Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the bracelet ♥
The bracelets are absolutely gorgeous, they’re a little big on me but it’s cause I have really small wrists XD. I received an e-mail that the bracelets had shipped out on Sunday (30th) & they got here Friday(4th). Probably took a couple of days since it shipped all the way from Cali to Miami haha. I was really happy when I got home to see that they were in the mail, I practically attacked the envelope LOL But yeah, everything was very quick, I really love your shop. I hope to order more from you in the future, especially if you ever make SNSD related stuff ^^


FT Island bracelet ♥

thank you so much for the bracelet ♥ ;A;

i just wanted to say, sorry for nagging you the whole time. LOL. i waited 3 months for this bracelet (since i bought it on pre-order so they weren’t actually made until about a month before i got it). D:

ANYWAYS. when i noticed the letter in the mail, i screamed for literally 5 minutes. i was so freaking excited. the little pink ribbons are so cute ♥ the only problem was that the letter was water damaged, so the jaejin picture was bent. :( probably the fault of the postage people. but it’s okay, i fixed it kinda xD

again, thank you so much~ i will definitely buy here again in the future if you decide to make more ft island merchandise :D ♥