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Jin Appreciation Post

Okay I think we all need to take a minute and just stop and take one good look this post. JIN IS SOO CUTE AND HOT. I don’t know which one I would categorize him as but he fits in both very well.



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He’s so beautiful

Aeon’s Lovers (Mini masterlist)

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A journey through lives, eras, and choices. You’re immortal; your appearance never changes, your age means nothing, your values and speech become outdated, your knowledge, your experiences, and your abilities add on.

The time stands still for you and only you, and these are the stories of your lovers through time. 

Prologue (2017)

The year is -

Inhale (Scarlet Gold) (1934) with Jongdae

Rough (1947) with Yixing

Boys (1956) with Baekhyun and Chanyeol 

Lies (1963) with Junmyeon

Venture (1975) with Luhan

→ Roleplay (1987) with Jongin

→ What if (1994) with Sehun

→ Running (2007) with Minseok

→ Exhale (2017) with Kyungsoo 

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“I’ve been through it all; rich kids, masters, actors, and directors, CEOs, university students, writers, florists and now – a detective. 

I’ve had my heart broken, ripped out and stomped on, and I have broken hearts, ripped them out and stomped on them. There are too many memories, too many years. I’ve lost and lost, and after ten decades I still wonder– 

what am I? Where am I going and what do I do?”

Betting on You (pt 6)

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A/n: who wants a part 7?

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Taehyung slowly awakes in a warmth that he could describe as nothing other than comfortable. Even in the tropical weather, the warmth he felt now was nice. He slowly shifted to see the reason behind the warmth, you.

You had this…glow to you this morning and to Taehyung, you were absolutely stunning. You had the sheets lifted to cover you all the way up to your chin and your hands were holding onto Taehyungs chest.

He had given you his shirt after last nights events and he smiled at how good you looked in his button down. Your hair was sprawled across the pillow almost perfectly to the point that he wondered if you had laid out your hair like that yourself. You had this slight smile on your face as you continued to sleep.

He wasn’t really sure what time it was, but he didn’t really care. He could probably sleep the rest of the day like this and have no regrets. It was odd, he thought. Taehyung hated having someone so close to him as he slept because it made him feel suffocated. He didn’t even like wearing socks when he slept in the winter because he liked feeling free. But the warmth that engulfed him now was indescribable.

You slowly stirred, indicating you were waking up soon and Taehyung only stared at you as your eyes fluttered open. “Good morning, princess” Taehyung said, kissing your forehead.

“Mmhm” you simply hum with a soft smile. You were…tired. But you were in bliss. You thought back to everything that had happened last night and it Taehyung could see the blush across your cheeks as you hid under the covers.

Taehyung had been so gentle with you and made sure he wasn’t hurting you too much. He constantly asked if you were sure you wanted to continue to the point that you just told him to shut up and go with the flow.

You couldn’t believe that this was what you had missing on out for so long, but you were glad Tae was your first. It was perfect in every way.

“Why are you hiding under the covers?” Taehyung says as he lifts the covers off of you. “I already saw every bit of you last night, you have nothing to be embarrassed about” he winks at you causing you to blush even more.

“Taeee” you whine.

“Well it’s true! You can’t deny it” he says again as a matter of fact. “And wow, can I just say, what. A. View”

It was fun getting you to blush, he thought. It wasn’t too hard after all.

“Sooo” you begin.

“Sooo?” He repeats.

“Last night wasss”

“Last night wasss??”

You tried to think of the right word to describe how you felt in that moment. And well, there was only one word.

“It was perfect Tae” you say, honestly. You give him that soft smile that made his heart skip a beat, though he would never admit it. “I don’t know about you, but it was amazing” you say.

“Oh trust me, it was amazing for me too” he says. And he found himself believing it too. Last night was different than all the other nights he had spent with various women and he couldn’t quite place his finger on why. But finally being able to be with you that intimately? It made the four months he “waited” all the more worth it.

He chose to push away the memories of him sleeping with other women out of his head, feeling a tad bit of regret. Just that little bit of regret made his heart sink.

“Mmhm I’m glad” you say, cuddling up to him some more if that was possible.

“What do you want to do today? We can go out on a boat and go see the dolphins like we talked about yesterday?” He asked you.

“Hhm can we just stay in bed a little longer? I’m just…a little bit sore” you say, realizing the slight discomfort. But you didn’t mind in the slightest. Cuddling Taehyung afterall was your favorite thing to do.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry” he was quick to apologize.

“No no, it was expected. And trust me, I have no regrets” you say smiling back at him.

And so for the rest of the morning, you and Taehyung stayed in bed, just cuddling and talking as you let the calming sounds of the ocean sit in the background.

The next evening though, the tropical weather was taking a turn for the worse and you could see the dark storm clouds approaching in the distance. Taehyung noticed your expression as you looked beyond him into the sky and he turned to see the clouds too. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back in the room by the time it starts to rain, you won’t get wet!” He says, thinking nothing of it.

You only give him a small smile and nod and quickly finish the food in front of you. By the time you were back at the hotel, it had started to rain and quite heavily too. You quickly showered and changed into your little night dress and hid under the covers as Taehyung took his time showering.

At the first sound of thunder, you jumped in bed and began whimpering. Though you weren’t afraid of a lot of things, thunder scared you like no other. It made your whole body shake with fear and crying was inevitable.

Taehyung comes out, drying his hair, only to find you hiding under the covers. He could see the strap of your nightdress and much to his delight it was his favorite one- the dark purple one made out of silk.

He figured you were just playing or trying to hide, so he jumped into bed. He pulled the covers down, only to find you shaking and crying.

“Yah, y/n are you ok?” He asked, panicked. He quickly checked your entire body to see if you were hurt and he was confused when he found nothing. But the thunder hit again and you whimpered into his arms and that’s when it finally hit him.

“Are you..scared of thunder..?” He askes, finally noticing the storm outside. You just nod into his chest and Taehyung tried to hide his chuckle. But at the same time, he had never seen you vulnerable and so scared. He didn’t like it.

“Baby, come here. You’re really just like a baby oh my god” he said, holding you close to him. Each time the thunder hit, you shook more and more and his shirt was getting wet not from his wet hair but from your tears. He instantly remembered how his mom would hold him and sing to him when he used to be scared as a kid. He wasn’t sure if it would work nor did he really want to sing, but you didn’t seem to be calming down anytime soon and neither was the storm.

Your eyes flashed open when you heard Taehyung slowly sing in your ears. You always loved his voice but when he sang, you felt like you were in heaven. Taehyung held you close so that you couldn’t actually see him singing since it was embarrassing enough as it was. You loved the way he sang though, and you felt yourself focusing more on the sound of his voice than the thunder outside.

Each time the thunder hit, Taehyung hugged you a little tighter and continued to sing until he felt you stop shaking altogether. He slowly looked down at you to see that you were finally asleep, even with the storm outside. Fortunately, the thunder had stopped too and the lull of the rain took Taehyung to dreamland too.

The rest of the trip went smoothly. During the day, you guys explored everything the islands had to offer. And every morning you found yourself tangled in sheets and limbs with Taehyung. (Wink wink)

However all good things had to end since you both had to head back to Korea. You secretly wished you could go back with him sometime in the future.

You were still excited to go back home though. You missed Yumi and you wanted to give everyone their gifts soon too. You also felt like you had reached a new level in your relationship with Taehyung. You were more confident in yourself and you were happy you got to do this with your boyfriend.

A few days after making it back to Korea, Taehyung had proposed that you finally meet his friends, or his brothers as he liked to call them. You had already met Jungkook but you were always curious about the rest of them. You were happy that Taehyung asked you to meet them! Plus, you had Yumi too!

You all met at one of Jin’s restaurants and you were surprised by how nice it looked inside. You all gathered in a private room, and soon introductions were in order.

All the boys introduced themselves to you and Yumi and you couldn’t help but think how different they all well and yet…they just meshed together so well.

Soon enough, the food had come and my god, it was probably the best food you’d ever had. Jin smiles widely as you complimented the food. Taehyung noticed you did the little dance you did when you truly enjoyed your food. It wasnt a dance really, it was more you swaying in our seats as you chewed your food with a smile.

The boys shared many stories of Taehyung and Jungkook which made both the boys try to silence their friends but it had you and Yumi laughing hysterically.

You noticed Taehyung shift uncomfortably in his seat for the entirety at the dinner and you placed a hand in his leg reassuringly. He smiled at you, and continued on. To be honest, he was scared of the boys accidentally mention something about the bet. Only because he really wanted the car though, he told himself over and over again. It was now a few days past five months since you and Taehyung met, and as each day passed, he told himself that he was one day closer to getting Namjoon’s car and then he could go back to his old ways He told himself that the pit in his stomach was just him anxious of how to break up with you in the right way. That he just needed to find the right words to let you off easy and then he could be at peace. 

He wasn’t really sure when he realized that he didn’t really mind spending time with you. Maybe it was the first date? He knew that you would have no problem moving on, after all any guy would be lucky to have you. To go out with you, to hold you, to kiss you. Taehyung clenched his fist, unknowingly, but he ignored it all. 

Soon after dinner was over, you and Yumi decided you wanted to have some girl time and decided to head to a random movie. All the boys sat at a bar, avoiding the elephant in the room. 

“I actually really liked Y/n” said Jin, randomly. “She really liked my food”.

“Yeah, I could tell” said Taehyung, not exactly wanting to talk about you at the moment. 

“I kind of feel bad for messing her with like this” says Yoongi. 

“Yeah… she’s pretty cool. Both her and Yumi! Taehyung.. what are you thinking?” Jimin asks, noticing Taehyung’s shift in behavior. 

It was like his friends were forcing him to think of the inevitable. He didn’t want to, he wanted to hold off on it for as long as he could. 

“I’m thinking that there’s another month and thats it” he said coldly, sipping on on his drink. His friends didn’t want to push him, but they were starting to realize that there was more to his feelings and they didn’t want Taehyung to regret his choices later, though it was mostly their fault too. 

“Taehyung, you don’t have to break up with her, you know? I mean, only if you don’t want to. She’s a nice girl, and you seem to have fun with her” Namjoon said. 

“You’re only saying that because you don’t want to give up your damn car” Taehyung said angrily. 

“Taehyung you can have the fucking car, ok? We’re talking about your feelings here. You can buy hundreds of cars, hell I could buy you them. But, we don’t want to see you hurt” Namjoon argues. 

But Taehyung was beyond confused at this point, and he didn’t want to think about anything right now. He just angrily got up and made his way home, ignoring the calls from his friends. 

So even if Taehyung and his friends were assholes who made bets around a girl and her feelings, they cared immensely about Taehyung. They didn’t want him to regret anything especially since they could tell how his eyes lit up whenever he saw you. So, they were going to try their best to convince him otherwise. 

If you are a part of any fandom read this

If you see someone wearing a hoodie with your favourite group/band/artist/book/ANYTHING or any kind of merch and you want to go to talk with them, but you don’t want to bother go to them, YOU WON’T BOTHER, that person has/wears that not only because they love that book/artist/etc and because they also want to find more friends from the same fandom as them! So slap yourself and go to them

Oh, Baby! | 03

 Link to Masterlist

Sehun series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10

Genre: ‘Life As We Know It’ AU, Fluff (involving babies!), Slight Angst

Summary: You and Sehun have always maintained your mutual dislike for one another. But what happens when an unexpected incident leaves the two of you in charge of a baby, together?

 Word Count: 2.8k

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reaction: leaving for tour

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AN: my first reaction got a lot of positive love so here’s another one, should I keep doing these?

Background: The boys saying their goodbyes before leaving to go on tour 


you could feel his hand shaking as you two held hands through out the airport, you walked with him for as long as you were allowed to. He was really quiet the whole walk to the gate. When you two reached the gate you heard him take a deep breath before turning back to face you. You finally got the chance to look at him for the first time in what felt like forever. His eyes were glossy as if he was about to tear up, which made you almost tear up as well. “Yn I don’t want to leave you so soon,” he sniffles, “6 months is too long without hugging or kissing you.” Namjoon pouts and you have no words so you just embrace him in a hug. He sighs and wraps his arms around your body. “You’ll do great things on tour Joon,” you look up at your tall boyfriend and smile. He nods and pecks your forehead before you pull away and watch him walk onto the plane.

