on that particular shelf, it’s because some customer before her put it back in the wrong place and it’s really common for random deli items to find their way tossed onto a random dairy shelf because we carry similar items and people have a habit of putting down the more expensive deli ones in favor of the cheaper dairy ones, and then just leaving the deli ones wherever. I point to the full shelf of Kraft parm where she found her store brand tub, point to the label that clearly says “Kraft”, then indicate the completely full shelves around it and show her that we don’t have a spot/tag for the item in her hand because we don’t stock it in dairy.

She still wants to fucking argue. Still telling me that “I always find this one here! Every time I look for it in deli they tell me to come down here!”

Now, I don’t know about the deli people, but I’ve worked in the dairy long enough to tell at a glance which items are mine and which are theirs, and I KNOW this one is theirs, so there’s nothing I can do at this point but literally say to her, “Well, I don’t know what to tell you, ma’am, because this one is the deli’s.” 

So, all huffy-like, she finally says “Well, FINE, I’ll go ask them!” and finally, finally leaves me alone. 

Now, I want to quickly interject here that the reason I didn’t walk her down to the deli and point it out to her myself (besides the fact that it’s all the way across the store and she was being such a fucking asshole about it) is that even though I KNEW I was right, her carrying on had me actually second-guessing myself, so I didn’t want to take that tiny little chance of being wrong and having to deal with smug customer “told ya so, told ya so!” attitude. Because I figured her for the type who would actually come back all the way across the store to rub it in my face if I were wrong, I knew she must have found the damn cheese where I said it was when I didn’t see her again that day.

Out of curiosity I went down by the deli after I’d clocked out to take a look and found the cheese immediately. Now I really wish I had walked her down there myself, because the look on her face when faced with the evidence that I was right and she was wrong after all her pissy arguing must have been glorious.

"Ich frage mich was passieren würde, wenn jemand sehen würde, wie viel Kraft mich das alles kostet. Wie viel Kraft es kostet jeden Tag so rüberzukommen, als würde es mir gar nicht so schlecht gehen und auch noch stark für andere zu sein. Ab und zu bricht alles zusammen, natürlich, weil diese Maskerade nicht dauerhaft klappt! Keiner weiß wie anstrengend das eigentlich ist, denn keinem fällt es überhaupt auf."