Selling Post #2

So I have a ton of little kpop accessory that I don’t need. So instead of like putting up a list of what I have I’m going to put everything in a little goodie bag. It will include a lot of bracelets, bookmarks, pins & stickers. I will also include a lot of cute freebies too! Everything will be random and will have several different bands in it.

It’ll only be $10. If you are interested please fill out <THIS> form right here and send it to the email provided.

Please do help out and spread out the word! I would like these gone! Thank you!

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SO KPOPTOWN is having this thing where reviewers get a discount and the “best” review of the week gets a 10% discount code so it’d be awesome if you guys could watch this on youtube and give it a thumbs up ! (: <3


Hi Everybody, I have a Facebook page, I made KPOP GOODIES Hand-made. My page is in French, but you can send me message in english. If I don’t have kpop goodies of your Oppa or favorite group, just tell me, I made Special order. Pay with PayPal Only. Send from Canada :)

I made different thing:

Brooch, Cellphone-strap, Key chain, Magnet, Bookmark, Memo pad(SuperJunior and TVXQ) … and more

Facebook: Pêche-Vanille Production

My SMTown Photobook is here.

And.. Henry and Zhou Mi have two entire pages for themselves.

Ugh, Zhou Mi’s leg are perfect sjaopwufrbngl. LOL.

And they even include their signatures


and I have my Henry put-your-train-card-here thingie. owoua wgousgneorn 

Sexy Henry is Sexy