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Jinki: Grilled cheese.

Taemin: What?

Jinki: Grill me a cheese.

Taemin: I’m not grilling you a cheese!

Jinki: *gross sobbing* I miss Minho.

BTS Reaction to their S/O Ignoring them for no Reason

I really enjoyed doing this request. Thank you for requesting, please keep them coming. I am starting my first semester of college next week, so I’m trying to write and schedule as many requests as I can before I have to start doing course work as well. However, I do intend on being very active with this blog still so don’t worry about me disappearing again.


Scenario: The boys would have just gotten done early with practice and instead of going out to eat with the other members, your boyfriend would have come to surprise visit you at your apartment. However, when he got there he would find you sitting on the couch looking at your phone screen, earbuds in, not even giving him a second glance.

Jin/SeokJin -

Jin isn’t the kind of guy to overreact about anything, if anything he might think that he had done or said something wrong to make you want to ignore him. He would literally be racking his brain going through everything he had said and done recently to see if he was at fault. Eventually he would just end up coming up to you and asking what was wrong. He would just stand in front of you and pour his heart out about how he was sorry for whatever he did, so when you started laughing he would be so very confused. After explaining that you were just really into your movie he would let out all the tension in his body and plop down on the couch next to you.

“Geez you couldn’t have told me that earlier, I was so worried.” He would say as he leaned into you taking one of your earbuds so that you could watch together.

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Suga/Yoongi -

Yoongi is the type of guy to ignore you right back tbh. His mentality would be something along the lines of like “If she doesn’t want to see me than I don’t want to see her.” He would probably stand there for a second to see if you would greet him or say something, but if you didn’t neither would he. Yoongi would probably be a little frustrated and go into another room or something and wait until you approached him first. When your movie had finished, you would find him in the kitchen leaned against the counter on his phone. If you tried to initiate any skinship or say anything he would just brush it off and go back to his phone. It would take a full explanation and apology to get this boy to be sweet to you again.

“No you didn’t want to see me earlier, so I don’t want to see you now.” However after a few sweet words and cheek kisses you’d have your soft boy back again.

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J-Hope/Hoseok -

J-hope would be a little upset at first when he thought that you didn’t want to see him as much as he wanted to see you, but the longer he assessed the situation the less upset he would get as he realized you were just playing a game on your phone and would probably give him your attention as soon as you had finished your round. However, that didn’t mean he was gonna let you get away with making him feel bad even if it was just for a few moments. Hoseok would quickly run up to you before you could even process what was happening and swipe the phone right from your hands. As you got up to grab your phone back from him with protests about him making you lose your game, it would just fuel him more leading him to start a full pursuit through your apartment. When the two of you got tired J-hope would turn around in front of the couch and let you catch him causing the two of you to collapse together onto the couch.

“I was gonna say how maybe you learned your lesson to not ignore your boyfriend again,” he would say chuckling as you laid on top of him “but that was a lot of fun so maybe you should ignore me more often.”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon -

I feel like Namjoon would be the most level headed about the situation, he would take into account everything that was going on from your position on the couch to the recent conversation the two of you had had about a movie you had really wanted to see and he would put the pieces together. He would be a little upset, but not because you were ignoring him but more because he was supposed to see that movie with you while it was theaters but ended up not being able to due to his schedule. He would completely understand you watching it without him, but it made him think about all the time he didn’t get to spend with you.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t take you to that, but how about we take the time now to be together.” He would say as he sat down next to you, kissing your forehead.

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Park Jimin -

I think Jimin might be the one that would get the most legitimately upset by you ignoring him. So many things would go through this poor boys head. At first he would be like Jin where he would think he did something wrong, but when he couldn’t think of anything he would get a little frustrated because you were ignoring him for no reason. I think at that point, the longer you ignored him the more upset he would get, until finally he decided to confront you. You better have an amazing apology prepared to appease your seething boyfriend.

“Honestly, what is the point of even having a boyfriend if you’re just going to ignore him for something as pointless as your phone.” He would say to you as he stormed out of the room.

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V/Taehyung -

Okay let’s talk about this dramatic boy. I honestly don’t think he’d be that upset by it especially like if he knew you were just relaxing and not ignoring him to purposely hurt him or anything, but he would definitely pretend like this was the worst thing to ever happen to him. Taehyung would  just pout around and sigh loudly, throwing himself over you and the furniture until you decided to look over at him. When you looked at him he would turn it up a notch, this would just keep escalating until you decide to put your phone down and ask him to stop. This would go on until he was absolutely sure that he was the main focus of your attention.

“Buuut babbbby, are you saying your phone is better than me. You better come over here and make up for hurting my feelings.”

