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I don’t usually post thoughts about anything other than K-Fashion, but things are getting ridiculous. The tidal wave of Kpop fan rage has shifted towards the Canadian couple and it’s really sad.

If you hate everything about them then why are you watching them? If you don’t like their opinions why are you listening to them? If you don’t think they’re funny then why on Earth are you wasting your Tumblr filled hours complaining about them?

A lot of this anger is stemming from their recent Kpop Music Monday, where they called B.A.P., B***H A** P***YS, for crying all the time in their MVs. The nicest insults towards this are calling these words “indelicate”, but plot twist they like the song! Yet it was obvious this was a joke, nearly everything in their KMMs are scripted jokes!

EatYourKimchi has always had humor that was only meant for a niche audience, so why is everyone getting worked up about it? I honestly don’t think they are going to care about your death threats, or the fact you are telling them they are ignorant racist slut shamers.

They exist, and are successful, because they are the one popular different source of Kpop/Korean culture. Every other popular source of Kpop only says how much they love or hate a certain group. EYK stands out because they say the good and the bad, but they aren’t sucking up or hating on anyone. If you don’t like them because they say they don’t like your bias’ song/hair/face/pants, or don’t remember their name, then ignore them. They obviously aren’t your ascribed source of Kpop commentary.

Finally, EYK does not make international fans look bad. If anything they have bridged the gap between people with a new found interest in Kpop and the diehard fans. That is something very hard to do. Do you remember how hard it was for you to learn about Kpop? In the beginning, when everything was new, faces blurred together, names were confusing, and you had no idea why people were saying they were “Blackjacks” or “Sones”? If you hate them at least view them as a necessary evil by helping to make Kpop more accessible to international fans.

So support EYK, they’re the only people who will tell you your bias isn’t perfect, and it’s always healthy to get a second opinion. :D


Um..yeah didn’t think I’d get so many hateful passionate messages to me for stating my opinion. So let me appease a few of you and respond to some of your better arguments.

1. Most of the people complaining were previously fans, so they have a right to speak out against them, and this makes some of your arguments invalid.

This I assume is in response to my “If you hate everything about them then why are you watching them?” point, and no it does not make it invalid. If you liked EYK and your opinions changed regarding them then why are you still watching them? If you know you aren’t going to like the content they produce then why waste time watching it? It’s like watching that one group who had the BEST debut concept, but now their new concept is too cutesy and a person can only handle so much aegyo.

2. EYK has to care what people think, otherwise they will lose viewers and also their source of income.

Ummm… I truly think they have become successful by producing content that they were happy with, not by trying to impress others. If that was case the would’ve stopped long ago when the first hate comments surfaced. Also their are plenty of people that think everyone is overreacting, so obviously they will never lose all of their fans.

3. EYK has changed.

This one is obvious, but it isn’t bad. Look at their first videos. Look at when they started getting serious about YouTube. Look at when they got the studio and Leigh started editing. These are all obvious changes not only stylistically but in the format of their videos. Think of it as the evolution of EYK, because if they stayed the same we would all get bored and stop watching. 

4. They shouldn’t speak like that about my idols.

Your idols are not perfect, and a lot of the things you find appealing about them aren’t what Simon and Martina will like about them. They aren’t high school fangirls, and thus, they are more likely to only care about the music/dancing/plots of MVs. So while you may be sitting there wondering just how much more perfect your bias can become, they are actually reviewing and critiquing them on other merits. Secondly, comes the said “vulgarity” of their humor. Their are comedians all over the world who say offensive things, but when do you draw the line between insult and joke? I think it comes down to if what is said is trying to be more funny or more hurtful. It is obvious that Simon and Martina are only trying to be funny. So if you can’t take their jokes, please go back and read my previously said advice.

Top 10 Moments of 4minute's Whatcha Doin' Today (포미닛 오늘 뭐해)

1. Starting at 13 seconds when HyunA set the mood.

2. Gayoon deciding that we were focusing too much on their aegyo faces…

3. Sohyun proving she is the cutest gangster ever~

4. Also every time 4minute proved they were magicians…

5. Wondering just for a second if we have been wrong about Jiyoon’s gender this whole time.

6. When everything started devolving into madness.

7. Learning just how many things could be happening in one bathroom… at the same time.

8. The dance move anyone can do.

9. When Jihyun didn’t get the guy.

10. And of course the biggest WTF Kpop moment to date…

If you haven’t already seen 4minute’s Whatcha Doin’ Today MV check it out here.