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“Hurry we’re outside right now,” Hoseok says through Jins phone and it makes your heart drop. Prior to this call, you and Jin have been trying to spend the day inside just cuddling and enjoying each others presence before he had to leave for another amazing yet dreadful tour. Your head was laying over your boyfriends heart, he looks down at you and smiles before planting a soft kiss on the top of your head. “Do you really need to go?” He chuckles, “I’d love to stay, but millions of fans are waiting for this handsome face.” His joke made you laugh slightly with him. He gets up and you follow him to the door. You hand him his backpack and he kisses you softly, “I’ll call you later, I love you.”

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Although Yoongi can often be seen as a cold hearted rude man, hes actually the complete opposite. Yoongi pouts as he leans on the edge of the bed in your shared room, “why are you packing for me as if you want me to leave?” He reasons and crosses his arms. You chuckle and turn from the closet to face him, “I don’t want you to leave. But the boys will scold you if you don’t pack,” you tell him and walk over to him standing in between his legs and wrapping your arms around his neck. In an instant, Yoongi’s arms are wrapped around your waist as if it was an immediate instinct. He shows his cute gummy smile and falls backwards bringing you with him back to lay on the bed. You shriek as he laughs at your reaction. When you both were calm again he turns to admire you. He removes one of his hands to push back some hair that’s fallen into your face. “I love you.” He says simply and you smile, “I love you Min Yoongi.”

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“But Hoseok they’ll be here soon-” Hobi cuts you off with a quick peck. “Let’s just stay like this a little longer yn… I want to stay with you for as long as I can before I’m dragged away to do the job I absolutely love to do.” He says and you cuddle up to him. Hobi was sprawled on the carpet floor of your living room, well.. you both were on the floor. You turn to admire your boyfriends beautiful face and how he was so calm and looking at the ceiling looking at absolutely nothing. “I know you’re looking at me yn.” You blush being caught red handed.. “oh yn! What will I do without you!” Hoseok says very dramatically and pretends to cry. His head laying in the crook of your neck giving you small kisses every now and then. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Hobi got up before you. He pushes his hand out to help you get up before opening the door to reveal the rest of the boys. He quickly gives you a kiss, “don’t miss me too much,” he teases and you smile before he grabs your hand and plants another soft kiss on your knuckles.

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“oh ynnn…” Jimin calls out as he lazily walks towards you in the bathroom. You were fixing your hair when he walks behind you and places his head on your shoulder. He closes his eyes again, listening to you hum your favorite song. Your favorite song, as in you and Jimin’s song. Jimin stands straight up and turns you around, you let go of your hair you were trying to tie up. “Hey I was doing my hair,” you whine and he smiles, “I like your hair down. It’s cute.” You blush and he bends to kiss you, then your jaw and your neck. “Jimin-” you say before he stops and looks back at you, “I’m not trying anything, I just want to give you enough kisses that you won’t miss me too much for the next 6 months.” He explains and pecks your lips again.

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You and Tae were in your shared bedroom. You sat on the bed engulfed in a book while Tae was struggling over what to bring with him on tour. Clothes scattered the floor as he scratched his head in frustration. “aish…” you hear him sigh and look around again. “Where is that shirt..” He talks to himself again. You look down at what you were wearing… the shirt he’s looking for. Tae turns to you and smiles before walking over to you. He takes your book, places the bookmark he got you for your birthday years ago, and places the book on the table next to you. “I’d like my shirt back please,” he pouts and you shrug in response. “Well okay you leave me no choice yn,” he says before picking you up bridal style and placing you in his suitcase. “TAE!” You say and he smiles before he locks eyes with you and kisses you slowly. “I think you could fit.” 

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There you were, in front of BigHit, holding hands with your boyfriend, right next to the car that would take him away for the next few months. He kept swaying your arms left and right and looked at you with such love and affection. “Yn don’t cry, if you cry I’m gonna cry,” he tells you. Well, his advice was a little too late as your eyes were already shiny and fighting back the tears. “Oh jagi…” He sighs and pulls you into a hug, that’s when it all fell. You couldn’t hold back your sadness anymore. “I’m going to miss you too much kookie,” you say and he pulls back and cups your face with his large hands. “I’m going to miss you much more than you’ll miss me. Don’t worry. I’ll be back before you know it love.” He says and you nod. “I love you.” He tells you before leaving a peck on your lips before getting into the car.

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masterlist ─ byunmania


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✘ Minseok 

You Never Know (F) / Lucid Dreaming (M) / Cold Desires (F/A) / Le Temp Qu’il Faut (F)

✘ Junmyeon

That Day (F) / Sour, Bitter, Sweet (F)

✘ Yixing

Staying Sane (A/F) / Attention (M) / If He Sees (M)

✘ Baekhyun

Morning Daze (M) / Lost in the Heat (F) / Maroon (M) / You and I (A/F/M) / Let My Baby Stay (M) / 8:35pm (F) / Pray You Catch Me (A) / Wet (M)

Ardor — Reader x Painter!Baekhyun; what happens when infamous nude painter Byun Baekhyun takes a special liking to his new apprentice?

Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4 - Ch 5 - Ch 6 - Finale 

Bound — Vampire!Reader x Baekhyun; After the Vampire Empress saved the young man’s life, he was honor-bound to repay the favor.

Ch 1 - Ch 2 (M) - Ch 3 (M)

Desiderium, Rubatosis — Soulmate AU, Baekhyun x Reader x Sehun; in which during an average day with your soulmate, you’re met with a wave of intense, unexplainable emotions after bumping into an unfamiliar boy.

Part 1 (by @lovesehunright  ) - Part 2

✘ Jongdae

✘ Chanyeol

Coupons (M) / Pure Distractions (F) / Vagabonds (?) / Leaving You (F) 

✘ Kyungsoo

Youth (F) / Late Nights (?) / Death by Diamonds (M) / Luckiest Man Alive (F) / Tell Me (A/M) / Motivation (F) 

✘ Jongin

Melting Magnets (M) / Deep Breaths (M) / Painkillers (M) / Unwinding (M) / Close to You (A/F) / Love a Loser (F)

✘ Sehun 

Lay it Down (M) / Infidelity (F) / Lazy Lovebirds (F) / Broken Clocks (M)Come Closer (A/F)Interruptions (F) / A Train to the North (F) 

Desiderium, Rubatosis  — Soulmate AU, Baekhyun x Reader x Sehun; in which during an average day with your soulmate, you’re met with a wave of intense, unexplainable emotions after bumping into an unfamiliar boy.

Part 1 - Part 2

Aeon’s Lovers — Immortal!Reader x Exo; You’re immortal; your appearance never changes, your age means nothing, your values and speech become outdated, your knowledge, your languages, and your abilities add on. The time stands still for you and only you. The year is -

Prologue 2017 - Inhale (Scarlet Gold) 1932, Jongdae - Rough 1947, Yixing - Boys (M) 1956, Baekhyun/Chanyeol - Lies 1963, Junmyeon - Venture 1975, Luhan - Roleplay 1987, Jongin - What if 1994, Sehun - Running 2007, Minseok - Exhale 2017, Kyungsoo

EXODUS, College AU; Reader x Exo (with @lovesehunright )

Ch 1 (Jongin) - Ch 2 (M) (Chanyeol) - Ch 3 (Baekhyun) -


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✘ Taeil

✘ Taeyong 

✘ Johnny

✘ Yuta

✘ Kun

✘ Doyoung

✘ Ten

In Too Deep (A/F) 

✘ Jaehyun

Hjerteknuser (A) 

Yesterday — Reader x Jaehyun; “There is no cure,” they said. Time was running out, and life was starting to drain from his veins. But there wasn’t anything that could stop you from falling.

Ch 1 - Ch 2 -

✘ Sicheng

✘ Jungwoo

✘ Lucas

✘ Mark

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 Guest Stars and O/B stories

Jungkook, BTS; Alibis (A) / Optional Bias; Don’t Fall (F)

Betting on You (Pt 4)

A/n: here’s part four! Who wants a part 5?

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Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Full Masterlist

“Something happened in college” you say as you whimper. 

Taehyung could only look at your shaking figure next to him. He was never good at comforting women, especially when they were crying. But something about you just sitting there and looking so helpless as you cried made his heart feel a funny way. He didn’t know what to do or say, but he knew he didn’t want you crying for a second longer. And though that thought scared him briefly, he pushed the thought to the back of his mind. 

“You don’t have to tell me if you’re not ready, princess. I’m sorry if I made you cry” Taehyung says slowly, rubbing your shoulders as if that would take all the pain away. 

“No, I want to tell you. I’ve been holding onto this piece of my life for so long, not wanting anyone to know. Only Yumi knows, not even my parents. I- I don’t want to hide behind it anymore. Not with you at least” you say, slowly. 

“Ok, well take your time ok?” Taehyung says genuinely concerned. Now he was itching to know what happened. 

“My sophomore year of college, I went to this party with Yumi and a few of our other friends. It was at some frat house, and umm, I guess I had a little too much to drink that night?” you sniffle. “I- don’t really remember how, but I ended up meeting this guy, and though I was pretty drunk, I thought he was a decent guy. He took me up to one of the rooms, and I should have known then, should have paid attention to the warning signs” you say, more tears starting to fall. Taehyung just listens patiently, wiping away the tears to the best of his abilities. He already didn’t like where this was going. 

“He was starting to get a little handsy… And I let him for a while until I got really uncomfortable” you say as you bury your face in your hands. “At one point, even with the amount of alcohol I’d had, I didn’t like where it was going. So I pushed him away. And he tried again, and again” you mumbled through your hands, but Taehyung could still hear you clearly, though he really wish he couldn’t. 

“I kept pushing him off, but I guess pretty soon he got mad. He had pinned down to the bed, and and” you try to continue, but your sobbing takes over and you hated feeling so helpless. 

Taehyung could already feel his heart tighten and he just decided to pull you into his chest as he ran his hands through your long, soft hair. “shhh” he kept saying, over and over again as he rocked you back and forth. He didn’t know if he was of any comfort to you at the moment, but it seemed to be working since your sobbing started to die down. 

You start talking again in the comfort of Taehyung’s embrace and the second you start to talk, you feel Taehyung stiffen. “I guess I started to yell for help, and that just got this guy angrier. And, I remember at the time feeling so…small. He was pretty big, and he pinned me down easily. At one point, I bit him on his arm, because that was the only thing I could do to defend myself at that point. I- I was free for maybe a second and tried to leave, I really did, But- but, he was had caught me again and I guess I had made him really angry at this point, because that’s when he slapped me” you say, slowly. 

Taehyungs blood began to boil. Taehyung himself was no saint. He didn’t treat woman with the respect he knew he should be giving them, but he was not like that man you were talking about. How dare someone hit your beautiful face. Taehyung clenched his teeth and balled his hands into fists as he tried to contain his anger. How dare, someone hurt you?

“He had a ring on, and there was some design to it, so it scratched the skin on my face. It’s why I still have a small scar on the left cheek, I’m not sure you’ve noticed” And Taehyung did notice. He noticed that scar the first night he met you. The following days after, he noticed all the small freckles on your face, so much to the point that he knew you had 7 small freckles around your face. He noticed the way your nose was always crinkled when you smiled or laughed. He noticed the ways your eyes would always smile first. He noticed how…breathtakingly beautiful you were. 

“But anyways, at that moment, Yumi burst through the door. Thankfully she was the dd that night. And well, you know her. She went batshit crazy on that guy, I almost thought he was the poor one then” you laugh dryly. 

Taehyung pulled your face to look at him and he hated how he felt his heart sink when he saw your tear-stained face. How red your eyes were. And how he thought you were so beautiful.

