i was only falling in love ;

Jason didn’t expect to see Kyle in his doorway, but then again, he hadn’t expected to see Kyle anywhere after their disastrous phone call. He had half-expected Kyle to jet off to OA, to leave and go back into space again like he did the last time they had fought like that, but no. He was here on earth and he was standing in Jason’s doorway, and Jason wasn’t sure how he felt about any of it. 

He hadn’t wanted to see Kyle just because he wanted to avoid the terrible awkwardness that would come with it, the intense arguing that he was sure would follow, but then again, he knew that he couldn’t avoid Kyle forever. Now wasn’t the opportune time simply because Jason’s patience was wearing thin with the pain and the lack of painkillers in his system to give him any sort of relief, but when was the opportune time, anyway?

Pausing for a moment, looking at Kyle, he stepped aside to let Kyle in. “Roy’s not home,” he said, tilting his head. “Roy’s at work.” Meaning they could talk, they could really talk if that was what they needed. He figured that was Kyle’s plan, coming over here, but Jason wasn’t too interested in rehashing painful memories. He pushed the door shut before leaning against it, careful not to put pressure on his injured shoulder, that arm in a sling, tucking it tight against his body.

A breath escaped his chest as he leaned heavily against the door, blinking to clear the fog that the pain had cast over his mind, pressing his lips tightly together. He regarded Kyle for a long moment, his hand sliding into his pocket, that thumb hooking into his belt loop. “What’s up?”