Herd post: #day9 #kpopchallenge favorite k-pop performance: G-Dragon ft. Dara @ Gayo Daejun. I was spazzing when Dara entered in a dress with GD’s fave color, plus GD’s hair was pink so it’s a plus. And GAWSSH Dara’s milky-white skin it’s so perfect why. (Though mostly I’m an SMstant but I personally think that YG artists are the idol of the idols. I do wish they interact with other idols more often rather than just among their agency) YG family rocks! #daragon #ygfamily #crayon


Day Three: Favorite Big Bang Photoshoot

EXTRAORDINARY 20’s~daebak!

I really love all them in this photoshoot (esp the one in London). When I first saw their photos I was spazzing so hard I was gonna die kekeke ~ From TOP’s kid-like poses to YB’s cool mohawk to GD’s swag to Daesung’s killer eyesmile to Seungri maknae’s SHOCKING-HE’S-GROWING-MUCH-SEXIER-THAN-EVER looks.

KPOP Challenge Day #3

Ultimate Guy Bias-

We all know its T.O.P :3

sometimes he looks like a 4 year old on the way to a party-

^^^im listening to Gee by Girls Generation and this gif of top is so perfect because it literally looks like he is dancing to it, we all know he would not look out of place in SNSD XD^^^

^ DAT TONGUE!!!! ^_^

And other times he looks like a bad ass that will screw up your life in less than 5 seconds-

^^ puh-lease gurl, you is Taeyang’s hoe go back to him you little bitch :P

Best T.O.P moments-


Boys over flowers and T.o.p= happiness

Secret garden XD

im gonna shut up now before i drive you all crazy


KPop Challenge Day 16: Your Favorite Korean OST

Hyunbin - “That Man” (Secret Garden)

(I absolutely love this song and this drama) ^_^