 “what happened to him?” Taehyung asks, anger laced with his voice. 

“Well, we contacted the university officials the next day. Luckily, they did take action and he was expelled. I’m fortunate, that nothing happened that night, that Yumi found me when she did and that I only ended up with this scar. But since then, I’ve just been scared to get intimate with a guy again, it always takes me back to that night. And I know that’s stupid of me, especially at my age, but I don’t know how to get past it” you say, whimpering again. 

“Hey, look at me. Don’t let that scum dictate your life ok? It’s not stupid that you’re not over what he did. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t get too far, he still hurt you emotionally and physically” Taehyung says, still angry. “I swear to god if I find this scum of the earth I’ll just–” Taehyung starts, not realizing he said it out loud. 

How could anyone even think of doing something like that. 

You just simple giggle at what he says though. It meant the world to you that he had listened to you. You’ve been wanting to get it off of your chest for so long and it felt so good to finally tell him. “Thank you, for listening” you say, smiling at your handsome boyfriend. 

“I promise you, we don’t have to do anything until you’re ready, ok? I’m sorry if I seemed frustrated before. I just can’t keep my hands off of my beautiful girlfriend” Taehyung tries to joke, but he could sense the truth in it. It really was hard for him to keep his hands off of you, which was why he was so frustrated every time you turned him down. It’s why he always sought out other girls. And now he felt…regret?

You had fallen asleep soon after, and Taehyung looked as you slept peacefully by him. He felt his heart clench when he looked at you, but he chose to ignore it and excuse himself to go home. 

But not before kissing your forehead. 

He doesn’t know why he did it, but he assures himself that it’s what any boyfriend would do. And he has to keep up the act, right?

As Taehyung closes your bedroom door behind him, he sees Yumi sitting on the couch watching TV alone, with no sign of Jungkook. 

“She uh, told you didn’t she?” Yumi asks, slowly facing Taehyung. 

“How did you know?” Taehyung asks, quite shocked. 

“She’s not exactly the quietest when she cries. But I’m glad she decided to tell you” Yumi says, with a smile. 

“Where’s Jungkook?” Taehyung asks, wanting to change the subject in fear of him getting angry again.

“Oh, he went home a while ago. I just thought i’d go to sleep after making sure Y/n is ok” Yumi says. 

“Yeah, I think she’s ok. She’s asleep now” Taehyung says, smiling slowly. He’s not really sure what he’s supposed to do at this point. 

“No one knows, Taehyung, apart from the two of us. Not her parents, no one. So her telling you means she trusts you. And I’m so happy she finally feels that way with someone. And I don’t mean to pressure you since you two haven’t been dating for long, but do you mind if I tell you a little bit more about her?” Yumi asks, with a sad smile. 

“Oh uh, sure” Taehyung shifts in place before he finally walks over to the couch facing Yumi. 

“I don’t want to keep you too long, but here’s the gist. Y/N was not what what’s she like now when she was in college. She was a party girl and she really loved living wild back then. But… she knew her limits. She always believed in falling in love and wanting to lose her virginity to someone special. She didn’t sleep around in college like a lot of our friends did. That night though, changed her. She stopped coming to parties, she never got drunk after that, and she was almost scared of men after that. She had a hard time letting anyone in, and I blame myself for that. If I hadn’t let her get out of my sight that night like I was supposed to, then none of this would have happened. She would have been happier” Yumi says, starting to cry herself. 

Great, there was another girl Taehyung had to comfort tonight. 

“Yumi, what happened was not your fault and I know Y/N feels that way too. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s in the past, and you can’t change anything if you tried. I might not know Y/n as well as you do, but I know that she loves you because you’re her best friend. So please, don’t cry over it” Taehyung says, not really sure where he found the words. But, it seemed to soothe the crying girl nonetheless. 

“Thank you, Taehyung. I’m glad she found you. Again, no pressure” Yumi laughs, wiping away her tears. “But she really likes you. So please, don’t hurt her” Yumi almost pleads. 

“I- I won’t” Taehyung says, swallowing a lump in his throat. “I’ve heard you go batshit crazy on those who hurt Y/N so I’ll rather not” Taehyung jokes, trying to avoid the subject. 

Yumi just chuckles, and for Taehyung it was weird not to see her peppy side for once. But he knew that Yumi loved you and would do anything for you, and he was glad you had the support you needed through a friend like her. 

The following weeks were… a lot of fun. Taehyung began to see more and more of you and he found himself making the plans too. He simply enjoyed having you around. Not to mention kissing you. He also enjoyed that too. 

“Why are you never around anymore?” Jin asks one day. Taehyung felt like it was a long time since he had seen all his friends, so he decided to have them over one day. 

“Well, he has a girlfriend. He wouldn’t have time for us anymore” Hoseok snickers.

“Jungkook too! Look at our youngest all getting into relationships!” Jin says, holding his heart as if he was in pain.

“We all know why hyung is in a relationship” Jungkook says, coldly. Jungkook began distancing himself from Taehyung since, and Taehyung missed having his friend around. However, Jungkook was serious about Yumi, and he didn’t want to risk hurting her or you. Taehyung just eyes Jungkook warily. 

“At this rate, you’re going to have to give up that car” Yoongi jokes to Namjoon, who didn’t seem all that pleased.

“Get her polished for me!” Taehyung jokes, though the smile didn’t reach his eyes like they usually did.

After a few drinks and food, the boys settle down in the living room as they resume talking as usual. 

“So Tae, I don’t see you around the club anymore. Where you picking up girls then?” Yoongi asks, out of the blue. All eyes turn to look at him and Tae shifted in his seat uncomfortably. 

“I.. Haven’t been” Taehyung says. 

“Ha! Yeah right, no seriously where” Jimin asks. 

Taehyung can feel irritation start to boil up in him. Why didn’t his friends believe him. 

“If he says he hasn’t been, then he hasn’t been” Jungkook says, clearly annoyed. Though he knew the truth. He knew that Taehyung wasn’t out with girls at night anymore because well, he spent most of his time now with you. And though Jungkook was genuinely happy that you were happy, he couldn’t help but feel angry at Taehyung for what he was doing to you. 

“Geez, what’s gotten into you Kook. You’ve changed, man” says Jimin, slightly annoyed himself. 

Jungkook just rolls his eyes, not really wanting to talk about this any further. 

“So uh, what would you guys get a girl for her birthday” Taehyung suddenly asks, shocking everyone. Sure, he bought gifts for many girls in the past as a sort of consolation for leaving the next morning after a one night stand, but he never really thought about what to get. He never bought a birthday gift for anyone other than his friends, and he realized he was absolutely clueless. Your birthday was around the corner and if he was to keep the “act” of a good boyfriend, then he should do something nice for your birthday, right?

“Why the hell do you care all of a sudden?” Namjoon asks. 

“Well, Y/n’s birthday is coming up and I figured it was a boyfriend’s job to do something on her birthday” Taehyung shrugs, though internally he really needed input at the moment. But he realized his friends were just as clueless as he was. 

“A handbag” says Jin

“diamond earrings” says Yoongi. 

“lingerie” jokes Jimin. Taehyung just groans. It was a lost cause with these fools. 

“How about a trip? She’s been wanting to go to Hawaii forever” says Jungkook, out of nowhere. Everyone turns to face him. “What, Yumi is always talking about how they’ve always wanted to go” Jungkook shrugs. 

“Thats…actually not a bad idea” Taehyung thinks out loud. He had been to Hawaii many times before and he could be a great tour guide. 

“Wait, you’re going to go on a trip with your fake girlfriend” asks Hoseok. 

“Well, she doesn’t know it’s fake. And plus, it would be a good memory for her after the six months are up, don’t you think?” Taehyung says. 

“That’s why you want to go?” Jungkook asks, feeling disgusted for even bringing up the idea now. 

“Well, yeah” Taehyung says. He could already imagine you squealing with excitement when he would hand you the tickets. 

“You’re really an ass” Jungkook says, taking his stuff and walking out on his friends. He hated being in the same room at the moment, but he knew he couldn’t give up his brothers that easily. He loved them too much, but he really hoped that they could see the mistake they were making. 

“What’s gotten his panties in a bunch?” asks Jimin, scoffing at the boy as he walks out. 

“Forget about him, he’ll come around. Anyways, we should meet this fake girlfriend of yours, Tae. She sounds pretty interesting” Jin half jokes. 

“Actually yeah, I want to know about the girl stealing all of your time away. How about I get us a reservation at a nice restaurant and we can all just talk. We can invite Jungkook and the girl he’s been dating. I’m still surprised he’s stuck with one girl for this long, I want to know what he sees in her” says Yoongi. 

“Oh uh, sure. I guess I’ve met some of Y/n’s friends, it’s only fair she meets mine right?” Taehyung says nervously. Did he really want you to meet his friends? Not in the slightest. But he wasn’t about to tell his friends that. 

A/N: This part was kind of short, sorry, but use it as a filler for some of the plot. Idk how long this fic will be, but it’s been fun writing it. Hope you guys liked it! Leave me feedback hehe


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The bet you wish never happened 💬 | part 2

pt 1 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6 | pt 7 | pt 8 | pt 9 | pt 10 | pt 11 | pt 12 | pt 13 | pt 14  | pt 15.1 | pt 15.2 | pt 16

AN: Sorry for any grammatical mistakes!

Ticking Clocks | 01

 Link to Masterlist

 Chanyeol & Baekhyun series: 01 | 02 | 03

Genre: Soulmate! AU, Slight angst

 Summary: You live in a world where everyone has a soulmate clock that stops ticking the exact moment you meet your soulmate. You are in a happy relationship with Park Chanyeol, and don’t care much about soulmates at all, that is, until you meet his best friend, Byun Baekhyun.

◇ Word Count: 2.1k

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Metonia| JJK (M) 3

|Werewolf!Jungkook X Reader|

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, Mentions of violence, Heavy Petting, Crude Language, POV Changes

Genre: Angst, Little Fluff, Smut (eventually)

Words: 3.9k

Summary: Thanks to your brother Jungkook makes his move.

Part: 3/?


Written By: L


You opened the door to the motel room you and your brother would be residing in, for the time being. Your nose scrunched in disgust at the odious mustiness of the old brown-stained sheets, and piss-colored carpet, the odor wafting from it similar to its color, the faint smell of wet wood and mildewed towels continued its assault on your nose making it twitch in vain. The windowless room was painted with a vulgar green floral print wallpaper, the piss-color carpet clashing terribly with the bright green of the walls. At least there was a decent size living room where a single dark blue couch sat in the middle of the room, a T.V. placed diagonally in a corner, and a small, lopsided wooden table probably meant for two, was placed directly behind the sofa; using the object as support for its wobbly legs.

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Ardor – two.

❝  After your art professor notices your ardor towards nudeness in arts, he sends you to apprentice under his old friend, the Korean painter Byun Baekhyun who’s infamous for his erotic pieces and cocky demeanor. Rumors surrounded Baekhyun at any second and women who had been with him described him as “an unforgiving lover of bodies”. What happens when you find him taking a liking to you–and your body? ❞

Reader x Painter!Baekhyun

!Smut in next chapter; mentions of nude bodies and sexuality.

one. three.

She was beautiful. Outstanding.

Completely naked, standing on top of a wooden chair, the late day sun shining through the thin curtains and the small gaps between the heavy ones, illuminating her curvy body. Albeit it looked a little unsafe for her to be standing on top of such a small chair, she wasn’t moving a single muscle, so she wasn’t falling down. You were gaping, gazing down her voluptuous body, admiring the image Baekhyun had already made with her body. Oh, how exciting to witness something that would soon be signed with the infamous painter’s name. 

The model was locked in the position Baekhyun had guided her in; her back slightly bent forward, her hands planted on her hips and her hair falling in front of her face. She acted completely oblivious when you walked into the studio with all your tools stuffed into two large bags in each hand. You clumsily bumped into a few pieces that littered the floor while walking inside, about to set up your things.

