GERMAN REGIONAL FOOD: Das Krabbenbrötchen - a North Sea Shrimp Roll. Nordseekrabben are a popular seafood along the German coasts. They come fresh in shell to be taken apart and to be eaten as is (Krabben puhlen, usually with a beer) - they also come on a roll (as pictured), in soups & stews, or as a Krabbencocktail with a Sherry-based sauce similar to ‘Thousand Island’, but better. They’re small, very tender, low calorie, and high protein. They belong to the same species as lobster, crayfish, crabs, and prawns, and live in deep waters off the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. They’re also found in the White Sea off northwestern Russia, and on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The best ones are caught in autumn, when they have had enough to eat all summer. Peeled and frozen Nordseekrabben are available all year - look for them in German supermarkets. In the North they’re basically a cultural icon, so try them if you can. :) 

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