Namjoon-BTS Ravenclaw

3rd digital art practice i think i’m going to paint all bts XDD 

Yoongi Slytherin

Taehyung Hufflepuff

Jimin Gryffindor 

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Made for someone who listens to me ramble, and helps me out with graphics

Pairing: taekai
Genre: angst, slice of life.
Title: Vicissitude
Not a fanfic.
Please do not remove watermark.
All credits go to the creators who made the textures I used. I don’t own anything but the art/blended poster.

Happy birthday Hobi!! a really sloppy bday video for our talented dancing sunshine. Posting this now since I know I’m gonna be busy on his actual birthday. I might do a gif version of this for sidebar usage etc. BGM- The Next Episode by Dr. Dre (San Holo remix)
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