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Best Story Telling Kpop MV
  • Triple H: 365 So Fresh
  • Nam Taehyun of Winner: I'm Young
  • Dreamcatcher: Chase Me
  • JYJ: In Heaven
  • EXO: Mama
  • Dreamcatcher: Good Night
  • Big Bang: Haru Haru
  • 2NE1: Comeback Home
  • DBSK: Bolero
  • Trouble Maker: Now
  • Taeyeon: I
  • Junsu: Flower
  • Wonder Girls: Why So Lonely
  • AOA: Like A Cat
  • Day6: You Were Beautiful
  • Lee Hyori: Bad Girls
  • Sunny Hill: The Grasshopper Song
  • T Ara: Day by Day
  • MBLAQ: This War
  • T Ara: Cry Cry
  • B.A.P: One Shot
  • K.Will: Please Don't

SunnyHill has released the MV for their digital single  “Crossroads.”

Current Underrated Girl Groups  [Part.1]

Sunny Hill

Fave Songs: “Darling of All Hearts”“Monday Blues”“Once in Summer”“Child in Time” 

Reasoning: They are such a talented vocal group. They have stayed so far under the radar sometimes I wonder if they even still exist. Their songs are cute and/or beautiful. Their vocals are stunning and you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Red Light”“4 Walls”“Chu”“La Cha Ta”

Reasoning: F(x) gets screwed over and over and over by SM. They have been around since 2009 and only in 2015 did they finally get to have a concert tour. Like the hell is up with that SM? They consistently get overlooked, and over picked. Like SM keeps them locked up in the basement. It’s so wrong, they are so talented. Honestly they have amazing vocals. Amber is freakin amazing she raps, sings, and produces songs. Luna’s voice is heaven. Not to even mention Krystal and Victoria’s talents. Like why are they so overlooked ugh!!!! Also check out Luna’s, and Amber’s solo stuff. 


Fave Songs: “Starlight Moonlight”“Shy Boy”“Madonna”“I Do I Do”“Yoo Hoo”“Magic”

Reasoning: They get overlooked so much. I’m sure a lot of Kpop fans haven’t even heard of them even though they have been around for awhile. Their voices are so sweet and amazing. They also have a lot of solo material too so check that out as well. It’s worth it. 


Fave Songs: “Sugar Free”“So Crazy”“Yayaya’“Roly Poly”“I Know the Feeling”“Hide & Seek”“BoPeep”“Bunny Style”

Reasoning: T-ara is popular elsewhere like China. But in Korea their popularity is pretty flat. I also don’t think they are popular in America either. Which is sad because they are talented. I think due to lineup changes and such T-ara has never really been able to really find who they are as a group in Korea. You should check out their songs though. Most of them are very upbeat and fun and cute. They do have other style songs though as well.

Girl’s Day

Fave Songs: “I’ll Be Yours”“Darling”“Something”“Female President”“Hello Bubble”“Expectation”“Let’s Go”

Reasoning: In Korea Girl’s Day is actually pretty popular, especially among men. But as far as international acknowledgement goes….they don’t get noticed very much. Which pisses me off because they honestly worked so hard to get noticed in Korea. How much harder must they work till you notice them? UGH! They are so talented and beautiful, so listen to their songs. Also, Hyeri is a pretty good actress so check out her dramas too. 

Orange Caramel

Fave Songs: “Catallena”“My Copycat”“Lipstick’“Shanghai Romance”“Abing Abing”“Aing”“Funny Hunny”“Gangnam Avenue”“Bangkok City”“Magic Girl”“Cookies, Cream & Mint”

Reasoning: If someone mentions Nana chances are they know sho she is. However, group wise most people don’t care much about Afterschool and even less Orange Caramel. In Korea they have had a couple hits that put them on the radar but as a whole they go pretty unnoticed. But their cute, bubbly concept is so adorable I love it. Their songs are so upbeat and cute and filled with sunshine and rainbows. You should listen to them at least once. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it. But at least listen to them once. 


Fave Songs: “Blood Type B Girl”“Secret Number”

Reasoning: I’ll be honest with you, I don’t even know who the heck is in this group anymore there have been so many lineup changes and I just gave up bruh. But regardless I still like some of their songs. And you should at least listen to one of their songs. Give them a chance. I mean I don’t think anyone in the kpop world even knows they exist….but they do…and they are talented. 

Brave Girls

Fave Songs: “Rollin”“High Heels”“Deepened’

Reasoning: Until very recently I feel like no one had even heard of them or knew they existed. I think they are finally pulling in some popularity with their most recent songs. Which is well deserved on their part. They have worked so hard. Their songs are so good, they are so talented, and so pretty. Like why are you sleeping on them, check them out right now. 


Fave Songs: “Demonstrate”“Just Go”

Reasoning: They aren’t super popular in Korea or abroad. I think they are super talented though. Also I think they are a very influential group to the future of Kpop. Having Alex join the group is a huge step forward for Kpop. She’s also working really hard to learn Korean so support her and the group they are so talented. 


Fave Songs: “Sting”“Marionette”“Study”

Reasoning: I think they get looked down on a lot and ignored because of their super sexy and risque concepts. But honestly if you just take the time to look past that they are seriously so talented. Also why is it so bad for them to be sexy, like that’s not a problem. They clearly are beautiful women I don’t get why it’s bad for them to express it. Whatever not the point of this post, the point is they are worth a chance so give it to them. 


Fave Songs: “Somebody”“Sugar”“I Dream”“Can’t Hide It”“Love Is Madness’“Star”

Reasoning: I never hear anyone talk about them unless it has to do with them hanging out with Got7. Honestly they both have some of the best vocals in the entire kpop world. [You can disagree, but seriously they are super talented]. If you haven’t listened to them you must. If you have and don’t love them try again. Also check out their solo works as well. I can’t wait till they make a comeback. 


Fave Songs: “Apple Pie”“You’re Pitiful”“I Don’t Know”

Reasoning: I think people probably know of Yezi and that’s it. Honestly as a group they are really looked over. I don’t think people would even know they exist if it wasn’t for Yezi being on unpretty rapstar and such. But really they are talented. They have good songs as well. 

Hello Venus

Fave Songs: “Mysterious”“I’m Ill”“Sticky Sticky”“What Are You Doing Today?’“Wiggle Wiggle”“Do You Want Some Tea?”

Reasoning; They have gotten a bit more noticed after they switched from cute concept to sexy. However, most people still don’t know them or even know they exist. They are so talented though, and super pretty and sweet and funny. Their songs are catchy and entertaining. Like why haven’t you checked them out yet if you haven’t already. 


Fave Songs: “Secret Time”“You Don’t Love Me”“I’ll Be There”“Give Your Love”“I Did It”

Reasoning: Simply because they have never gotten the love and recognition they truly deserve. Also they haven’t disbanded, they are just doing their own things for now and hopefully whenever they decide to make a comeback they will get the love and support and fans that these talented women truly deserve. They are so amazingly talented I can’t even start to explain. 


Fave Songs: “Love Sick”“Oppa You’re Mine”

Reasoning: Well…I bet you haven’t heard of them. Did you know they existed? Well they do and they are beautiful and talented. Just give them a chance you might end up liking them too.  


Usually I don’t bother with something that’s been sitting around for a year, but I did it and that’s that.