kpop: jaejoong

31/12/2016 Kim Jaejoong announced that he’s awarded ‘The Special Grade Warrior’ by the ROKA and the only one in his 55th division!.


*Jaejoong announced it on today’s vlive. Indeed, sergeant JJ is the best.

trans:  “I was the only special grade warrior in my team. I can say that proudly.”

Criteria for the special grade warrior by ROKA (Republic of Korea Army):

1. Shooting: Hit the target more than 90% 

2. 72 push-ups in 2 min 

3. Sit-ups 82 times in 2min 

4. Run 1.5Km in less than 5m48 


Congrats and well done our Sergeant Jaejoong for achieving this highest award by ROKA during his army service!!