My name is Kim Jongin. Please call me Kai~ I’d really like to make new friends since I have none. I’m part neko and I could use some playmates. I promise I don’t bite unless you tug on my tail. I’ll be good and keep you company if you’re lonely. 

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Wanted: f r i e n d s

I’m doing this again because I can’t seem to make quite the proper friends here. Would you do me a favor and like/reblog this post? I want some new friends. I’ll give you lots of attention, promise.

Give me your neck and I'll kiss it with my teeth.

Hello, my name is Do Kyungsoo and I’d really appreciate it if you could like/reblog this post. Aside from the fact that my dash is dead and I’m still pretty new, I’m in need of some friends, you see– it’s not necessary that you do it, just a mere suggestion. If you do I’d be eternally grateful and have more means not to bite you. So if you wouldn’t mind.. Come get to know this undead little misfit that is I?


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