Two days ago, you had left this studio with hot eyes upon your back. He’d been so close, you’d been so hot, his breath fire as it was breathed down the skin of your face and neck. His voice and the beautiful, alluring images were possibly the only things you could recall of the incident. The question: “What had you just gotten yourself into?” It still stood, unanswered, and that had made you hesitant to return.

Nonetheless, you were back and ready to take on the challenge, unaware of what this man really had in store for you.

Baekhyun wasn’t there when you came, but a canvas empty of anything except for a few week pencil lines was placed before the woman. You didn’t say anything to the woman as you placed your bags in the furthermost corner of the room. Scratching your head, trying to hide the giddiness as well as the nervosity to see Baekhyun again, you almost didn’t notice the painter return.

“Keep still.” He commanded, tone colder than you had heard before. You froze upon his command, heart stuck in your throat and your eyes not daring to look away from the random lewd image you’d watched before he came. Then, you heard a hum. A female hum.

“He’s not talking about you, sweet cheeks.”

You weren’t sure if you were blushing or not– your cheeks were burning as you turned around. Baekhyun was staring at you, his eyes hard, a harsh 180 from his behavior two days ago, and the woman was peeking at you through her hair, taking the unawareness of Baekhyun to slip out of her pose. She was smirking.

You nodded your head in their direction, trying to play cool but failing miserably. “Hello, sorry I was just about to set up my things.”

Baekhyun was clad in a structured black blazer, only his tan collarbones underneath, loose jeans and a sleek, onyx pair of oxfords. His hair was tousled as if he had just woken up, making him look so effortlessly gorgeous. He made a noise similar to a scoff. “There’s no need. You’re taking over here.”

“I-I am?”

The woman sighed. Baekhyun frowned. “Yes, you are. Paint her. I have errands I need to run.”

You nodded, embarrassed. “A-alright.” 

“I’ll see how you do.” He mumbled before he made his way out of the studio, his footsteps echoing down the dim hallway before the outdoor was opened and then slammed shut again. You exhaled a breath of air you weren’t even aware you were holding before turning to the empty canvas and the woman. You cleared your throat, picking up the nearest pencil. The woman stretched out her back, wincing at the painful position she’d been in for several minutes now.

“You don’t have to stand in that position,” You assured her, humming. Searching the room, you found the dim light, the small sweeps of light in the room too scant; not enough. You hurried over to the large windows, taking hold of the many different cloths covering the windows. The heavy carpets, curtains; the many different patterns fell to the wooden floor with a loud ‘bump’. The sun streamed out into the whole room, giving prominence to the layer of dust in the air.

Running over to your bags in the corner, you fished out a small piece of chalk, walking back to the model, directing her into a seating position on the floor close to the windows. You mark her spot with a white ‘x’, smiling down at her, receiving an odd look in response.

“You’re different,” She hums. “Baekhyun doesn’t like a lot of light. If you’re trying to woo him, you’re going in the wrong direction.”

You cock an eyebrow, moving back behind the weasel to sketch the outline of the woman as she sat on the floor, planting her palms on the floor and leaning back on her arms. You gestured for her to lie her head back, and act as if she’s enjoying the warm light. “Woo him?” You mutter, eyes fixing between the canvas, the tip of your pencil and her. 

“Don’t act stupid, sweetcheeks. Seduce him, bed him, fuck him–”

The rage bubbled inside you so quickly, you weren’t fast enough to stop yourself;

“Hey,” You snap, gaining the woman’s full attention. “I’m not the one completely naked in his house. I’m not here to seduce him, I’m simply his apprentice. I’m here to learn.”

The woman smirked. “Fine, fine. You’ll probably end up underneath him either way, that’s just the way he is. A player. A cold player.”

You couldn’t say anything else. You wouldn’t know; it wasn’t anything new, the rumors about him originated back to his very first piece that got any attention from the community, but you didn’t know him personally yet. This woman, however, seemed to have some knowledge about him. And suddenly, the thought of this woman underneath Baekhyun stung inside your chest. With a jolt, you tried to swallow the sting you could only identify as ‘jealousy’. You couldn’t go around and get attached. 

“He’s got this obsession over bodies, too. But by the looks of it,” She chuckled. “you do too.”

You shook your head, cheeks flushing. “It’s just a preference.” You weakly argued. “An interest. Just like some people prefer painting landscapes and portraits, I like… nude bodies.”

“Hm, whatever you say, sweet cheeks.”

It must’ve been hours later; the sun was gone and the air of the old house was getting chiller and chiller. It was the woman’s irritated voice that finally pulled you out of your concentrated daze. Her skin was covered by goosebumps and only then did you realize really how cold it really had become.

“That’s enough for today,” She grumbled, helping herself off the floor and reaching for her clothes. You panicked, the image in your head fading quickly. “Please, not so fast! I’ll pay you to stay longer.”

The woman frowned, sighing tiredly, before finally giving you a small smile. “It’s late. I get that you’re into it right now, but the light’s all gone anyway.”

“I have it in my mind, I remember the colors and everything.” You argued but the woman just shook her head, put on her clothing and walked out of the studio, leaving you alone. Glancing around you, you found the thousands of eyes, directed at you, the naked bodies eerie for the first time and hurried to grab your things and go. A quick check on your wrist, you were shocked to realize that it was almost eleven pm– you should have been home five hours ago. 

You hummed in understanding. No wonder the model was annoyed.

With a sigh yourself, you picked up both bags and hurried out of the dark, empty studio. What normally brought you joy, inspiration, and desire; the beauty of the naked body, was ghostly and made you uncomfortable. You tried to swallow down the disappointment of not spending time with Baekhyun– you’d been too caught up with the piece to really spend even a second thinking about him and what he had said;

“The sun is hitting your back so delicately, it adorns your body. An angel. That’s what you look like.”

“Are you nervous? Hm, the light here enhances your curves, I bet you know how amazing that look, don’t you?”

But now, you were free, and your mind unoccupied. Unoccupied to be occupied.

Although the rumors were the most obvious warning sign, you couldn’t help but fall for his mysterious aura. His alluring, cold eyes. “Stupid,” You light slapped your own head. “you’ve met the man twice and you’re already thinking about him like tha…”

The words died on your tongue when you looked up from the old dark wooden planks, up into the dark wooden eyes of Baekhyun. There was a clump in your throat and your heart raced with panic; he had heard you, hadn’t he? Judging from the wide, bewitching smirk adorning his face – he most definitely had. 

A single second of silence passed; a single second for you to drop your bags to the floor and him to fill the distance between the two of you. He grabbed your chin with his hand, the other sneaking around your waist to hug you close to his muscular chest before he locked his lips with yours - hard

You moaned out loud, only for your sounds to be swallowed by his eager lips. His hands were tight, passionate around your body, holding you tightly against him. You were getting lightheaded with the lack of air, still, you never wanted this to end. 

Your heart was beating high in your chest, your cheeks blazing, your hands were fisting his blazer. Exhales, moans, and whimpers escaped your lips, seemingly adding energy to Baekhyun’s touches. He had you moving backward, and you were pinned to the wall when a loud knock sounded on the door. Baekhyun didn’t stop kissing you, his lips left yours and followed the skin down over your jaw to your neck. He ran his tongue over the sensitive skin there, triggering small gasps from your mouth. 

Another loud knock forcefully dragged you out of your little bubble, and you tugged at his blazer, trying to pull him off your neck. “Baekhyun,” You gasped. “Mr. Byun, there’s someone - ah - at the door.”

Baekhyun placed one, two more kisses at your jaw before slowly moving off your body, leaving you panting against the wall, abdomen tingling with lust. He paraded across the floor, grabbed the handle of the door before swinging it open. The person on the other side was another beautiful woman; hair gracing her bare shoulders and slender body adorned in a little, tight black dress. She was wearing a pair of high heels and she had diamonds hanging in her ears. The cold wind from outside swept over the three of you, and suddenly you felt completely abandoned.

Baekhyun turned slowly to you. “It’s late, you should leave. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hurriedly dismissed you; his cold words even more numbing than the fall breeze. You wanted to cry of disappointment, his kisses were still wet on your skin, your lips, but you bit your tongue, throwing your eyes to the floor. The woman had an unreadable expression, you didn’t know if she was smug or annoyed. Sighing, you nodded and picked your bags back up. You passed the mysterious woman by the threshold and flinched when the door was slammed shut behind you. 

The woman was gone inside, and so was Baekhyun. You felt used, then thrown away; his kisses flew off your skin with the bitter gust and you scolded yourself for giving into your desires. It had only made you more dissatisfied. You knew you’d end up like another one night stand, you knew you’d never mean more to him. 

Still, something deep inside you continued to convince yourself otherwise.

Andromeda pt. 3 (M)

Summary: You were no one, a goody-two-shoes who always played by the rules. When you decided to change yourself and live a little more dangerously you got caught up in Taemin’s trap. He had no use for you and no desire to have you. You were a toy and a time killer. But, he just so happened to have a lot of time and you happened to be his new favorite play thing.

Genre: Vampire!au / Smut / Angst /Violence

***please do not read if you are underage***

word count: 4.6k

part one   part two  part three   part four

Originally posted by peridoxxx

Something about Suho’s smile lingered in your mind and you hated it. It felt like he knew something that you didn’t and it made you incredibly uneasy. The walk to the restaurant was incredibly awkward and silent and you and your best friend mostly stuck to yourselves. Suho interacted with Minho and followed the two of you from behind. You could feel the stares burning holes in the back of your head and you wanted to run away from the two men as fast as possible.

You arrived at the restaurant and relaxed at the smell of sweet garlic and pasta. Your mouth watered and you happily walked up to the hostess patiently waiting at the front to greet incomers. This was the moment when you would finally split up from the overbearing men and you celebrated on the inside

“Hi, we have a reservation for y/l/n”

The petite woman at the front smiled and looked down at her podium looking over the reservation list and open tables. She grabbed menus and politely guided you to your seats. You sat down and were shocked when you looked up to find both Minho and Suho seated and giving you a wicked grin. You stared back at them with no emotion on your face making it clear that you were not amused by their joining you. With your friend sitting across from you Suho sat in the chair next to her and Minho took the seat directly next to you.

You looked over to your best friend and smiled apologetically to her. But to your surprise she slightly shook her head. Knowing her she probably was loving the company of the two incredibly handsome men. Her lack of conversation and the slight pink tint on her cheeks was quick to give her away. You scoffed at her and rolled your eyes. Poor girl was just as much of a hermit and as lonely as you are.

“So, Miss. y/l/n, how did you and Minho meet each other?” Suho asked you curiously

You opened your mouth to answer, but thought twice about it. It wouldn’t be such a good thing to admit to your boss that you had gone to a club the night prior to work, nor the honest truth about how you knew him. You closed your mouth and tried to think of a quick answer that sounded reasonable.

“We met in my club” Minho said quickly

You were surprised that he would reveal to your boss that you went out to clubs, specifically his- since his had such an erotic connotation attached. Your turned your attention to him and glared.

“Oh, I didn’t know that you went out” Suho exclaimed

“I don’t… usually” you admitted quietly, mostly to yourself

Minho chuckled to himself and took a sip of water. You wanted to kick him underneath the table for laughing at you. Truth be told this entire scenario was a nightmare. It was so embarrassing to have to look your one night stand in the face after he ditched you in the morning. And now here he was, intruding on your meal with your friend and laughing at you.

“No, y/n is a good girl who just happened to be in my club for the first time, and being the gentleman I am I showed her around the place a bit” Minho added

“Alright” Suho said nodding his head “well the next time you come, I’d like to be there too!” he said flirtatiously

Minho snapped his head to his friend and glared at him slightly. Suho paid no mind to him and smiled at you.

“I’m interested in seeing what my employees are like outside of work” he explained

A waitress came over and asked for your orders you all gave her your preferences and waited patiently for your meals to arrive. Soon Suho swept up your friend in conversation, leaving you and Minho to sit in silence.

