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Top 5 favorite people?

On Tumblr? Gosh this is hard ummmm I guess I have to go with:


And last but certainly not least @kr-ysten, otherwise knows as @thaeken, I have gotten to know her these past 2 weeks ish and she is the most wonderful human being and I cant wait to see more of her,

I cant go a day without checking their Tumblrs first, Some of them know me as: @harrypotter-muffinmendes (weird name ik lmao) but I seriously cant go a day without taking at least a glimpse of what they have done overnight (my time) 💙💙💙


I’m selling these fanzines as I’m currently neither studying nor having a full time job, both because it’s summer and because I’m recovering from a rough year of being very ill. I’ll start studying again in August, but in the meantime I’ll have to make a living from selling zines and art.

ESPACED chapter 1 is in English, the rest of the zines are in swedish.

ESPACED chapter 1: 120 kr / 15 USD + shipping costs
BRYT: 30 kr / 4 USD + shipping costs
Upp & ner: 60 kr / 8 USD + shipping costs
Vuxen men Barn: 40 kr / 5 USD + shipping costs

Shipping internationally. The buyer pays for the shipping. The seller is not responsible if postal services make errors.

If you don’t want a fanzine but want to support me with a dollar or two, my Paypal is eliasericson(a) 

If interested in the fanzines, please e-mail to the same address, eliasericson(a) 
(I also do commissions! Contact me if interested.)

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