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Jungkook -

So let’s be real, Jungkook is also a very avid gamer so as soon as he realized that you were just really into a game on your phone he wouldn’t even care that you had ignored him for a little bit. He would literally just take this opportunity to turn gaming into a cute date. Anytime this boy got to do something he loved with the person he loved, it became a moment he would would cherish forever, he wouldn’t even remember that this night had started with you ignoring him. He would literally pick you up off the couch and make you change into comfy clothes so that the two of you could stay up until the wee hours of the morning cuddled together playing video games. He will cherish little moments like this so much.

“Babe, why would you play games alone when we could play them together.” He would say while picking you up off the couch and throwing you over his shoulder.

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“Stupid, stupid, stupid… I look stupid…” You mutter while you carry all your belongings in your messy hands.

Your current goal was to avoid eye contact with anyone as much as possible, because the last thing you would want was noticing the looks students would make when you walked past them with your colourful appearance.

As you continue to walk, you don’t notice the figure trailing behind you. “Y/N?” He says, shocking you. In reply, you shriek and turn around, accidentally hitting Soonyoung’s water bottle in his face.

“Oh shit, I didn’t see you there Soonyoung- Don’t surprise me like that!” You nag, furrowing your eyebrows. The male takes a quick look at you while drinking his water, spitting his water out a bit as he sees your messy face. Gross. “If you’re going to laugh, by all means… I know I look stupid.”

“Nah, you don’t. Here. lemme try to help.” After drinking, the artist pours a considerable amount of water into his palm, dabbing his fingers inside before he lets the cold liquid run down your cheeks.

“Why do you look so sweaty?” You ask as Soonyoung continues to wet your cheeks.

“Dance practice. I just came out a few minutes ago.”

“Ah, cool—“ You then stop yourself, realising something, “Hey, doesn’t this just blend the pastels together?!” Soonyoung laughs, of course, cheekily grinning afterwards.

“Yep, I was just messing with you.”

“Forget it.” Sighing, you turn around and walk away from Soonyoung. He was only joking, but you weren’t in the mood with his gags considering how stupid you looked.

Soonyoung’s face reacts quickly the moment you turned your back on him, worried that he took himself too far. He tries to catch up to you, wincing as he speed-walks (due to the minor injury he got from practicing), and reaches out for your arm.

Confused, you squint at the male, silently telling him to let you go with your eyes, yet nonetheless he holds up a finger to your face. He brings out his duffle bag that was behind his figure and begins to search inside there.

You weren’t sure what Soonyoung was about to do, but you were more amazed at homy many art supplies he carried in there within the mix of sweaty clothes, random junk and pens.

He takes out a few paint tubes (watercolour, you were guessing) and twist the caps open, letting them drop on the floor.

“I’m still wondering what you’re trying to do-“

But your words are cut short before Soonyoung squeezes a pea-sized blob of paint on his finger and drags it across his cheek, continuing to do it for the rest of the colours on different locations on his face and arms. It was so sudden, but the only thing you were amazed about was how saturated the paint was and how much paint can be used even if it was pea-sized.

He looked funny, you have to admit. “Soon’, what the heck are you doing?”

Now with a messy face, Soonyoung grins and puts back the paint in his bag, rubbing his hands together to mix the paint into his palms and massage it into the bridge of his nose. “There. How do I look?” He struts a pose, then another, attempting to look cute.

“Stupid. You look stupid.” You say, stupidly smiling.

“That means we can look stupid together! See, you’re smiling now, are you feeling better?”

“Kinda… Thanks, I guess.” You stare at all the paint on Soonyoung’s face and watch as you imagination pulls out words and phrases to narrate the boy’s face, from the clash and contrast of colours against soft and gentle cheeks, completed with a wondrous smile.

“We’ll walk home together, that’s fine by you, isn’t it?”


Despite not knowing Soonyoung for too long, and only going home together at rare times, you two clicked well. There were no awkward gaps, maybe awkward jokes that you had to get used to, but the flow was easier than you thought.

“Oh my god, can you please stop singing the Sailor Moon opening?” You exaggerate, shooting a death glare at Soonyoung who was busy pulling faces and making up a choreography as he sings the Japanese, Korean and English opening over and over again.

“But, hey! You like it don’t you?” He continues to sing and dance around you, and you can’t help but smile at his idiocy.

“You really like Sailor Moon, don’t you?”

Soonyoung slowly stops, now walking next to you quietly. You didn’t know if you said something that upset him, but his face said the exact opposite once you examined it. His expression was more toned down, softening in his eyes, and the paint only made his cheeks stand out while his lips made a pretty curve from one side of his face to another.

