taehyung is too pure for this world universe. his new hobby is drawing and he was so shy about it. he showed the interviewer his vincent van gogh drawings! his smile! so bright! he forgot that he was being interviewed and he said drawing was his secret hobby! we need to make this boy an art blog asap. protect and cherish his artwork! 

Meet Harry

Sirius: Shit, he’s so cute 

Sirius: Remember that conversation we had about things I can’t be trusted with? your mums fancy plates, sharp objects, etcetera… Harry is one of those things. 

Sirius: /Shit shit shit, don’t drop him./

Sirius: He’s cuter than you mate, I’m never putting him down.

Harry: *starts to cry* 

Remus: *panicked* wait, what?!



((OOC: James played by @kapitan5o
           Remus played by @whompingwillovv))