I am an ARMY and also a dancer with 10 years of experience. With that said, if Jin and Rap Monster don’t grab your attention with their “bad dancing” it actually means that they aren’t bad dancers. Also, Jungkook is almost always in the front because he is good, but not as good as J-Hope. If he’s in the front, you’ll immediatly see Jin’s and Rap Monster’s mistakes. So kudos to their choreographer; he knows how to make the group shine, not just an individual.

So B.A.P’s Daehyun posted the picture on the right first and only got a bunch of nasty comments telling him that he was too dark and that he needed to delete the picture asap. So he uploaded another picture of himself (left) where he’s whitewashed and I am honestly so angry. Why would people do that to him where he feels the need to whiten his skin in order to have people respect him. Someone literally said they prefer the left rather than the monkey. Like wtf, what compels you to say that.

How long will it take for non-black kpop fans to understand that under NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAN AN IDOL OR ANYONE IN GENERAL SAY THE N WORD .It is so tiresome to see many non-black kpop fans try so hard to defend their fave when they have obviously did something offensive. If someone like Lee Hi can understand that and immediately apologize after accidentally saying it then what makes you think that your fave doesn’t know that it’s offensive to say ?