SUJU Reaction: When you can’t walk the day after.

Leeteuk: *Would be by your side in an instant to hug and kiss all the pain away* “I’m sorry Jagi, these hips have a mind of their own.”

Heechul: “So does this mean no round 2?”

Yesung: *Would watch you with lustful eyes as he remembers the event that took place last night*

Kangin: *He comes and wraps his hands around your waist and rests his head in the crook of your neck* “How are you feeling?”

Shindong: “Having fun there?”

Sungmin: *Acts innocent* “How can someone as cute as me cause this?”

Eunhyuk: *Can’t help but get turned on* “Didn’t I tell you I’d fuck you till you’re unable to  walk?”

Donghae: “Babe what happened?”

Y/N: *Gives him death glare*


Y/N: “This is your fault.”

Siwon: “It’s a small price to pay for the amazing pleasure I gave you last night.”

Ryeowook: *When he sees you trying to make your way to the kitchen* “Come her jagi, oppa will make you feel better.”


Y/N: “I wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for you.”

Kyuhyun: “You weren’t complaining last night.”

Henry: *Can’t stop giggling like a little boy*

Zhoumi: *Proud of himself*



Baby Seojun w/ Auntie Heechul and Uncle Kangin #superjunior #Heechul #kangin #seojun #슈퍼맨이돌아왔다 #kpop

There’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky and Heechul seems to cross it every time. Telling a girl that he looks better than her is so not called for. And shoving your appearance down everyone’s throat isn’t cute. 1. There’s nothing appealing about your face, other than it looks like a females face. And 2. That girl was prettier than you

SUJU Reaction: When they try to hint they want to have sex but you don’t notice.

Thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoy them, and your request was fun to make. -X

Leeteuk: *Just laughs because he thinks you’re cute*

Heechul: “How clueless can she be?”

Yesung: “What I’m I gonna do with this girl?”

Kangin: *laughs at how clueless you are*

Y/N: “Why are you laughing?”

Kangin: “Nothing, nothing.”

Shindong: *Gives up on trying*

Sungmin: *When you don’t get the hint he’ll just pick you up and cry you to the bedroom*

Eunhyuk: *100% done (ft.Sungmin)*

Donghae: *When hinting doesn’t work he just announces it* “I’m horny why can’t you see this?”

Siwon: “Is she acting like she doesn’t know or does she really not know whats going on?”

Ryeowook: “She’s hopeless.”

Kyuhyun: “I don’t know whether to get mad or laugh at her innocence.”

Henry: *When you don’t notice what’s going he’ll just start showering your neck with kisses*

Zhoumi: *Figures its useless and straight up starts kissing you*


SUJU Reactions: When they walk in on you (their gf) crying due to cramps.

Leeteuk: “No, no don’t cry why are you crying.”

Heechul: “What did I do wrong?" 

Yesung: *Cuddles you and tells you stories about when he was doing his military service to distract you* 

Kangin: *Hates to see you cry so he’ll do whatever he can to help* "Is there anything I can do for you Jagi!" 

Shindong: *You’ve been crying for hours now and nothing he’s doing is helping* "I can’t take this anymore!” *complete mental breakdown* 

Sungmin: “Jagiya look how cute I am, aren’t I cute?” *Does a lot of aegyo to distract you* 

Eunhyuk: *Spends the whole day trying to cheer you up with weird dance moves and stupid faces* 

Donghae: *Showers you with kisses* “Don’t cry Y/N, you’re too beautiful to cry. You are stronger than these cramps.”

Siwon: “Here’s some pain killers and ice cream. Feel better my love.”

Ryeowook: “OMG you do this every month when’s it gonna stop?" 

Kyuhyun: "Hey babe." 

Y/N: "Shut up, can’t you see I’m in pain?" 

Kyuhyun: "um okay." 

Henry: "Do you want chocolate or pizza… Or both?” *Takes this as an opportunity for eating junk food all day* 

Zhoumi: *Has absolutely no idea what’s going on* “Why is she crying? Did i do something wrong?" 


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SuJu romantic bubble bath! ^.^ All members and can you include Kibum, Hangeng, Henry and Zhou Mi?!

This one’s cute :3 They’re all a somewhat long read, so click below~

Also, I’m doing this in a way that it’s the first time the two of you have taken a bath together. Things would change after a few times, obviously. Enjoy!

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Welcome to my Super Junior 48 Hour Tumblr Awards.


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This is my first time doing these awards and if everything goes well I will do another one. ^^ Send me your favourite nominations now! :D


MEET Ren’s younger brother everyone! His name is Yoon Jeonghan. Well actually I wouldn’t say that he’s Ren’s younger brother, because actually he’s older than Ren. 

Jeonghan’s birthdate is October 4, 1995 and Ren’s is November 3, 1995 and October comes before November so there you go. He’s a month older than Ren or there’s 29 days between their birthdays if you want to be technical. He’s one of my bias’s and I ship him with Jun by other bias in seventeen a.k.a Hangeng and Heechul’s lovechild. I’ll post a picture of him so you can take a look, but anyway I did make some diagrams to show you guys what I’m talking about with both of the guys.

SUJU Reaction: When another member bullies you.

And my blog loves you I hope you enjoy your reaction! -X

Leeteuk: “Can you not harass her like that.” *Since he’s our dear leader he doesn’t need to say much for the other members to get a hint*

Heechul: “You have 5 seconds to walk away before I hurt you.”

Yesung: “Seriously stop.” *He wouldn’t want to make a scene but wouldn’t be scared to speak up*

Kangin: *He’d be really disappointed to see one of his fellow members behaving in that way*

Shindong: “Hey dumbass find a better thing to do.” *With his sassy attitude I can see shindong easily telling off the other member*

Sungmin: *I don’t see Sungmin really speaking up I see him pulling away the member and apologizing on his behave*

Eunhyuk: *Since he gets teased about his looks all the time I don’t see Eunhyuk taking this very well*

Donghae: *I think Donghae would be a bit oblivious to what’s going and wouldn’t see it as bullying but as more of friendly teasing, so I don’t see him doing anything to stop it*

Siwon: *Once he saw the member making fun of you he would come to stop it*

Ryeowook: “Don’t you have anything better to with your free time?”

Kyuhyun: *Like Donghae, he would first see it as just friendly teasing but the more he observes the more angrier he gets*

Henry: *Has zero tolerance for these things and would immediately stop it* “Hey hyung it’s not funny.”

Zhoumi: *Would distract the member so you can get away*