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What was your reaction when Team A (Winner) was announced the winner of Win: who is next? I cried! I just kept thinking about all the shit Mino had went through to get to where he is now~ lol!

I cried soo hard. I think cried the hardest when I saw Seunghoon on his knees sobbing, actually. But I cried for all of them cause if you really look into their back stories you can see that all of them have gone through so much to get where they are and to try to make their dreams of being musicians come true. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more emotionally attached to any group I’ve stanned before U__U 

namjoons1llestbitch  asked:

Okay, Let me just start out by saying, Your fucking awesome~ I love how you stay true to yourself & your opinions! Even when SOME butthurt team b fans be coming up in your inbox acting stupid, you still stand your ground! Plus, me & you share the same love for the lovely huge boy Mino<3 I just hope Winner can stay strong & ignore those few immature people who aren't satisfied with the results~

Thank you so much. This is incredibly sweet ಥ‿ಥ

(And yes, Mino love all around. Perfection should always be celebrated, lmfao.)