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Japan Expo - Toumyu Showcase

At the start of this month I promised to write down a full transcript of the talk segment at Japan Expo. Due to work & my vacation, I didn’t get it done as soon as I had hoped. But, it’s here right now!

Well, obviously it’s an English translation of the transcription… xD
I tried color coding the text, but tumblr seems to hate color, so… You’ll have to do with name codes instead! (And I hope I didn’t make any mistakes along the way…)

SR =Sato Ryuji
ST = Sakiyama Tsubasa
KR = Kitazono Ryo
SD = Saeki Daichi
OS= Ohira Shunya
AL = All

(Oh, and remember I mentioned I’d be sharing a “nice little Toumyu something” last week, you can now find it in my Toumyu folder. Please make sure to read the text file too!)

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