You could feel him looking at you and you tried your best to ignore him and look ahead. Minho slid his hand across your knee and up to your mid-thigh. You squirmed in your seat and were instantly alert to exactly where he was and focused all of your attention on him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked you quietly

You turned to him and glared. Seriously?

“You were quick to leave after you were done last night so I don’t understand why you’re so adamant to be here now” you answered through your teeth

Minho sat back and withdrew his hand. He looked genuinely hurt by your statement. He blinked his eyes and then smiled to you.

“I didn’t leave you last night because I wanted to!” he explained and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “I had a meeting this morning at 6 and needed to go home”  

You suddenly felt bad for jumping to conclusions about Minho’s intentions.  But you couldn’t help but jump to conclusions knowing about stereotypes of one night stands. Another part of you was still angry at him for making such a point of seeing you today. This entire negative energy could have been cleared up had he have spoken to you sooner or even left you a note to find this morning.

“What? Did you think that I was just going to have one night with you and then move on?” he asked with a laugh in his voice. You tuned and looked at him skeptically “I’m not into one night stands my love” he leaned in to your side whispering in your ear “So if you’re trying to get rid of me you are going to have to try a little harder”

You looked away from him and licked your lips trying to ease your suddenly dry mouth. The small waitress came back and distributed the plates and dishes that everyone ordered. You and your friend began eating and the table became quiet. Minho and Suho both ordered small salads and refrained from eating a single bite of it. Instead the two of them watched you eat. You made curious glances at the men and their plates.

“Is it not good?” you asked them quietly

“I’m sure it’s delicious” he said with a smile “But I’ve got my mind on something else that I’d rather eat” he chuckled.

You immediately blushed hearing the obvious lust and suggestion in his voice. Your best friend slightly gasped and ate her food quickly trying to cover up her small slip up. Minho glared and clenched his jaw at the other man, and made furious eye contact. The table suddenly seemed tense between the two males and you shrunk at the bad vibes sent from one to the other. Minho wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you closer to him by the side. He firmly placed his hand on your knee locking you in place and declaring you as his own. You gasped at his roughness and looked up at him with wide eyes. But he wasn’t looking at you, he still had his gaze permanently fixed on the other male. Suho raised his eyebrows and cocked his head asking Minho an unspoken question. Minho just sat still and gave away nothing to the other.

“Does she kn-“ Suho started and was abruptly cut off

“No, she doesn’t and for now it’s going to stay that way” Minho answered

“If I can feel the pull then I’m sure the others can too.” Suho said concerned “you should get it done sooner rather than later” he finished

Minho just nodded his head to the other and turned to you to give you a small smile. You had no idea what the two were talking about but you knew it had something to do with you.

The rest of the meal was eaten in complete silence up until the very end. Minho was very gracious and paid for everyone’s meal and bought coffee to go at a small café next door for you and your friend before sending you off to work. But before you could even make your way through the front doors of the lobby Suho had stopped and turned to you and Minho.

“Emily why don’t you take the rest of the day off and talk with Minho, I’m sure he has a few things that he needs to discuss with you”

You were about to protest when Suho raised his hands up and stopped you from speaking.

“Please, don’t worry about missing your hours I will still pay you for your scheduled time.”

You raised your eyebrows at him in shock. Why would he do something like that for you? And what was so fucking important that he would let you do it just to talk to Minho? You quickly decided that paid time off was probably not something that you would ever come across again and nodded your head. Suho nodded to his friend once before escorting your friend back up to their offices and back to work.

“You don’t have to spend the rest of the day with me if you don’t want to” Minho offered “but, if you would allow me I would really like to take you somewhere”

You looked up to him and cocked your head to the side.

“And where is that?” you asked him

“Well I noticed this morning that I seemed to have ruined your dress last night” he stated and you blushed remembering the sound and feeling of the clothes being ripped off of you. “so I would like to buy you a new dress” he offered you and you smiled and nodded your head.

Minho escorted you out of the lobby and down the street a few blocks. He slipped his hand into yours and intertwined your fingers together. You looked down at you now joined hands and back up to him with a small smile. Did he actually like you? He bought you lunch, coffee and now he is going to buy you a dress? He smiled back down at you and guided you down the road only to stop in front of a small boutique.

It was one that you recognized and been inside of countless times before, but one that you had never actually bought anything from. The clothing inside were very cute and stylish but being a shop on one of the busiest streets in the city, its prices were out of this world. You were hesitant to go inside knowing that your dress was previously only worth $40 as opposed to the minimum of hundreds that he would be spending inside. Minho recognized your hesitation and pulled you by the hand to make you go inside the store.

Upon your entry the sales associate immediately bowed and locked the doors behind you and made her way to the back of the store.

“Where did she go?” you asked no one in particular

“I come to this store frequently and ask that my visits be made private so I may shop in peace.” He answered you

You were taken back by his answer. A part of you was impressed and another part of you was off put by his luxurious treatment. He turned around to look at you and smiled a wicked grin. He stepped forward and bent down to look you closer in the eye.

“Why? Are you scared to be alone with me?” he asked with a deep voice.

You coughed slightly feeling cramped and pressured underneath his intense gaze. You shook your head no without making eye contact with him. He chuckled at your voiceless answer and stepped even closer to you. He took your chin in his fingers and forced your eyes to meet. He leaned into you about to give you a kiss and you closed your eyes. Except nothing ever happened. No kiss no nothing. You opened your eyes and found Minho still impossibly close to you and smiling with a lustful amazement.

“Good” was all he said as he released your chin and stepped away from you to look around at the clothes lining the walls.

You sighed in desperation, slightly upset that he never followed through with the kiss. You licked your lips and turned away from him view and walked to the opposite side of the store. You were embarrassed that you were so easy for Minho to play with. You were in his spider web and he was only going to play with you before he would finally make you his snack.

You looked around the room with new determination to try to forget what had happened and find the perfect dress. You didn’t feel bad anymore for spending Minho’s money. If he was going to be an ass you would gladly accept an expensive dress.

You found three that you loved and wanted to try on, not even bothering to read the price tag. You headed towards the fitting rooms with your dresses and closed the curtain that separated you from the rest of the store. You tried on each dress but just weren’t happy with the way that it looked on you. It was either too poufy or was too short or not short enough. You grabbed the dresses and opened the curtain ready to look through the store once more. What you didn’t expect was for Minho to be standing outside of the room with a dress of his own choice in his hands. He gave you a small smile before he stepped closer to you and closed the curtain behind him- isolating the two of you from view. You eyed him wearily before you looked down at the dress that he had in his hands.

“I’m willing to bet you that this is best dress for you in this store.” He said

You looked it over and admired its simplicity yet elegant and elaborate design. It was slim fitting and black with gold embroidery. It looked long enough to cover all of your unmentionables and had long beautiful sleeves. You looked up to Minho and smiled at him impressed that he picked out something that was your style. You imagined what you would look like in it, what shoes and jewelry you would wear and where all you could wear it. It was something that you could wear on multiple occasions and was classy enough for you to be able to wear it in other places then just the club.

You took the dress from his grip and placed it against you and looked in the mirror gauging its shortness and how you think it would fit. You still had one of the dresses on and placed the dress Minho gave to you on the hook on the wall.

“Thanks, I think I’ll like it” you said with a smile and attempting to shoo him out of the dressing room

He smiled and nodded his head, but instead of leaving the room he stepped behind you and eyed the dress that you had on in the mirror. You watched as he looked you up and down and skeptically eyed how the fabric laid across your skin.

“Don’t you think that this covers a little too much?” he asked you with raised eyebrows

You scoffed at the typical male question and rolled your eyes. You were a second away from saying something snappy back to him when you heard the unmistakable sound of your zipper. Minho slowly drug the zipper from the bottom of your neck down to the bottom of the small of your back. He parted the collar and revealed more of your back, exposing the back of your white lace bra and the tops of your matching underwear to him.  He placed his hand on your back and ran it down the exposed flesh

“That’s better” he whispered and smiled at you through the mirror.

You stared back at him wide eyed for being so forward and so calm about intimately touching you. Sure last night the two of you hooked up but, that was last night. You were drunk and in the mood, but it was a new day, you were much sober and the two of you were in a small boutique dressing room.

“What are you doing?” you asked him calmly

“what?” he asked you back meeting your gaze with a wicked smile. “It’s not like I haven’t seen your body before”

You gulped down you anticipation and continued to watch his every move in the mirror. Minho looked over your back as if he were assessing a valuable piece of fine china. His fingers skimmed over your bare flesh and he slowly ran his hands back up to your shoulders. He pushed the fabric away to expose your chest to him. He growled lowly as the material pooled around your waist and he immediately slipped a arm around your waist to hold you in place and another inside of the cup of your bra, messaging your breasts.

You moaned into his touch and leaned back into his strong chest. Minho’s touch and the risk of being caught for such a lewd act made you wet and you could feel yourself becoming turned on. Minho released his hand around your waist and grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. You complied with his silent demand and looked up to him and captured his lips in a searing kiss. He leaned into you further pressing his body flush up against yours and you could feel that he was just as aroused as you were. You reached behind yourself and palmed Minho’s prominent erection through his suit pants. He grunted and thrust his hips up closer to meet your hand and let out a string of curses.

“Fuck… FUCK… what are you doing to me?” he asked through gritted teeth.

You continued to message him through his pants until you could feel his dick twitch and feel his balls squeeze- telling you that he was about to come undone. You removed your hand from him and he growled at you deeply making you slightly regret not letting him finish but making you soak through your panties. That sound would destroy you no matter where you were or what you were doing.

Minho roughly pushed you by the shoulders and bent you over at the waist. You put your hands out in front of you on the mirror for balance and watched him as he hiked your dress around your waist and dropped your panties down- just enough so he could free his erection and slide it inside of you.

You moaned as the fullness overwhelmed you all at once. The position made his sit inside of you tighter than before. The pressure drove you insane and you could feel every detail in his slick cock.  You screamed out in pleasure and Minho grunted as he bottomed out inside of you. He paused for a moment allowing for you to adjust to him before he roughly grabbed you by the hips and fucked you relentlessly. Every other thrust had you falling down, making your knees weaker and weaker. But Minho used his insane strength to hold you up so he could use you for his pleasure.

“Fuck, Minho….. Don’t stop…. That’s it….” You chanted out over and over

Nothing else existed in your mind. Not that you were in a dressing room in a high profile boutique, not that Minho was fucking you without a condom, not even that you were still in a dress that you hadn’t paid for. Minho’s cock pushing in and out of you. Pounding and slapping at your skin, ultimately wrecking you in the best way possible was all that you could think of.

You began to tremble and shake as the fire began to build in your stomach. Minho sped up to catch his and your release at the same time fucking you furiously at a pace that was nowhere near humanly.

“You gonna cum around my cock?” he grunted out as his fingers dug into your skin as he slowly lost his own cool

All you could do was nod your head. Your building orgasm rendered you speechless and all you could do was allow for it to overwhelm you. His quick thrust were becoming slower and less even as he buck into you pulling out the last bit of energy that he could use on you. He grunted as he pushed into you one last time and came inside of you. You could feel your insides fill up with his semen and you relaxed against the cool surface of the mirror. There goes fifty bucks straight to plan b, you though.

Minho pulled out of you and wiped away the mix of yours and his fluids as they ran down your legs, with one of his handkerchiefs. He stuffed the dirty cloth into the back pocket of his pants and fixed his clothing so it would be back to normal. You did the same pulling up your underwear and taking off the rest of the dress to try on the black one that Minho had suggested.

“Fuck trying on the dress; you’ll look good in it anyways. Let’s just pay and go home.” He said taking the dress out of your hand and going to the front desk to pay for it while you change back into your work clothes.

You were slightly embarrassed to go out to the front of the store knowing that the sales associate undoubtedly knew exactly what the two of you were up to the entire time. The two of you were so loud and really it was quite obvious when couples went into changing rooms together, what was going on. You left the changing room and walked around the store while Minho paid the girl at the desk. You refused to face her and smile like everything was normal, because it certainly wasn’t everyday that you fucked people in changing rooms.

