A convention where lines don’t mean waiting for hours just to meet an artist for a second and miss out on an interesting pannel in the mean time.

A convention where you might find yourself running up with a group of strangers to dance to the same song.

A convention where you can spaz about your favorite groups one minute and then have a heated debate about the music industry with actual professors and professionals the next.

A convention where dance workshops are run by KPOP fans that understand how much you love your groups.

A convention where you won’t be concerned with meeting idols or embarrassing yourself in front of them because you’ll be having too much fun talking to other fans.

A convention where the money isn’t used for profit but simply to make fans happy.

A convention run for fans by fans.

We may not have idols coming to attend our convention but we have the most important people in idols’ lives that are coming and that’s all of us fans. Without our support they wouldn’t be able to dish out all kinds of entertainment. So join us at our second annual convention this year to converse with loving fans and make wonderful new friends.


February 16th & 17th at UC Berkeley


KPOPCON'12 :) CASSIOPEIA representing!

The host asked us what music video they showed play next before they start introducing the guests and officially start the program. Guess what happened? Well, let’s say Cassiopeia made it happen, followed by the most amazing fan chants ever.


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How is the tumblr crowd doing? We hope everyone has been having a fabulous summer so far, and just wanted to check in and let you all know that KPOPCON will be returning in full force in the next months!

We’ll be coming to you with regular staff planning updates, special sneak peeks, a new website, the game plan for our 2014 convention and much more. Thank you for your continued support, we wouldn’t be here without you guys. KPOPCON staff has missed you all and we hope that you’re ready for another great convention in 2014! Stay tuned and let your friends/followers know about us :)
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here at KPC, we know all of us would like nothing more than to receive an idol as a gift but because we also know that’s impossible we can only hope for the next best thing, KPOP swag! And even then, we know the merch is hard to come by and sometimes too much money for our wallets. So come to KPOPCON'13, where we will have our annual merchandise selling/reselling plus giveaways. Why buy an autographed album when you can win one at KPOPCON'13? 

See you soon!


February 16th & 17th at UC Berkeley