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Dating Kai Parker Would Include...

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Request: “Dating Kai Parker would include”? ((ANON)) 


• He’s a sucker for a badass woman/man 

 • Like, if you can fuck someone up he’ll be so turned on. 

 • He likes bath bombs but he’ll never admit to it. 

 • When he was on the run from Damon and Stefan you decided to settle in New Orleans. 

 • He blessed in well with the witch community. Plus, you and Rebekah were friends so you didn’t really have to worry about the Salvatore’s after that. 

 • He’s a sucker for homemade spaghetti. 

 • He also likes soup, it’s weird how much he loves soup. 

 • ALSO: “Baby, where’s the TV remote?” “I hid it from you, you deleted my shows.” “You are cruel.” “Thank you.” 

 • “Kai! Where’s my sweater!” “I hid it from you, it’s hideous!” 

 • Rainy days are the greatest days. 

 • He makes some bomb ass hot cocoa. 

 • In the winter you go to Pennsylvania. Because… snow. 

 • He loves building snowmen almost as much as he loves you. 

 • “Malachi Parker, I swear on everything holy if you throw that snowball I will refuse you sex for month.” / “You wouldn’t.” / “Try me.” 

 • FOREHEAD KISSES • he’s the best boyfriend ever FiGhT ME 

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