The car ride was long out into the country wherever Minho was taking you. You watched as trees and mountains passed by and saw only a few cars pass you as you made your way farther into the woods. Minho held your hand throughout the car ride and asked you a series of questions about yourself as he tried to get to know you more.

“What is this place?” you asked as you arrived at a mansion.

You looked up to the roof and noticed the gothic detailing in the stained glass and window panes. The white brick and stone exterior was beautiful and looked modern yet the house itself was old and gaudy. The front door was a huge massive double door made out of dark wood. There wasn’t much vegetation around the front but you supposed when your building looked like this you could get away with less decorations.

“This is my house” he said matter-a-factly, like it was no big deal

You turned to him with wide eyes and a open mouth. He looked back at you like it was a totally normal thing and laughed once at your astonishment.

“You live here?…. Alll by yourself?” you asked again to clarify

“Not by myself” he started smiling and looking up at the giant house “The other men who you met at the club last night live here too” he said sheepishly

You relaxed a little now knowing that he wasn’t some man with unlimited powers and money. Sure he had money, but living in a place like this meant that he had to be a…trillionaire, gazillionaire. He had to be swimming in money and burning it just for fun.

Minho walked up the drive way and opened up the front door and held it open for you. You entered the house and were amazed by the industrial theme of the house. Dark maroon and black decorations with a splash of gold made the place feel like it was a royal palace.  The two of you rounded the corner and walked into the kitchen to see Taemin standing with a whiskey glass in his hand and a dark liquid filled up inside halfway. You looked at him with a blush on your face, remembering what you witnessed at the club. You smiled politely and slightly bowed as a greeting. Taemin eyed you like he was uninterested or un-amused and left you in the kitchen.

Taemin wasn’t exactly thrilled to see you in front of him. You were the only person in the whole world who he didn’t want to see. Especially after your face haunted his every waking thought. He rolled his eyes as he saw Minho’s proud expression and sipped on his B+ once more. You bowed down to him politely and he watched your petite frame bend slightly. He smiled slightly at the small smile that you wore yourself and quickly removed it from his face. What the fuck was that? He thought to himself. Did you just smile? He asked himself. He scowled at his unusual behavior and walked away from you, no longer patient enough with himself or dealing with you to stay. As he walked past he smelled your sweet aroma. The sweet tinge of your blood was the first thing that immediately overwhelmed him and next it was the smell of your natural smell. You had an unusual natural aroma about yourself. It smelled like vanilla and oranges with a hint of cinnamon. Taemin was intrigued by your scent and took a bigger whiff before he was completely out of the room. And that’s when he smelled it. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to look at Minho’s tall frame hovering over you and smiling at you.

He was sick to his stomach and angry. Very, very, angry. He could feel the blood begin to boil inside of himself and his fingers reflexively sharpened into pointed evil talons ready to rip whoever get in his way apart. He knew that he was supposed to have a strong reaction to the smell of you and your arousal but he didn’t know that the smell of Minho’s scent all over you and the salty tinge of his semen would trigger him so extremely.

He saw your happy smile and the way that you looked up to Minho in awe of your surroundings. He was starting to shake and completely lose his cool. How could Minho actually pursue you? Especially if he knew that ultimately you were his anyways. Suddenly you didn’t see Minho as a friend anymore but the enemy.  If he didn’t get himself out of earshot and view of you he was going to murder Minho. He growled lowly as his desire to possess you ripped through his chest. He hated the way that you smiled at Minho like that, and hated it even more that Minho had been so intimate with you already. But most of all he hated that Minho met you a second time. Being a professionally fuck boy was Minho’s one and only forte, which meant that he was serious about you.

Taemin decided then and there that he wouldn’t allow you to fall for anyone else ever. Unless that person was him. Only he could truly please you. Only he could make you scream his name. Only he could be the one to make you  Because no one but him was allowed to look at, touch or fuck his soul mate

You’re my Utopia (pt 4)

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Jungkook tried everything he could to find you. He at least had to make sure you were doing ok. At first, he was mad because you were just being really petty, but then the worry started to settle in and he put his ego aside to make sure you were ok. You could apologize for disappearing later, he thought. 

So he tried all your mutual friends, but they only scoffed at him for the most part. They might not have known the whole story, but they all knew that there was no way in hell that you would have been the one to break things off with Jungkook. 

He hated how everyone made him out to be some bad guy. He saved you the heartbreak, didn’t he? He didn’t cheat on you, he was just being honest with you. So why then, did everyone see you as the saint and him like satan?

It just wasn’t fair.

You on the other hand were slowly starting to have fun. Day by day, you started to piece together your heart again and you were proud that you didn’t need Jungkook to do it. Sure, your heart still skipped a beat when you heard his name, but what could you do? It’s not like you could just snap your fingers and forget all about him. 

But you started to do more and more things for yourself, and you were genuinely starting to smile again, laugh again. 

You got to focus all the time you wanted on your music. Instead of just making small tunes and bits of songs, you started to compose whole pieces and you were amazed by how much you got done without Jungkook to worry about. 

Of course, you had the moral support you needed too. Your family was behind your decision 100% after you explained to them what had happened. They had been furious at Jungkook, but you made them promise not to do anything. Your friends were also supportive and they’d stop by your place or drag you out for fun every now and then.

But the person you were most thankful for was probably Hoseok. If it wasn’t for his encouragement, you might have still been sitting in your old apartment crying over Jungkook. 

He pushed you to do things you enjoyed and gave you the moral support you silently needed. When he asked to listen to your music, you were hesitant at first. No one really listened to your music other than your professors since you never thought they were good enough. Your professors always told you that you had talent and that you should really compose entire songs, but you never found the inspiration to do so. 

So when you finished your first track, you sent an email to Hoseok first. Not your family, not your other friends, and not even your professors. There was something about having Hoseok’s opinion that really mattered to you. 

So when you got a call from him exactly 5 minutes after sending the email, your heart began to race. What did he think?

“Hello?” you say, shyly

“That was amazing” he says, skipping all formalities of “Hellos” and “How are yous”

“You heard it?” you asked, not believing what he said. 

“Yes, and I loved it. Please tell me you’re going to release that somewhere” he said excitedly.

“Where would I possibly release that?” you asked, surprised. You already spent hours contemplating whether or not to send it to Hoseok, how the hell were you possibly going to release it on the internet?

“Soundcloud? Your twitter? Youtube? Literally anywhere Y/n, but you have to do it” he says, almost like a demand. 

“And if I don’t?” you ask, teasingly.

“well, you did send me the audio file, so I’ll upload it for you” he says. And you actually face palm. Of course he would. 

“Please don’t! If I release anything, it’s going to be under some top secret ‘you’ll never know it’s me’ alias” you say. 

“As long as you release it, I don’t care if you call your self princess poop” he says. 

“YAH, I can at least come up with better names than that!” you say, laughing. Princess poop hehe.

Soon enough, you and Hoseok started coming up with the most silliest names and you spent at least the next hour laughing you ass off. And all the while, you thanked the stars for a friend like him. 

Hoseok couldn’t believe that he had just spent the last hour laughing with you. He hadn’t been able to laugh over something to silly in so long and it felt so good. 

“Hey hyung, what are you laughing to? I want to laugh too!” said Jungkook, plopping himself down next to Hoseok in his room. Hoseok immediately stops laughing and tosses his phone across the bed. 

“It’s nothing, really” says Hoseok. 

“Oh come on” Jungkook frowns. “Wait… are you talking to… a girl?” asks Jungkook, wiggling his eyebrows. 

“No.. don’t worry about it ok?” Hoseok asks, slightly annoyed. He walks out of the room, leaving a very confused Jungkook on the bed. He can just tell me if he’s seeing someone, damn

A few days later, Hoseok gets a text from you in the middle of dance practice. He quickly opens the text with a smile already plastered on his face knowing it’s you. 

It’s been like that a lot recently. Everytime he’d see your name pop up on his phone, he’d smile immediately like a giddy school boy. 

Today, you only sent him a picture though. The picture was a screenshot of a soundcloud page under the use of “Phoenix”. Soon after Hoseok saw the screenshot, you had sent him another link, this time with a link to the same soundcloud page. There was only one song on the page, and Hoseok clicked on it. Soon enough, his ears filled with the same tune you had sent him a few days ago. 

He quickly typed out a reply:

Hoseok: I’m Phoenix’s number one fan!

The next day, you thought you’d check up on your soundcloud page just to see if anyone other than you and Hoseok had heard the song. You managed to tag the song in a few tags, so maybe one or two other people stumbled upon your page. 

But when you logged into your page, you had to rub your eyes to make sure you were seeing right. 

You had over 250k followers. You already had over 3 million hits on your song. You were beyond confused, there was just no way. You refreshed your page a couple hundred times and even considered calling the help desk to ask why there was such a strange glitch on your page. 

How could this possibly be happening?

“Hey Hoseok! Who is this artist you posted about on twitter?” Namjoon asks, checking their twitter page. 

“Oh.. just someone I found on soundcloud! I really liked the song, so I thought I’d share it. I know that’s like your thing, but I thought the world should have a listen to this” Hoseok said casually. All the boys, except for Jungkook, knew you were working on your music, but you never told any of them other than Hoseok about actually finishing a song. Hoseok just figured that was up to you to tell them and that it wasn’t his secret to tell. 

“Well, I really love it. The voice really sounds familiar, but it’s so pretty. Hopefully this Phoenix person will release more stuff” Namjoon says, walking away while playing the song. 

Hoseok simply smiled, playing the song over himself. He wasn’t really sure why he did it, but he couldn’t help it when he shared your page on twitter. And he truly believed you deserved the attention. Plus, it’s not like you were getting paid for this, you simply shared with the world your talent. But he still felt a little bad for sharing without asking you first. And it was only a matter of time before you found out why your page was gaining so much attention. 

Jungkook was scrolling through his phone, bored out of his mind after a long day of recording. Soomin was still at practice, and all the boys were off doing their own thing. 

After what felt like forever, Jungkook finally opened up twitter, finally looking at everything his band members were sharing. He noticed that someone had shared another song on their page, and to much to his surprise it was Hoseok and not Namjoon. 

He clicked on the link, opening the soundcloud page of “Phoenix”. You already had millions of views, all thanks to ARMY. Not to mention there were hardly any hate comments, just many many compliments on the thread on twitter. 

Jungkook clicked on the song and he was…impressed. The song was beautiful, and the voice sounded almost angelic. Was the singer Phoenix? Was the composer Phoenix? Or were they all the same person? 

The voice sounded almost familiar, but Jungkook brushed the thought aside, focusing on the lyrics instead. 

The lyrics were honestly quite sad, the whole song being about heartbreak. But still, the song was beautiful, and Jungkook decided that the BTS just had to follow Phoenix on soundcloud. 

He made a mental note to check back every now and then to see if there are any new releases. 

Somewhere along the line, you found more time to release more and more music onto soundcloud, and soon enough you revealed yourself to the producer you were interning for. You were speechless when he said that he had actually heard you music online, but he never in a million years thought it was you. 

You owed it all to Hoseok, though you never really asked for the attention. But it was nice nonetheless. He was constantly sharing your music on twitter, and you gained more and more fame through your alias, Phoenix. 

Before you knew it, your boss was asking you to produce music for some of the artists he was working with. Sure, you all had your hesitations, but the end result was pretty great. And pretty soon after that, you were getting love calls from various different agencies. 

It didn’t take long after that for you to finish up your internship and graduate too. Life was better than you could have ever imagined and yet you somehow still managed to still remain anonymous to the general public. Sure, the artists knew who you were but it’s not like the public really cared too much what their producers looked like. Sure, there were always plenty of comments on social media, wondering what the infamous Phoenix looked like. Hell some weren’t even sure of your gender, but you had fun remaining anonymous, just leaving small messages for your fans here and there. 

