Eunuch: Namjoon (Royalty Series Part 3 of 7) [M]

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Warnings: SUPER long read (2.9k+ words). Eunuch Namjoon. Angsty as hell. Treacherous as hell. Long back story. Adultery (cheating) and foul language. Mentions of death/murder? Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Oh and smut! It doesn’t end after the smut, though.. Read it! I hope you enjoy!

EUNUCH: Namjoon

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BTS as Princes

Jimin :The cursed prince.

  • what happens when  you through the loudest ball ever ?You get cursed that’s what! by a cranky witch that hates music.
  • locks himself in the castle in complete isolation, waiting for the one who will break his curse and re-ignite the flame within him.

Taehyung : The  headstrong prince.

  • rushes into things without thinking.
  • surprises enemy’s with his fighting skills.
  • leaves his kingdom to wonder how he can have the face of a child but the voice of a God.

Namjoon:  The Triple treat prince

  • you name it this royal hunk has it.
  • spends extensive hours in the royal library reading.


part 1 in the series

{part 2 coming soon}

“She Was A Queen
With Neither Kingdom Nor Crown,
The Most Powerful Piece On The Board
With No Moves Left To Make,
She Overturned The Table.”
Helen Of Troy × Jin [2.18.17]

The Monarch-  Taehyung Royalty!AU

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Part: 1 (More if Requested, let me know guys!)

Member/Group: Taehyung of BTS

Word Count:2022

Author: Admin Cloud

Summary: Not everything is perfect behind these castle walls.

 In the kingdom of Saxet, there is no such thing as poverty. Many years ago, a King whose name has been long forgotten set up the rules of the land so that every person would be supported by their fellow community members. Though this sounds strange, very person outside of this bustling village must know that money has no value here. Favors are traded for goods, and every villager is willing to help out anybody in need. In Saxet, every occupant gives an oath of support when they reach the age of adulthood before they can finally become a true member of the community. This system has been in effect for hundreds of years, and every generation of royals takes a vow to their subjects that they will lead a fair and generous rule.

 The current King and Queen were blessed with a son early in their marriage, and they bestowed him with the name ‘Taehyung’, hoping that the name would bring only good fortune into the boy’s life. He grew up knowing only of the joy that floated among the castle walls, but he was not allowed to be greedy. From the time that he was barely walking and speaking, the Queen would take trips to the center of the village and have Taehyung socialize with all the other children,being blissfully unaware of the fact that they were playing with their future king. It was here on these dusty streets that he met somebody that could only be considered his soulmate, even though they were separated by social status. Even though they began growing further and further apart in their teenage years, he still considered you a close friend and frequently had dreams about meeting with you again. If only he had known that on his eighteenth birthday, those dreams would turn to nightmares.

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Silk [VIXX, Leo]

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Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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Seventeen’s Reaction to: You Having Dated an EXO Member

[name] = exo member you dated

S.Coups [Suho]: seungcheol had no problem with you having dated his sunbaenim. he seen it as something from your past so why should it affect your future with him? it only bothered him whenever you, him and and junmyeon were in a room together. the two leaders were so awkward. one might attempt an awful pun to diffuse the tension and it’s like watching a stepfather meet the biological father for the first time and u gh so awk ward bye

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Jeonghan [Luhan]: only found out luhan was your ex when you were backstage with him and ran into exo, leading to an awkward exchange where nervously, luhan blurts out, “does she still make that weird sound when she poops?” and suddenly they delve into extensive analysis of their times with you and your odd little habits

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Joshua [Lay]: was a little intimidated by you having dated kpop royalty before, esp. the infamously kind yixing. of course, he always made an effort in the relationship but still intensifies his romantic gestures once he finds out - buying you flowers more frequently, making dinner whenever he could, etc. just anything to feel good enough for you

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Jun [Kris]: it boosted his ego a lot a little. you had once dated his sunbaenim and could have still been with him if you wanted but you were with him. and that made him feel more confident, made him be able to strut past yifan with his head held high

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Hoshi [Kai]: the rest of the boys teased you for having a thing for dancers. the teasing didn’t bother soonyoung and he saw you having dated jongin in as a powerful connection to a talented dancer. “do you think you could introduce us? do you think he’d help me with choreography?”

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Wonwoo [D.O]: there was a staring match shared between both boys. the media took it up as tension and the tabloids spewed false stories. but tbh, it was just their natural facial expressions. neither were that talkative either so a shroud of intense stares and loud silences descends over a room if they’re ever left alone together

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Woozi [Chen]: “he’s got good vocal range and technique. if he just opened his throat more, i would listen to more of his music.” that was jihoon’s initial reaction; a practical, serious approach. it took a few days for the news to sink in before he asked you; “wait, do you have a thing for singers?”

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DK [Baekhyun]: didn’t really care. he had ex’s too, what was the big deal?? you’ll probably end up introducing the two and immediately regretting it. the boys hit it off well (a little too well) and would no doubt share embarrassing stories about you or pull pranks on everyone and just be overall massive dorks. “no wonder you dated this guy,” dokyum jokes, i would date him too!”

