LUNAFLY cover of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran


Song: 너답지 않게 (This Isn’t You)


Release date: 161228

Album: 너답지 않게 (This Isn’t You)

Record label: Luce Entertainment


Lunafly released the MV for the song This Isn’t You


LUNAFLY has released the MV for “This Isn’t You”, the title track of their single album of the same name.

1. This Isn’t You
2. Like a Fire
3. Singing for You
4. This Isn’t You (Instrumental)
5. Like a Fire (Instrumental)

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s - someone like you - dalshabet
t - singing for you - lunafly !!!!!
a - anymore - btob
n - no jam - got7
z - zzang christmas - BESTie
a - adore u - seventeen
z - zero for conduct - block b

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