Your parents and friends were all proud of you and your accomplishments. You were too. And you owed it all to one person: Hoseok. Sure, you’ve said it a million times, but it was the truth that you repeated like a mantra. You just had to repay him back sometime. Not only for getting you through your breakup with Jungkook, but also because he was such a great friend to you. 

So what choice did you have when Hoseok himself had called you one night for a favor? Were you in any position to say no?

“Y/n, our company is in desperate need of another producer” he says as a matter of fact. 

“And? what do you want me to do about that?” you ask, feigning ignorance. 

“Come work for BigHit. I know you have offers from other companies, but we can match other offers and even do you some better” he says, though he wasn’t even sure if his company was willing to do that. 

“oppa… I don’t know” you say. 

“Please? We really need a producer, especially with the new album. You don’t have to stay here forever, just until the next album is all done, ok? Please?” he tries again. 

It’s not like he was lying, the company really was in need of a producer as some of their other producers were working on other projects. Plus, he really just wanted to find a way to spend more time with you, even if it meant working together professionally. Since the breakup till now, he had managed to weasel his way into your life, easily earning the title best friend somewhere along the line. He didn’t just want to be your friend though, but he was in no way going to force his feelings onto you or confess. He just enjoyed spending his time with you, no matter how busy the both of you were. 

Sure, he knew that he was risking Jungkook entering your life again, but he figured enough time had passed. It’s been two years and he was sure that you were over him, and Jungkook hadn’t mentioned you in a long time either. Plus, he was getting tired of seeing you secretly, trying to hide away from Jungkook. The other boys knew and wanted to come see you too. 

“Ok fine, but I’m only doing this for you” you say, sighing. You figured this was a good way to prove to yourself that yes, you were over Jungkook. 

How bad could it really be?

Another week or so passed and you were surprised by how fast things were moving. You had already filled out all the paperwork necessary to begin your work with BigHit and you were already getting ready for your first day of work tomorrow. 

You were slightly nervous, but Hoseok managed to set your mind at ease. He told you to relax and that nothing big was really going to happen tomorrow other than introductions. But that itself had you shaking. 

Apparently he hadn’t told the boys since he wanted it to be a surprise. You could only imagine what their reactions were going to be once they saw you and introduced yourself as the new producer. 

You had picked a nice dress out for your first day and made your way to bed and tried your hardest to fall asleep. 

You woke up much earlier than you had anticipated but it was somewhat a good thing since you had time to ease your nerves. You made yourself a nice breakfast and sat down as you were scrolling through twitter. Soon enough, you had to announce that ‘Phoenix’ would be working for BigHit for a while, and you could already tell that you were going to be getting a lot of hate from fans because Hoseok constantly shared your work online. People would obviously speculate that you got in through some favors. But you were determined to produce some great music to shut the haters down. 

As you took another bite of your breakfast, you got a message from Hoseok. 

Hoseok: I can’t wait to see you at work today~

You smiled at his message, feeling your cheeks warm up slightly ,

You: See you in a bit, oppa!

You quickly put your dishes in the sink and decide getting to work early wouldn’t be a bad choice on the first day. 

“Boys! There is not much on your schedule today, just a photoshoot later this afternoon” announced the manager as all the boys sat in the meeting room. 

“Then why did you call us all here so early, hyung?” asks Jimin, pouting. 

“Well, we have a new producer today and I wanted to introduce you guys to her. I think you guys will be quite happy” says the manager, already knowing that the boys were fans of you. 

“It a girl? Is she hot?” asks Taehyung. 

“Yah, mind your words” warns Hoseok. 

“Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. What’s gotten you so annoyed?” asks Taehyung. 

“Nothing, just be respectful of our staff you idiot” Hoseok says. 

Jungkook eyed his bandmates questionably. What was so special about be introduced to their new producer? Sure, they would be spending a lot of time with their producers since a new album was planned, but was all this necessary? And why was Hoseok  so annoyed?

“Well, it looks like she’s here. I just want to remind you all to be respectful, like Hoseok says, and don’t try to pull anything on her. We’re happy to have our on our team and we hope this next album will be great with her help too” the manager reminds the boys. “Let’s go see her!” he says, standing up and all the boys following suit. 

You stood in the studio that one of the employees led you to, and you were in awe. This was going to be your workspace for the next year. It was spacious and had all the equipment you dreamed of having in your own studio one day. You couldn’t help but smile at the room. Suddenly, you could hear a few voices and you recognized the voices immediately. You knew it by heart. Your friends, oh how you had missed them all. 

You let out a deep breath and you flattened your dress a little more, awkwardly shifting in place not really knowing what to do. You heard the door open and you stood there, with wide eyes as first the manager walked in, followed by seven men you knew all too well. 

“Guys, this is your new manager! Say hi!” the manager says as the members all file into the office that probably wasn’t big enough for nine people. You eyed each one of them considerably, and you thought it was funny how Hoseok was the only one smiling while the rest of them were either confused or too shocked. Your eyes landed on him and you felt the air knocked out of you. Damn, he was still as handsome as ever, if not more. But you frowned because he hadn’t even bothered to look up yet, he was too busy typing a message out on his phone. 

“oh my god, is that who I think it is?” Jin asks, not entirely sure it was you. You had changed a lot over the years too. Hoseok always claimed that you looked more mature, and more beautiful as the years went by. You were slightly slimmer, your hair was shorter but had more volume, and was a few shades lighter than the last time you saw them. You had learned to actually do makeup somewhat decently, and you decided to get more feminine clothes. 

Before the boys had the chance to say anything else though, you figured it was a good time to just get this out of the way and introduce yourself. 

“Hello, I’m your new producer. I go by the name of Phoenix online, but you guys can call me-” you start. 

“Y/n?” asks Jungkook, wide eyed. 

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Black & White | 01

Reader x Yoongi x Hoseok
: Angst | Smut | Arranged Marriage!AU
Status: On-going
Summary: “I take thee, Min Yoongi, my worst enemy, my rival since childhood, to be my lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, even if I despise you, from this day forward, for better, definitely for worse, only for prosperity and wealth, in sickness and in health, until death do us apart.”

warnings: smut, degrading names, alcohol usage, spanking, 

01 | unknown (found on google, not mine!) 

Tonight was your high-school reunion.

10 years had flown by quicker than you thought. The whole day your phone had been blowing up with messages and notifications about tonight’s event. It’s not like you weren’t excited to see your old classmates, in fact you had kept in touch with some of them (if two people counted as a lot). But, high-school was more of a blur to you than a memorable one. You were studious, quiet, and rarely included yourself with the girls, since all they were interested in was boys and makeup. You always stuck your head in books to try to go to your dream college, but people still enjoyed talking to you even though you weren’t trying to come across as “likable”. But you weren’t complaining either, since the times you did go hang out with your classmates they liked your company, and you enjoyed theirs, so seeing them again would hopefully be refreshing from your stressful life.

Project director of your father’s successful and prestigious electronic business: Tech-tonix Enterprise. It had taken you your whole high-school, college, and even four more years to achieve your position as project director, one of the highest ranks in the business. But you had to sacrifice most of your leisure time, which was fine since you would much rather be considered one of the youngest and most successful woman in Korea than struggling to get by. Your friends, and even your family, considered you to be a workaholic who will never get married nor settle down. It was half-true, you were a workaholic, and you may end up alone, but that was only because you chose to be this way. If you wanted to get married, you would’ve done it by now. Plus, with the amount of secret admirers and marriage proposals you’ve received, you were sure marriage wouldn’t be a problem, finding a man you liked would be. You were picky, you admitted it, but it was only because you didn’t want to settle for less. You were the freaking project director under your father’s business, why would you want a man who had nothing going for him or an old man who wants you as a trophy? You would rather be single than be married for the wrong reasons. Even so, your mother and your grandmother had insisted on setting you up on blind dates.

Opening your phone to check on the messages your friends had writing all day, you noticed Taehyung, one of your closer friends, had written something about Min Yoongi. You definitely could not forget about him. He was ambitious and stubborn. He was also your high-school and company’s rival. Son of The Min’s Corporation, an electronics business, just like your father’s. You both were aware of each other’s companies, therefore the competition was that much more fierce. You two were fighting for the highest class rank during your first year of high-school. And of course, you ended up being first, but after the first year he had left to America. Apparently, his parents didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t number one, you felt sorry, but you were still proud of yourself.

From: Taehyung 6:35 PM

Yo….I have some good news..well maybe not for Y/N but Min Yoongi is coming! Do you guys remember him?! He’s coming! You remember him, right Namjoon? He was closest to you. keke

From: Namjoon 6:36 PM

Yoongi is coming? I thought he was in America? We haven’t spoken since he left.

From: Taehyung 6:36 PM

Well, he had just barely accepted and checked the “going box” on the E-invite I had sent out to everyone a month ago! -_-  but I totally forgot I even sent him one anyways. LMAO

From: Namjoon 6:37 PM

That’s good then. It’ll be nice to see the son of a CEO at our reunion. He’s the only one I know that is heir to a good company.

You scoffed after reading Namjoon’s text, another one of your close friend’s text. Everyone always forgot the fact that you were also the heir to a “good company.” You were positive it had something to do with you being a girl.

From: You 6:37 PM

Funny how I’m the daughter of a CEO to a good company as well. A very good company that can hack into your computer, Joon.

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

HAHAHA! Joon is in trouble kekeke~~~

From: Namjoon 6:38 PM

Namjoon has left the group

From: Taehyung 6:38 PM

Taehyung has added Kim Namjoon to the group

Ya!~ Don’t leave I’m sure our little Y/N, is just kidding. But, I’m excited to see you guys tonight at eight!! I’m so excited!! Get dressed right now! Look nice!

From: Namjoon 6:40 PM

You just saw us yesterday, Tae….

From: Taehyung 6:40 PM

Whatever. I’ll see you guys later! Byeeeeeeeeeee!~~~

You had an eerie feeling about tonight. Not just because Yoongi is coming, but you just had a gut feeling things were not going to be good tonight. Running your fingers through your hair, you decided to just push away those thoughts and go home to get ready. You used to hardly wear any form of a dress or wear makeup when you were younger, in fear that your skin would go old like your mother’s. But once you started wearing it, you realized how fun it was. You decided to put on some light makeup and wear a black tight knee-length dress. You curled your hair, and stepped into you high-heels, taking one last look in the mirror before leaving your house. You were nervous. You were nervous that people were going to make fun of the way you looked and dressed. Deciding to change again, you wore a plain white tee with some jeans, then realizing it was way too casual. Checking the time it was already 7:48, so you rushed back into your closet and put on your first outfit again, deciding to not care about what others thought of you (plus Taehyung hated it when people were late to his events).

You pulled up at Taehyung’s restaurant he owned, Ray of Sunshine, and made your way inside. The place was small and cozy near the Han River, inside were hardwood floors and aesthetic portraits Taehyung had taken during his travels. He took his culinary seriously and even spent two years in Europe to perfect his dishes and spices. Which is why you enjoyed his food so much, they were vibrant and almost heavenly. As you made your way inside,the smell of rosemary and grilled meat filled the air. You made you way towards Namjoon and Taehyung and their other friend, Jin. But you couldn’t help but notice your old friend, Sooyoung, who you heard married her high school sweetheart, Park Jimin. You waved towards them and smiled, earning the same response back. Namjoon stood up from his seat and spread his arms wide open, pulling you in for an embrace. You groaned and rolled your eyes, “Stop acting like we don’t see each other often.” You whispered into his ears, causing him to giggle.

“I haven’t seen you in awhile, how have you been?” Namjoon began to ask, still pretending as though he hadn’t just seen you yesterday.

“Horrible. The moment I saw you I feel sick to my stomach.” You joked, holding onto your stomach.

“Ouch, Y/N is still the same I see.” Jin smiled, “Nice to see you again, after ten years?”

You nodded your head and smiled back, “It has been ten years. Nice to see you’re still looking well.”

“Of course, this handsome face will never age.” He winked.

