Should I continue with my belle cosplay outfits/photoshoot stuff?

the cringe is real. i don’t want to give off the wrong impression. basically i’m overthinking because no one gives af. but

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too self-centered or vain but when it comes to fandom, I love when I can somehow impact someone’s life whether it’s helping people make friends in the fandom, helping them meet their idols, or just being their friend and making them feel not alone or ‘crazy’! Which I think I have because I’ve gotten a lot of thank you’s from people who have said that. :)

So at work today I had an all day training about conflict management. And so somehow I mentioned tv shows to a table I was at and this older women who was sitting next to me was saying that she has been to Scotland because of a TV show (Outlander) and so I was like oh cool!! And from there we starting talking about our shows we like and how we’ve traveled a lot because of them. We were sharing con photos and photo op photos and she was saying how she makes musical videos for each episodes (crack videos). And by the end of the day she was saying she was so glad she met me because we are both the same obsessed or “crazy” about something even if it’s about a different thing. And she said we should meet up later and talk about trips and stuff and she told me next time she goes to Scotland, she will let me know :D :D She was saying how it’s harder for someone her age and single to find other people who can travel with her because either they are married and dont have time or younger but don’t have money. Anyway, she was not having a good day and I think our convo helped a lot because it was during the last part of the workday :)

So, as far as contributing to the fandom, I’m glad it’s this. :)

Yesterday I saw La Belle et la Bete with english subtitles. It is super amazingly gorgeous film. So aesthetically pleasing. I liked Belle. I actually didn’t enjoy the beast that much :o 
And, I’ll follow and say the main critique, needed more time between them two to see their characters grow and start loving each other. It seem fast and out of the blue since Belle was holding her ground the whole time which is understandable. And Beast just instantly wanted her to love him, I don’t know how he ended up loving her? I saw more love between his other wife and him…kinda. In my eyes, Belle seemed like an replacement and that’s not what she is!! anyway, so gorgeous.