i love videos like this, giving me a different perspective on something i love to do (the process of baking). I like that the UCs have a series on the chemistry of baking and i hope to take a class in it one day.


Where are the ants carrying all those leaves?

Humans have been farming for around 12,000 years. Ants have been doing it for 60 million.

Ants don’t eat leaves. They use them to grow white tufts of nutritious fungus to feed their offspring. Their success as farmers has made leafcutter ants into fungus tycoons, complete with their own underground cities and huge half-inch soldiers to patrol them. 

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Why Jellyfish Float Like a Butterfly—And Sting Like a Bee

Jellyfish don’t have a heart, or blood, or even a brain. They’ve survived five mass extinctions. And you can find them in every ocean, from pole to pole. What’s their secret? Keeping it simple, but with a few dangerous tricks.

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The glow worm colonies of New Zealand’s Waitomo Caves imitate stars to confuse flying insects, then trap them in sticky snares and eat them alive.  It's #DeepLook, brought to you by @kqedscience and @pbsdigitalstudios


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