I’m sure you’ve all heard the tale of the red string of fate (and if not, google it! It’s an extremely sweet myth that you just so happen to be missing out on). Well here at Yaksokhae, we believe that there is definitely someone at the end of that pretty little invisible string tied around your little finger, a soulmate if you will. Now, we’re not saying that a soulmate has to be a romantic interest, because sometimes they aren’t, but either way, we’re here to help you find them.

You’re probably asking “What is Yaksokhae?” (okay you’re probably not but hey, imagination is a wonderful tool).

Well, short story short, we’re a matching blog and what we do is give you a set of questions, then take the information you provide us with to match you and give you the chance to interact with someone who shares common interests with you. 

It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

And all we ask in return is for you to reblog this post so that more people hear about us and drop by to fill out the form. You never know, you could find someone who you’ll keep in touch with even when you’re an old geezer in a rocking chair! What are you waiting for? (No really, what are you waiting for.)

We are not a kpop rp directory, just for the record.

✦Park Jiyeon| ✦ Secret Assasin - Photographer 

✗ — Jiyeon’s always been out spoken to others. Not afraid to put people down then boast about herself. She has lots of pride into just herself. People tend to stray away from her because they don’t want to be judged. Cruel, yes but oh well. Blunt and witty. Snarky, Smart ass, and none the less a complete flirt. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Quick to say something. She just says whatever she wants to someone not caring how it will effect them. Jiyeon can manipulate your brain out to achieve what she wants. Quirky and some what of a book worm when it comes to things about fashion and more adult things. In no way is she innocent and it’s obvious. She can easily blow her top at you. Sweet talker. She knows the right buttons to push then the ones not to. She can be a sweet girl then your worse nightmare the next.

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"To Neverland. I'm tracking it down. Will you help me find it?"

I’m not new around here but I’m having a fresh start and I wonder if you could do me a kindness and  R E B L O G  this post so I can follow you. I really need to meet new people but I don’t want silent followers: I want people to talk to. Thank you in advance.

"To live would be an awfully big adventure." -      

i’ve tried to wash you away but you just won’t leave.

                             au/oc multimuse. selective. nsfw.
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"Girl, you better dance with me"

Ayo, the name’s Im Jaebum, better known as JB. Most of you probably know me as JB from JJ Project. Perhaps you have just found out about me through the new group GOT7? Anyways, this is just a simple request. All you have to do is, reblog, like, and follow. That’s it? Yes, that is it. I’m in need of friends, so I would high apperciate this a lot. You just gained yourself a friend if you have done that! Let’s be good friends.


Tumblr please don’t let me down.

At my university I have been accepted into the exchange program which has given me the opportunity to go to Seoul National University (The ’S’ in the SKY universities in South South Korea). But in order for this to happen I need to keep my GPA over 3.0. My current GPA is 3.1 which is good enough for now but it means I can’t let the rest of my grades slip. All I have dreamed about is going on exchange, and to Seoul no less. 

I have a research project for one of my units called Sociolinguistics. Its really just society and the function of language within society. This project is worth 40% of my final grade and I need to get this 40% or I fail the unit and I will be withdrawn from the exchange program.

This is my one shot at this and I need your help. I am doing a Sociolinguistics research project looking into the attitudes of KPOP fans towards Korean phrases and words in KPOP fanfiction. If you read KPOP fanfiction avidly (daily or next to daily) and are between 14-21 years old and would be okay with being a part of my study, it would be really nice of you. 

I know I’m not Tumblr famous. I know I’m not really popular. I know this isn’t a life and death situation. But please, PLEASE, help me with this. Just this once.

What it do;

It’s ya boy, Z-I-C-O. New to this whole thing, lookin’ for some friends to bug and shit. reblog/like this and I’ll follow you. Promise me, ya won’t regret it. I’m chill but can also be a bit spazzy at times. No shame, yo. I also cook so come on over for some good eats.

Reality is so harsh, it crush soul of the innocent

“Hi, I’m Luhan.” There are pauses in between this simple sentence. “And I’m not okay.” He pause to take a breather before looking back at you. “I suffer from Depression, OCD and I self harm." 

Are you could be nice enough to help make his day a little better from the people who are making worse than it already is?

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The lights are staying out
but no sweat I've got aim like a mack truck

He walks down the alley with a lilt in his step, humming one song or another, a playing card dancing between his fingers. His work is done for the night, and he just got his reward. His dark eyes catch a movement not far off… Strange to see someone around here at this hour. 

“Hey there… What you up to so late at night? It ain’t safe round here.” He would know.

Park Kyung, better known as Gambit in the underground, is the one you look for when you want the unattainable. Need to steal information, relics, kidnap a person? He’s your guy. He’s the best, he won’t get caught or get you in trouble… you just better hope you’re the highest bidder.

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                “roses are black, violets are red,                                     what’s it gonna take, to get you into bed?”

⇥   “roses are red, violets are black, why is your chest as flat as my back?”

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hey you with the face! dont ignore this post!!!!

im gongchan from b1a4 and im new. um im lame but hEY im cute and will bug you until you become my friend, random hot person! ill make you laugh and ill be there to cheer you up when you cry. oh! and there’s a 100% chance that i will love you to death so reblog/like/follow and you’ll instantly get a free friend!!!! that’s right, free!

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choi joon hong → zelo

    not exactly new, but definitely not a stranger;

             a patient at the asylum in need of acquaintances. 

“I came here for a fresh start.. I’m doing better, I promise.”

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                                            “ i have a lot of DREAMS. ”

 Hello – my name is Seo Kang Joon and you’ve stumbled upon my b l o g. Whilst I may not be the most interesting person on the planet, I do like to think of myself to be somebody who’s good company. With that being said, recently I’ve been feeling a little lonely. I’ve finally got access to a phone which means I’m able to be online a bit more frequently, which also means I have a reason to set up one of these pages! It’s also a perfect excuse to practice my english.. ( not that there was anything wrong with it to begin with ). If you could reblog this so others are aware of my presence, that’d be cool. I’d be more than willing to speak with you all and become good friends!

                    ➣ I'm young and rough.

Can’t say I’m a fresh face, but I’m definitely new around here.
Give a shout out to both my main cliques team A and team B.

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The basics are: Song Minho, yg kid, team A, rap fiend.
Borderline Personality Disorder;

In borderline personality disorder, the person essentially lacks a sense of self, and as a result experiences feelings of emptiness and fears of abandonment. There is a pattern of intense but unstable relationships, emotional instability, outbursts of anger and violence, and impulsive behaviour. 

H o v e r;