The average ages of kpop boy groups

This is literally a pointless post but I was BORED

  • Super Junior - 31.9
  • Big Bang - 28.7
  • Shinee - 26.2
  • Exo - 25.3
  • BtoB - 25.1
  • Vixx - 25
  • Winner - 24.9
  • BAP 24.4
  • Boyfriend - 23.9
  • Hotshot - 23.9
  • Day6 - 23.8
  • Monsta X - 23.7
  • BTS - 22.8
  • Got7 - 22.3
  • Nu’est - 22.3
  • Pentagon - 21.9
  • iKon - 21.4
  • SF9 - 21.3
  • NCT 127 - 20.8
  • Seventeen - 20.7
  • Astro 20.2
  • Wanna One - 20.15
  • NCT Dream - 17

(average heights) (Girl groups: height, age)


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some things I love about b.a.p members
  • ➝ inspired by my list for my other love, Infinite ←
  • Bang Yongguk: an amazing leader that is equally respectful and respected. writes all of b.a.p songs, that is some hard shit. deep voice with even deeper words. grandpa like behavior and laugh...aha.hah.aha. he loves tigger bc it is the first gift from his grandparents omgosh my hearteu. loves children and charity. takes good care of the members. honestly, the dude is an inspiration to me.
  • Kim Himchan: visuals af. fabulous. mother of the group bc someone has to do it. b.a.p's 2nd leader/second in command and there is no denying it. part of the loud trio. loves babyz, but not as much as he loves his dongsengs (especially jongup). friends with a lot of ppl. improved in dancing and singing. ppl tend to forget that he's a musical genius and can play almost every instrument (guitar, piano, janggu) and he was going to attend a music school if he wasn't in b.a.p
  • Jung Daehyun: LOUD. if he was on chat, it'd be in all caps. main vocalist and we all know why like cmon have you heard the boy sing, he's one of the best vocalist in kpop. loud trio member. his relationship with youngjae is adorb bc it reminds me of bickering siblings. loves babyz. luscious lips, i'm jealous. 'cheeji cake.' he dropped out of school to chase his dreams and that's hard for someone so young. debuting after only one year of training must put a lot of pressure on him but he's doing great. (listen to his solo song, shadow)
  • Yoo Youngjae: also LOUD. loud trio member. got too much sass in his body. his words are like knives #savage. aegyo member bc someone got to do it. byung byung byung. that winking thing he does a lot now kills me everytime. he reminds me of a fluffy bunny idk why. or a marshmallow. 'early 95ers and 94ers are friends' but daehyun doesn't like so. he left jyp after training for a couple of years and he could've moved on but decided to continue the path of singing. he needs a r&b or soul solo song like now.
  • Moon Jongup: that member you don't notice bc he is super quiet but he has a lot of thoughts... 4D af. jongUP or jongDOWN.'swiss miss mannn', loves hot chocolate and shake shack. needs to be protected. he's literally two different ppl onstage and offstage. how can someone so cute turn into a sexy mofo the next sec. sorcery. that time he was in charge of filming but forgot to press record so he was talking to himself for a good 20 min. so proud that he wrote and produced his two solo songs ('now' and 'try my luck') listen to them and be amazed.
  • Choi Junhong/Zelo: cute face with a long body. tol but smol at the same time. did you see his abs in young wild and free. boy if you don't. amazing dancer that also needs to be on hit the stage. LTE rap that we all try and fail to do at one point. part time model on ig, full time lover of his puppy. a total meme material. his msg to his parents makes me cry all the time. going through a lawsuit at age 18, it must have been scary for him but glad that the members decided to wait till he turn 18 to go through it together.
  • b.a.p in general: there is only so much that I can say about this group. I wasn't a big kpop fan in 2012 but I feel in love with their music and listened to their first full album frequently. seeing their journey, it reminds me that hard work and perseverance can come a long way, especially when chasing your dreams. each member have their own story and for some reasons, they met and became one of the groups I love so dearly. the lawsuit didn't hurt them, it made them stronger. their journey made them stronger. bc they are the best, absolute, and perfect.
PSA TO FANS WHO STAN ‘unpopular’/’underrated’ GROUPS : please reblog

So I’m writing this to other fans that know the struggle of being constantly scared for the disbandment of one of your fave groups. I know Nu'est fans, Topp Dogg fans, After School, Stellar, B.I.G, Madtown, 24k, Boys Republic, MYNAME, Berry Good, Rainbow, Sonamoo, f(x), History and so many other fandoms can relate. You all know who you are, and I’m praying, hoping, that we can all help each other out again, like we’ve done before and band together to help support a group that I really don’t want to disappear like so many others have.

If you’re interested in helping out that would mean the world to me but if not, maybe you could check out some of the links I’ve attached below, or REBLOG, or even just check out one video: BIGSTAR’s most recent comeback Full Moon Shine. If you’d like to just skip to the links, I’ll have everything under the cut, but if you’d like to read a little about the group and hear my thoughts that would be awesome. (There is quite a bit, I will warn you.)

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  • kpop 2012: A new group debuted! I'm definitely going to support them! :)
  • kpop 2016: jfc how many groups are gonna debut this month? how many groups can I stan until I finally go insane??¿?!

the fourth anniversary of the epic hot rookie B.A.P vs BTOB dance battle is nearly upon us and I think it’s really something worth commemorating so heres a nice memorial of my favorite shots

honestly this performance is a national treasure