My name is Kim Jongin. Please call me Kai~ I’d really like to make new friends since I have none. I’m part neko and I could use some playmates. I promise I don’t bite unless you tug on my tail. I’ll be good and keep you company if you’re lonely. 

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SDCC OUAT. Talking to Adam at the autograph signing about rumbelle and Robert Carlyle

When it was my turn in line for autographs, Adam was the first one and he saw my Belle ftl dress and said it was nice then he saw Delint, who was dressed as Rumple, behind me and was like ‘oh it’s the pair!’ Then he immediately started saying that they were sad and Bobby was sad he couldn’t come. That he had just recently got back from filming his movie and it all just didn’t work out. Something along those lines so we told him to let him know that we missed him. Then Delint brought up that we want more Rumbelle!! And Adam said he’s excited for rumbelle in season 5. And I said yes more of them. More rumbelle happiness please, we need the happiness. I was being a little over dramatic lol. Then he leans in close to us and says “I’ll you this, Belle gets out of the box very soon”. (Duh). And Delint said that yeah we figured. Then I said yes but she’s still under the sleeping curse. There’s two things she needs to overcome! But then we had to like keep moving so he didn’t really say anything after. Hahaha

Wanted: f r i e n d s

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