kr longboarding

OKC Longboard Crew hit up Mt Scott, one of the gnarliest runs in Oklahoma. There was massive carnage on our second run down. Jack took an aggressive inside line on Marc & I to make it three wide one lane. He washed out and took Marc with him. Marc & I were linked up at the time. Thankfully everyone walked away from this with only a fractured thumb and a few fuzzy heads.


The day before The 2nd Machado Classic over 60 riders met up to session some fast sweepers. Speeds are in the low to mid 50’s. Kavon Zamanian from Red Dirt Media got a rad raw run of the massive pack riding that was going down.



You hear of people getting broke off, but only until it happen to you, can you truly appreciate the meaning. This is the aftermath of slamming at 45mph. No footage of the slam, I was wearing a GoPro but it literally got broken off when I hit the back of my helmet and continued to roll. My helmet definitely saved me from what could have been a really bad situation. 

The worst part of the slam was my arm that took the initial impact. I knew right away that it was broken. It broke it in two spots and will require surgery to re-align. Luckily it is my non-dominent hand and I can continue to design.

We aren’t sure exactly what caused the pavement to be so wet. As soon as I came out of my tuck I lost all control and just felt the board shoot in the opposite direction. It was cloudy with a high dw-point, so it created an extremely slick surface, but it wasn’t cold enough to freeze. It’s part of the risk, but damn does it suck. Remember to be aware of the pavement changing in these colder months before you ride. And ALWAYS wear your helmet. Skate Safe.

- Kyle Ramsey


Skate for fun.

Kyle Ramsey, Andrew Sieffert, Jeremy Williamson, Jeff Hultner