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When Did I Become A Ghost?

When did I become a ghost?

A fragment of your memory?

The love that I had loved the most

Now a distant melody.

Dreams cannot attest

To the happiness I have known

When I’m with you I need not rest

Your gentle skin the fairest tone.

I suppose that’s when I lost my life

Not by fire or drowned by tide

I did not die by gun or knife

It was when I left your dearest side

Now it seems I’m just a ghost

Waiting for the perfect time

I’ll hold the love that does not boast

To set it free in gentle rhyme.

kraeallday asked:

foxglove and zinnia


  • Foxglove:Name three facts about your family?

As much shit as I talk about my family, they’re pretty alright. They just don’t know how to deal with their emotions and shit. Uh, 1. I have three brothers, all older. 2. My Dad gives me money to make up for the fact that he was kinda absent during my childhood. 3. My money gave me most of the personality disorders I suffer from now~ they’re good people tho, they try real hard. 

  • Zinnia:Who was your best friend when you were six years old?

I think his name was Chris? He was the neighbor when I was young and he was pretty chill. We used to hang out a lot and then he started realizing he likes sports and I tried to kiss him once lmao it was pretty intense~