KPop Challenge: Day 1!

1. Your favorite K-Pop guy group

Even though 2PM and SHINee come to verrrrrrry close second and third place, my favorite KPop boy group ever of all time is:


great music, great style, great performances. all around my favorite group ever, each and every member.

from creepily funny leader 권지용/G-Dragon

…the one who always takes it seriously 동영배/태양/Taeyang/SOL

cool and random rapper 최승현/TOP

the one who they dress up like a girl 강대성/DaeSung

and finally goofy maknae 이승현/Seungri :>

and i know that yg doesn’t want them to get too distracted from music, but i’d like it if they were on more shows like 2pm and shinee are. it’s hilarious when they lose the cool guy image and be all wacky and whatever.

from Forever With You to V.I.P., from Lies to Haru Haru all the way to Tonight and Stupid Liar, B I G B A N G can’t be beat. :D

(I can’t believe I spent this much time on one post. LOLOLOL

all gifs from the awesome tumblog, or otherwise credited.)


Day Six: Favorite Daesung Eye Smile

Our Daesung always smiling ~~ *_* 

It took me long to choose what pic is my fave, cos there are tons of pics of his eyesmile and they all look similar cos yeah he got his killereyesmile in all his pics. So I chose this cos the more you look at it, you begin to smile too like his smile is so contagious so yeah ~ Also that gif adorbsssssss

(source: gingerfany)


Day Four: Favorite G-Dragon Hairstyle

It’s really hard to choose the best hairstyle for GD cos 1) His hair changes all the time 2) All hairstyles suit him 3) It’s just hard, ok?

After minutes of searching and thinking, I finally chose his hairstyle on Love Song. I super like him blonde and it fits him perfectly, PLUS pink highlights (or is it? yeah its pink right unless I’m colorblind)

(credits to the picture owners. I do not own them.)

Day 8: A k-pop song I know all the words to

been slacking on my 30 day k-pop challenge sorry T-T

Anyway! I think…a song I know all the words to (with THE WORST butchered Korean EVER) is Baby I’m Sorry by B1A4:D Whenever the instrumental comes on I song to the song exactly(with once again that butchered korean haha but whatever I’M AMERICAN!) Yeah~~^^