He looked happy, he was glowing with contentment and you thought of all the reasons of what could be behind that simple smile.

“Yeah. I think I like Sailor Moon a lot.”

OPPOSITES ATTRACT PART SIX — Artist!Soonyoung x Writer!Reader

for some reason i imagine pretty u era when they had their faces with powder (ugh what a time…)

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La Flor En Mi

AU where a flower blooms in you when you have a one sided love for someone. You cough up the petals until eventually, you can’t. If you let that flower grow for too long you die. Remove the flower and you lose feelings and memories of the person you love.

clingy || kim kibum

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  • drabble game
  • requested by anon: Can I request 48 with Key (SHINee)?
  • 48 - “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”
  • word count: 429

————————— ❞

You’ve never been a fan of couples lip sucking in public, it sometimes disgusted you to the point where you loudly complained about it, making them stop immediately. Some people understood why it annoyed you so much - why would people need to show their intimacy in public? Wasn’t it something just between the two of them?

However, others always looked at you like you’ve gone crazy whenever you were complaining. For example your boyfriend Kibum. He was quite the clingy person himself so seeing you getting frustrated over people doing the exact same thing he would do didn’t make sense to him.

He thought openly showing affection towards each other was a good thing. Which it was. But some people were just exaggerating with their actions.

You didn’t have anything against holding hands or hugging but sucking each other’s faces off was too much. No one wanted to see that.

So you yourself, along with your boyfriend were surprised when you slowly got used to Kibum occasionally pressing small kisses to your head or lips when you were going out.

He would always point out that he was having a good influence on you.

So without noticing, you also stopped complaining about couples making out in public. You stopped caring about what others were doing and instead focused on your own relationship.

Kibum was walking besides you, arm loosely around your shoulder while telling you a story. However, the only thing that caught your attention was, “Do you know what I’ve noticed?”

You turned to the side, eyes locking with his.


“It’s funny actually,” he said, laughing to himself. He looked ahead, breathing in the cold night air before snuggling closer to you, pulling you into his tight embrace.

“Well why don’t you tell me then?”

He looked at you, head slightly tilted down due to your small difference in height.

“It’s just a thing that I’ve noticed over the past few weeks.”

You looked at him expectantly, eyes urging him to continue.

He smiled at you, “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

You thought about it. He was right - you two have gotten quiet clingy.

While in the past, you were sure no one would’ve been able to make you like showing that much affection, with him you didn’t mind because you were sure Kibum was the one. You didn’t care what other people thought about you when you were with him.

Instead of answering him, you pulled him towards you before pressing your lips to his soft ones.

“I know.”

rivals ➺ social media au

summary: high school friendships are difficult to begin with but when they people you thought you trusted stab you in the back, everything just gets worse…

series: parts ???

genre: high school au, angst? crack?

a/n: lemme jus say some things b4 you continue, there is no reader in this au. the (main) charachters are only the nct dream ‘00 line and the stray kids ‘00 line. that’s all i had to say

preview | part 1




boomin system u-up, ty track, ty track

i just want some milk

[dolphin noises chenle screaming]

Oh daddy.

apado gwenchana~


whats up were the uh- foreign swaggers and so uh-


be quiet, dont cry


johnny’s fashion evALUATION

i see the vISION

You see it? you see it? it’s legend


this is not ice cream, this is bUtTeR!

ten hyung, taEYONG HYUNG, KaCHI BOOM!


Part 2 of ?

La Flor en Mi

Hanahaki AU!

I wonder why y/n needed to private message Tae? Y/N has a crush on Jungkook, who’s whipped for Euna. Will flowers bloom inside of her?


preview of rivals

Jimin : When I was small..

Jungkook : (snorts)

Jungkook : was

If Kpop was honest to us!
  • SM: We care about our idols, Oh wait you thought health wise?, That's funny!
  • JYP: I can get rid of any member from a group, Just watch Stray Kids
  • YG: We see our idols as prizes, They are our money making machines
  • Mnet: We're just a bunch of snakes
  • FNC: We brought many idols together, Now where is your money?
  • Kcon: Sorry but broke bitches don't go through these doors
  • Produce 101: We like to get you hyped until your favorite doesn't make it, You thought bitch
  • BTS: We like to fuck with our fandom so hard they can't breath
  • NCT: We just add more members and bam you bitches fall back
  • Day6: Thank you dusty hoes for waking up on us instead of sleeping
  • Samuel: I've done this shit for tooooo long
  • Amber: Honestly SM doesn't pay me worth shit
  • Red Velvet: Stop sleeping on girl groups bitches