I was tagged by chreverie who is the one true cutie

name: leah

nicknames: i’ve kind of abandoned my nicknames but some still follow me about like lee, lee-lee, leah mia pia wia and a few more i think?

birthday: 20th of march

gender: female(cis)

orientation: bisexy

height: 5"4/5ish?

favourite colour: maroon

time and date at current moment: 16:19, 7th of december 2014

average hours of sleep: when i have to get up for school usually like 6 or 7 hours bc i’m terrible and when i’m not going anywhere i can sleep for like a million years(or in actual terms about 12 hours lel)

lucky number: 
5 because it just always pops up in my life

last thing i googled: anna faris

first word that comes to mind: butts

one place that makes me happy: i really like walking home from school alone because there’s nobody there and when it’s dark the streetlights make the ground all shimmery and pretty

how many blankets i sleep under: uh i have a duvet?? so i guess one???

favourite fictional character: rose lalonde aka my one true love

book: the end of mr y by scarlett thomas or maybe the man who loved a polar bear by robert akaret bc i love psychology and also it’s really interesting to see how the definition of health changes for each person

animation: hmm spirited away, daria, gravity falls, grim adventures of billy and mandy, princess jellyfish, etc.

tv show: hot dang i’d have to say orphan black or ahs right now

favourite beverage: dr pepper or tea

favourite food: most sweet things

last movie i saw in cinemas: mockingjay part 1 and it was incredible omg

dream holiday: toronto to see the places in scott pilgrim but in real life wow

dream wedding:
 in a forest with all kinds of twinkly lights and shit #uvu#

dream job: psychologist or artist who gets paid £100000000000000 every year

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