Happy Saturday! Don’t you ever wish you could be in a #Kpop music video? Well, @KPOPMVP can bring you close to that feeling! Check out @aimeeleelucas as she leads us in learning #Beast’s “Beautiful Night” at the Music Video Party! 

There’s always a time when someone comes into your life and makes an impact whether it be positive or negative. I’ve been lucky enough to not have one or two but a group of people come into my life for the better. There’s been a lot of ups and a lot of downs but I couldn’t picture sharing any of those moments with anyone else. They’ve become more than just a simple “dance family” to me but have ultimately become family. I hope that we continue to grow as individuals, and as a group, to just become better people in our community. #mvpelite #igotloveformyteam #kpopmvp #dance #kpop