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Mingyu [Chanyeol]: the two giants don’t interact much. neither knows how to brush over the fact that you were involved in both their lives, past or present, and couldn’t look one another in the eye without thinking: “does she kiss him the way she kissed/s me?”

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The8 [Tao]: zitao scoffs when he sees you with minghao; “ah, you traded me for this puppy dog?” but didn’t mean it in a super harsh way. his ego was a little wounded by seeing his ex with someone new, but he wasn’t angry about it. maybe just a little jealous. minghao isn’t overly bothered by it but does get a little more territorial if tao is around, like putting his arm around you and kissing you a lot

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Seungkwan [Sehun]: exo’s maknae is actually really jealous and hurt, seeing you with another guy, even if you both ended on good terms. but he’ll cover it up with sass: “ah, this is what you’re dating nowadays? i suppose that after me, the quality can only get lower.” what he doesn’t expect is that boo seungkwan is no stranger to sass either, “low quality? excuse you, i’m the BEST quality!”

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Vernon [Chanyeol]: “bothered? no, babe, i’m fine. totally fine. like, so fine it’s probably ridiculous! i’m fine like fine salt hahahaha” but internally is like *gif*

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Dino [Xiumin]: was unbelievably intimidated. his sunbaenim was not only more experience in performing but also in life. minseok was roughly a decade older, more mature than him. and that made chan wonder if he was too childish for you, or too inexperienced. he found himself questioning everything like “if i hold her hand, will she think it’s childish or that it’s cute?”

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I’m gonna say this even though its gonna happen, but if infinite gets disrespected by broadcast stations or award shows again this year, I’ll go out to kill. They should be treated like kpop royalty by now considering just how much they’ve achieved but these nasty ass, money hungry assholes don’t seem to understand that concept. All they wanna do is suck up to the companies that have money and completely disregard and disrespect the rest. I swear the whole industry is  full of bullshit.

Himchan Royalty AU Part 1

Yongguk Part 1

Note: I swear Himchan will actually be in the next part.

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“To create a strong alliance with them, you will be marrying the heir.” Your mother says as you stand in front of her and your father. You grasp your dress in your hand trying not to get angry. 

You knew this day would come. You’re the youngest, your brother is the heir. You have no right to the throne. The only option for you is to be married off to some other king. You didn’t think it would happen so soon, only days after your eighteenth birthday. But age doesn’t really matter in these types of marriage alliances anyway, not to your parents anyway. 

“When do I leave?” You ask, trying to keep your voice steady. 

“Tonight after dinner." 

"So soon?" 

"To prevent war we need this marriage alliance.” Your father says, barely looking at you. You bite your lip and nod. 

“Do I need to pack my things?”  

“Of course not! The servants will do it for you.” Your mother says. 

“But I can help." 

"You will do no such thing. You are a princess, and have better things to do than to-" 

"What better things? Waiting around for you to send me off to some other kingdom?" 

"For starters you can start planning things for your wedding. As the bride it is your responsibility to design and plan the wedding, and after that you’ll have the coronation and you will once again have to plan-” You walk out before she finishes. You’ve heard it all before. Your job is to plan things, organize celebrations and such. You are not to do anything for yourself. Not to think for yourself, act for yourself, even be yourself in front of company. It drives you insane. Maybe being sent away will be a relief, maybe they have different customs in this other kingdom. 

You make your way to you room, intending to help the servants pack your things, but you are stopped be your brother. He’s older than you by a year, so by law he is the heir to the throne. “So they’re sending you off?” You nod. “Well, I hate to see you go. But I’m sure it will be good for you there." 

"Yeah, I’m sure.” You mumble. He pats your back and walks off. You shake your head and walk into your room. Your maids are finishing putting the last of your things into trunks. “Do you need any assistance?" 

"No your highness.” They chorus. You look around your now empty room, all your belongings put into three trunks. Two, you assume, are for your gowns. The gowns that your mother instructed them to pack, of course you cannot take them all. The third trunk is filled with other things. Trinkets and such that you’ve collected or been given over the years, probably jewelry as well. 

Your room is almost completely empty, it’s honestly unnerving. You notice a gown sitting on the back of a chair in the corner of your room. It’s a traveling gown, royal purple with long sleeves. Beside it lays your black traveling cloak and a pair of flats. “I assume mother intends for me to change into this?" 

"Yes, your highness. Those were her instructions.” One of the maids say. You nod and wave them out. They all curtsy and scuttle out of your room. The trunks are stacked by the door, waiting to travel. You sigh once more and change into the traveling gown.  

Hours later you stand outside of the carriage, your hood up as you say your goodbyes. 

“Now remember,” your mother says. “You will be in the carriage for a couple hours. From there you’ll be on a ship, probably for a couple weeks." 

"It’s so far away.” You whisper. 

“Yes it is. Your father and I will try and be there for the wedding. Until then, goodbye (Y/N).” No hug, no I love you.  You weren’t expecting much, but a simple I will miss you would be nice. 

“Goodbye mother, father.” You say, then get into the carriage. You settle in as the door is shut, trying to relax.

It’s going to be a long trip.