BTS Reacting to You Being Jealous

For our lovely Anon! I hope you enjoy, pls request more!


He would find you so cute when you got all pouty over another girl flirting with him.


He would reassure you that you were the girl that he loved and no one else.


He would be blown away how much you cared for him.


He would be downright flattered that you were jealous, to him, it showed how much you liked him.


He would get cocky af


He would start pretending to act all sulky which get you to smile.


“C’mon Jagiya.. Don’t be jealous, you’re the only one that gets to kiss me.

Foreigner Friday: Godfrey Gao

Ovary Status:


Admin Blondie: I will act as translator for Cao up there.  Mr. Gao gives her many feels and she just doesn’t even know.  As for me, I can see the hell why…………../dead


Week 2: Man of the Week: SE7EN

Ovary Status: now considering a math major

Admin Cao: SE7EN, YOU ARE SO KEYSMASH WORTHY. Mah goodness. Please come to New York!!! I miss your lovely performances <3

PS: you should definitely continue letting camera crews stalk you in the shower. It’s much appreciated~

Admin Blondie: I…can I just.  I cannot function right now people.  I miss him so much and now we just did this whole post AND ALL MAJOR FANGIRL/OVARY EXPLODING POINTS HAVE BEEN HIT IN THE PICTURES/GIFS BELOW.  *the back and shower pictures OHMYGOD*  I CANNOT. fjdkagjhdjhaldfj gfhjiaglfhjdla.  


WEEK 44: Man of the Week: Hoya

Ovary Status: 

Admin Cao: Yay Hoya! This kid can really dance. and sing. and rap. and be handsome as anything wow.

oh and fun fact, he got his third degree blackbelt in taekwondo so don’t mess with him!

Admin Blondie: OTL your admin is so lacking in Infinite.  BUT….some of these got me RIGHT IN THE FJDKSLF;JSAFSJAL;FDASFJSA;FSA.


Week 3: Man of the Week: Mir

Ovary Status: running around in circles

Admin Cao: Such a cute creeper. I love this kid. His speaking voice is SO DIFFERENT than his rapping voice, it's ridiculous. And I find the fact that he can’t really sing at all to be kind of adorable for some reason <3

Admin Blondie: Lawls, he’s so cute XD But I have to facepalm every time he laughs >.< I think Oh Yeah was my favorite era for him cuz I like his scruffity hair.  

DAY 50: Man of the Day: Jeesu/Jisu

Ovary Status: shakin’

Admin Cao: So adorable! I swear, Dalmatian boys have some of the best expressions. And this guy right here has one of the craziest falsettos I’ve ever heard. An amazing singer <3

Admin Blondie: Can you believe it’s been 50 days of kpop hotties? I can’t. Time sure flies when you’re counting sexy men. This one here is no exception. And that falsetto is pretty amazing :D


DAY 47: Man of the Day: Siwon


hehe don’t mind the fail pic of Lee Hom. Lemme fix that *boop* Thank you Choisiwantsit(forever Byzantiumsailor in our hearts btw) for pointing that out!


Ovary Status: 

Admin Cao: All hail the abmighty Shisus! I love this dork’s shibrows of doom and genuine charm. I CAN’T WAIT to watch a drama with him acting in it~

Admin Blondie: Yeah…that’s what my ovaries feel like right now. Thank you Shisus, for being so adorkably derp and then going all bipolar on us with your sexiness. Lawd.


Week 2: Lady of the Week: BoA

Ovary Status:

Admin Cao: Uh oh. Better bow down quick everyone. Goddess approaching. I really need to get more of her songs but I really love her ballads as well as her newer edgy stuff. So very lovely~

Admin Blondie: BoA is seriously so bamf.  I am permanently obsessed with her song Eat You Up.  GUISE. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN TT.TT



External image

Foreigner Friday: Yamamoto Yusuke

Ovary Status: 

Admin Cao: He was so fun as Tamaki! It’s neat to see his more suave side in this pics WHOA

Admin Blondie: Well.  Guys, I can’t even begin to explain my feelings right now…I’ve only seen him in Ouran so far and I’m already smitten all over the place. Gosh I like your face Yamamoto Yusuke.

Blondie died^


External image

External image

External image

Week 11: Man of the Week: Nichkhun

Ovary Status: 

Admin Cao: I love the loud involuntary “EWWW” that escapes me whenever this Thai man-child come up. I don’t dislike him but HIS FACE IS SO WEIRD OMG. Play hate is unreasonably fun kekeke.

Admin Blondie: KHUN FACEEEEE.  Omg.  I cannot even handle his eyebrows guys.  I don’t know…something about his face.  Don’t hate me.  I highly appreciate the majority of these pics and gifs though.  I just…THEM BROWS.  WHAT ARE THEY DOING?



We see that you stole that banana from Chanana


Fine.  Don’t.

Foreigner Friday: Koda Kumi

Ovary Status:

Admin Cao: Everyone step aside perfect oneesan coming through. This lady is so jam packed with talent and wonderfulness. She seems pretty fearless too because some of her MVs…ahem. They’re quite nice.

Admin Blondie: Lady Bamf!!!  I have only seen some of her videos and then the one she did with DBSK but it’s nice to know that she does what she wants!!  We will have to have more lady bamf posts.  Keep the requests coming guys :D  This one was from mybiasisshowing


DAY 55: Man of the Day: Jinwoon

Ovary status: keeeeee

Admin Cao: JINSWOON EEEEE! I love this sweety pie maknae. I REALLY hope he can continue making music like his recent solo album release. Rock is where it’s at! He’s a pretty good composer and his voice really suits the style <3 

Admin Blondie: Awwww such a cutie!!!! I can’t wait to hear the rocker voice Cao talks of!


External image

External image

External image

Foreigner Friday: Mike He

Ovary Status:

Admin Cao: This guy is completely adorable. I haven’t personally watched any of his dramas but my sis is way into them. I’ll have to give him a watch sometime. Oh, and as usual please let us know if we mixed up any pictures. I’m halfway faceblind and tend to mix people up easily @.@

Also, because we couldn’t find that many GIFs enjoy this short, sweet and quite wet video:

Admin Blondie: OH. OH I SEE. This was a lovely request from mycontinuousramblings.  I SEE THAT LONG HAIR, WE BOTH KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.  JDSFL;FJ;ASFJSAL;…anyway.  The other pictures….ahem.


External image

Week 39: Man of the Week: Karam

Ovary Status:

Admin Cao: YOUUUUUU sir. Are lovely. I hope things are going better for this precious little munchkin these days. Also he gets lots of points for being a Yunho fanboy ;D

Admin Blondie: Look out!  Cutie patootie :3  Little skish let me give you cookies.

(PS as usual let us know if any pics are incorrect. We’re diving into lots of unfamiliar bands these days.)



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