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Part 6/12 of my little Alola set ~

Well… Alolan Dugtrio is fabulous. Period. So here it’s doing some advertising (for hair spray - the text is just the name of a German brand of hair spray). I love their faces and flowing hair. So incredibly faaaabulous ~

° Incineroar ° Mimikyu ° Oricorio ° Cutiefly ° Vulpix ° Dugtrio ° Pikipek ° Lunala ° Salazzle ° Rowlet ° Raichu °


etsyfindoftheday | get in the holiday spirit! | 11.29.15

decorate your own christmas tree cards by katebroughton

i can’t let this weekend pass without sharing a few more holiday-inspired finds — let’s start with a few finds from paper goods expert katebroughton. LOVE these decorate-your-own tree cards!


During the RedBubble Black Friday sale, I got a few things from my shop for myself partly to check out the quality. Some thoughts:

Stickers: As you can see I got most of my pieces in the small sticker form. The paper feels like it’s good quality (I don’t know how well they stick yet), the resolution is not quite as sharp as I was hoping for, and the reds and oranges (like Pam’s mom’s sweater or the background of the Dundies) are very saturated. But for the price (if you buy 6+ small stickers they discount them by 50%) they’re pretty nice.

Notebook: The notebook is 6″x8″, you can choose ruled or graph, and there are two pockets in the back. I love how the cover came out! It almost looks like it’s printed on kraft paper, and the card stock is nice and study. I will say for the price, I wish the paper inside was a little better quality, it’s kind of typical notebook paper.

Posters: These came out awesome! You never know how a print is going to come out but the colors are actually pretty close to my original drawings. They’re on nice quality semi-gloss paper and the detail is great (maybe too good, you can see every pencil stroke, including the ones I intended to erase better ;-) ). If you want a print and don’t want to spend a lot, the posters are the way to go!

I am still waiting on a tote and a studio pouch, but these all got to me only a week after ordering and overall I’m pretty happy with RB’s products.