~APink - Une Annee~
At: $21 (+Poster, 54 Pg Photobook, Postcard)

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Today I arrived earlier to home and I found an awesome surprise waiting for me, this beautiful post cards that @micheledemarco sent to me ❤️Thank you so much, they’re AWESOME!! When I saw the G.O one i just said OH MY GOD!!!, I’m glad to have you as my very good friend, love ya!! 😄😘 #MBLAQ #MusicBoysLiveinAbsoluteQuality #SeungHo #GO #Mir #MexicanAPlus #APlus #MBLAQPresent #Postcard #KPOP

And another FJ package with KRY merch arrived~! Now I have all postcards & photocards from the concert ^^ I do have some double so I’ll put those up for sale/trade later. As for the Hyuk cards; somehow I got into collecting VIXX Darkest Angels cards as I managed to win Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk’s for a cheap price or in combination with other cards/merch and am getting Leo with his CD! I already have the Hyuk On & On bookmark so that will be up for trade for Hongbin, Hyuk’s Boys’ Record picture is up for trade for the group card ^^

So like this is all my kpop merchandise, I also have UKISS stickers with Kibum, Xander, and Dongho. All of these from the only two friends, who accept my liking of kpop, who can order stuff online ^^ Chanyeol is currently protecting my money >:) Oh! And I have a UKISS hoodie but it’s a guy’s size since the girls were sold out :( Anyways I thought I’d share this with you guys~