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Hi Everybody, I have a Facebook page, I made KPOP GOODIES Hand-made. My page is in French, but you can send me message in english. If I don’t have kpop goodies of your Oppa or favorite group, just tell me, I made Special order. Pay with PayPal Only. Send from Canada :)

I made different thing:

Brooch, Cellphone-strap, Key chain, Magnet, Bookmark, Memo pad(SuperJunior and TVXQ) … and more

Facebook: Pêche-Vanille Production


This week on RP Weekly…..
      ….a new segment, corgis, , 19th century roleplays, and the four horsemen!

0:46 Notable Blogs
10:33 RP Trends
11:45 RP Wishlist
16:05 Fave Faces
16:44 Goodie Bag

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This week’s notable blogs:


This week’s goodie bag:

KPop Alternative Faceclaims by @camrps​ 
Suicide Squad 3D Text Tutorial by @harleyquinnsquad​ 
If I Stay Template by @dcwnfvll​ 
Pantone Template & #3 Character PSD by @calamityposse​ Pokemon Go Theme by @espoirthemes​ 
Moonlight Theme by @iristhms​ 
Faceless Fashion Gif Pack by @helpersofindie​ 
Hymns for the Undead Playlist & Writing British Characters by @hanarichinspiration​ 
Zodiac/Astronomy PNG Pack by @trapqueen​ 
Petit Mignon Theme by @saisei-themes​ 
Song Lyrics for Bios by @avadaxkedavrarph-blog​ 
Song Dahye PSD by @roundtbl​ 
Horror Icons & Gif Icons by @incognitopi​ 
Alicia Vikander Icons Pack by @masondixons 
Askbox Horror Film RP Prompts by @protoniic​ 
File 28 PSD by @colorarepsd​ 
PSD 3 by @aestheticrps​