You internally groaned and remembered just exactly why you didn’t–refused to hang out with Jin. Taehyung and Namjoon had tried multiple times to get you and Jin “together” claiming you both would be a good fit, but you could not stand hearing him talk about himself or his dad jokes. He was handsome, really handsome, but you just weren’t interested in a man who was clearly more interested in himself.

You nodded awkwardly and took a seat next to Sooyoung, who hugged you as soon as you sat down.

“I’ve missed you so much, Y/N! How come you never contacted me?” She pouted as she crossed her arms against her chest.

To be quite honest, the only reason you never bothered to contact majority of your old classmates was because you were too busy. And if they claimed to have missed you so much, they knew you were the daughter of Tech-Tonix’s CEO, therefore they could always call your office building. It wasn’t impossible to have lunch with you.

“Hi, Sooyoung. How are you doing?” You replied ignoring her first statement.

“I’m living the dream life as a stay-home wife. Jimin treats me so well.” She giggled, cupping her cheeks with her hands, “What about you? I heard you’re working under your father’s company?”

You nodded your head and smiled, “I am. I just got promoted to project director, and I’m working with the design team to launch a new video-game sometime next year.”

“Wow…that sounds..good.” She chuckled, “Anyways, enough about work. Is it true your mom is setting blind dates up for you? Because I know a really good doctor who would be the perfect match for you. He’s a workaholic just like you. Plus, you no longer look the same as you did in high-school so he’ll definitely like you.”

You wished you could roll your eyes and push her back so she could fall off her seat. Another person to add on the list to remind you of how single you were. What a wonderful beginning to this long night.

“It’s completely fine. I’m content with where I am.” You replied with a smile.

“Are you sure? He’s really sweet and kind. Let me just give you his number, he’s really kind. I think he’s one of the doctors at your mom’s hospital as well.” She was persistent, you gave her that, but you really weren’t interested, plus how desperate would you sound if you were to take a stranger’s number from a high-school reunion? That just screams lonely.

“Sorry, I don’t date anyone who works under my mom or my dad. I dislike mixing my work with my personal life.” You replied, declining the card she was shoving into your hand, “Maybe you could save that number for Mina, she’s coming in a bit and has been looking for someone to settle down with.”

Sooyoung rolled her eyes and groaned, “I’ll pass.”

You could hear Taehyung and Namjoon snickering in the back, fully knowing how irritated you were with Sooyoung in the matter of two minutes since you’ve been here. It’s no wonder she is a trophy wife. Good for her.

“I think everyone is starting to get hangry, yes?” Taehyung chuckled, looking at you, “The dishes are almost done, so let’s settle down and get ready to dine..and–” He walked to the back of the counter to grab something, placing behind him, “–wine!” He placed the expensive wine bottle on the table and winked.

Around two hours later, more people had shown up, leading to a total of seven bottles of wine being opened and drinked. Everyone was beginning to feel tipsy and were much more talkative. You were surprised a handful of people had shown up, people you didn’t even think who would care to come to something like this. But even so, it was nice hearing and seeing your old classmates.

“So who wants to bet if Min Yoongi is going to show up or not?” Sooyoung slurred as she took another sip of her wine.

“I bet twenty dollars he’s not going to come.” One of your old classmates, Jinyoung laughed as he took out his wallet, slamming a twenty on the table.

“I-I think he’s going to come. I mean why else would he accept my invitation.” Taehyung mumbled, “Yeah, he’s a little late, but who knows?”

“A little late? He’s two hours late. He mind as well stay home, or go back to America. It’s not like anyone remembers him anyways.” Jinyoung scoffed.

“I do.” Namjoon stated, “He was a good guy. I think you’ve been drinking too much.”

“Yoongi was an asshole, that’s it. We all know it. Right, Y/N?” Sooyoung turned her head to look at you.

You shrugged your shoulders and didn’t respond, not wanting to add fuel to the fire. Even if he was a brat, you didn’t see why your opinion should matter. You disliked him because of business reasons, it didn’t mean you hated him as a person.

“Come on, you guys, cut him a little slack. None of you guys even got to know him as a person.” Taehyung responded, “I think we all should just give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Who knows? Maybe his flight was delayed.” A husky voice spoke from behind you guys.

“Yoongi?” Taehyung cocked his head to the side.

Everyone turned their heads around to see a tall, bleached haired man standing in between the two front doors. You had forgotten how he looked, still having the image of his fifteen year old self ingrained your head. But seeing him after thirteen years, he looked more mature, but he still had the same pale complexity. The room was immediately silenced with his presence. The only noise there was was the sound of his shoes clicking against the floor.

“Continue with your conversation, don’t let me stop you guys.” He chuckled, “But it seems I’m not welcomed, so I’ll just drop off this bottle of champagne and take my leave.”

Placing his bottle of champagne on the table, Yoongi turned around, but before he could leave Taehyung grabbed his wrist and apologized, “Sorry, these guys have been drinking too much. Stay, we all want to catch up with you. We haven’t seen you since freshmen year, so that’s thirteen years since we last seen you.”

“No really, I’m busy anyways. I just arrived and I already need to fill out some paperwork for my company.” Yoongi replied, “Enjoy the bottle for me.”

Everyone watched as he left the restaurant, the room not only still quiet but now filled with awkward tension. You felt a pang of guilt in your stomach as you saw the look on Taehyung’s face grow into a frown. You knew how much effort he put to create this event, and even if he barely knew Yoongi, you knew how much it meant to him for everyone to have stayed.

“Are you okay?” You whispered to Taehyung.

He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, “No, I’m sad. Let’s just call it a night.”

Everyone awed and shook their heads, begging Taehyung to just finish the night. But once Taehyung made a decision, he was stubborn and persistent about it. Plus, no one liked a grumpy Tae, he was a pain in the ass.

“Really you guys. Just go home. It was nice seeing everyone again.” Standing up from his seat, he walked away into the kitchen.

You looked over to Namjoon and took a breath, before you both began to kick out the drunk classmates who had ruined the night. After everyone left, you met up with Tae in the back and rested your hand on his shoulder.

“You okay?” You sighed, “What a night.”

“It sucks. I planned this whole night out, and those dipshits ruined it. Honestly, I just wanted to have a good time with everyone, but we couldn’t even have that.” He groaned.

“That’s because they are dipshits, Tae.” You laughed, “Let’s go drink at the bar near your place. I think we could use a couple of shots.”

Shaking his head, he refused your offer, “Nah. I’m going to stay here to clean up and loathe in my despair.”

“Want me to stay and clean up too?” You asked him, tilting your head to see his puffy eyes.

“No, but I’ll meet you up at the bar later? A drink may sound pretty good after cleaning up this shit.” He chuckled.

You nodded your head and decided to head out to the bar near his restaurant by yourself. It was located on the busier side of Seoul where most of the young and fresh people hung out. Plus the bartenders knew how to do their jobs, unlike in the so called “richer” side. Those bartenders were just as snobby as the people. As you squeezed your way past the people inside, you took a seat in front of the bar and ordered your usual margarita.

“I’m guessing the party ended?” A familiar voice spoke from the side of you.

You turned your head and noticed the same bleached hair and white dress shirt sitting in the seat next to you. You chuckled before replying to him, “And I’m guessing you didn’t have any paperwork to do either, Yoongi.”

He smirked and nodded, “Oops, I’ve been caught.”

You took a sip of you drink, still feeling Yoongi’s eyes on you.

“You look nice.” He complimented.

You should feel disgusted with his compliment, but for some reason it didn’t bother, but still you chose to ignore him, pretending as though it didn’t have an effect on you.

“You know, people usually thank others for a compliment.” He laughed, “Plus, I mean it. You look nice. I remember when you used to be so fa–”

“Okay thank you for the compliment! No need to bring up the past.” You groaned.

“That’s all I wanted to hear, a simple “thank you.” Now was that so hard?” He smirked.

You needed more than one drink if you were going to be talking to Yoongi. Ordering another margarita, you finished your first cup and took another sip out of your new one.

One drink turned into five. Throughout those drinks Yoongi and you were, of course, arguing like old time. It started again with both your company; Yoongi claiming Min’s Corporation was better, and you defending Tech-tonix. Then after that, it was fighting about whether or not you were drunk, to which Yoongi began ordering and drinking more of his whiskey to show you how drunk you were and imitating your actions. Shortly after you both had began a race to see who was more drunk by drinking more. And for some odd reason, it resulted back to Yoongi’s apartment.

Hands running through his hair, yanking onto the back of his head. He unlocked his door and slammed it shut as you both made it inside, he pushed you against it the cold frame and placed his lips onto yours. His kisses were sloppy, and his mouth tasted like alcohol, but you were sure yours did too. His tongue explored your mouth, and his hands traveled down to the back of your dress. He broke away from the kiss and placed his forehead against yours feeling his hot breath against your face.

“You could always back out. Just say the word, and I’ll take you home.” He finally spoke.

You nodded your head, “It’s okay. I want to. Plus, we’re both too drunk to drive”

He chuckled, caressing your one of your cheeks with his hand, before placing his lips back onto yours. His kisses were slowly becoming more aggressive. You softly bit his lips, earning a groan from him. Just one simple groan, caused your stomach to turn and your heat to rise. You wanted to hear more of him. He unzipped your dress, leaving you in your undergarments. The cold air brushed against your skin. He pulled away to admire your body, running his hands down your waist. Looking back into your eyes, he placed his lips on yours as he walked you into his bedroom. He pulled his shirt over his head, unbuttoning and pulling his pants down. You watched his fast movements and enjoyed the sight of him undressing. He wasn’t muscular nor defined, but it didn’t matter because his toned chest made up for it. You traced your fingers against his body, capturing every part of his build. You watched him shiver under your touch, as you lowered your cold fingers down to his boxers, where his growing member was located. You grazed against it, before giving it a small squeeze. He bit his lip, holding back his moan. The sight of him growing weak for you was turning you on, but your short amount of dominance was coming to end as the corner of his lips curved into a devilish smirk. He spun you around and pushed you onto the bed before crawling towards up to you. Licking his bottom lip seductively, you were excited to see what he was capable of. Hooking his fingers onto your panties he pulled them down to your ankles, eyes full of hunger. As he dipped down to your thighs, peppering kisses until he reached your throbbing core. You wanted him. You were just as hungry as he was, you wanted him to taste you.

Beg.” He demanded, “If you want me to taste you, beg.”

You were eager for him, desperate almost. You’ve never begged before, if anything the guys were the one who did most of the pleading. You were never one to ask, which made this moment even more enticing. You propped yourself on your elbows, as you looked into his dark eyes.

“I don’t want to.” You teased, “Make me.”

He flashed that same smirk once again, causing shivers down your spine. You wanted to see just what he can do to make you beg.

“Always so fucking stubborn” He scoffed, “I’ll make you beg, but are you sure you’re ready for it?”

Positive.” You whispered.

He sat up and grabbed your hand pulling you close to him, before spinning you around, lying on your stomach. You weren’t sure what he was going to do, but you were excited for it. You were getting wet just thinking about it. Until, suddenly you felt a hard slap on your butt, causing you to yelp.

“I don’t like naughty girls.” He growled before slapping you again, “So beg, and I’ll stop.”

“I’m not going to.” You spat.

He slapped your ass again, causing you to groan again. It hurt, but for some reason you were enjoying it. In fact, you liked the pain he was causing on your ass. He kept slapping you until finally you decided to give in.

“Please, just fuck me already.” You begged, “I want you to fuck me, please.”

“I thought you didn’t beg? I’m disappointed.” He chuckled.

“Consider yourself lucky then.” You groaned, “So fuck me and get on with it.”

You turned to see his reaction, and of course, you were satisfied. He had his tongue poking against his cheek, smiling before grabbing your waist and turning you around to face him. He placed his thumb on your clit and began moving it in circular motions causing you to moan loudly. You didn’t dare look away, keeping your eyes on his as he was rubbing you. You wanted him to know just how much you wanted him, and to your surprise, he didn’t look away either.

“Do you like this?” He asked, his voice sounding harsh, “I’m not going to fuck you yet since you’ve been a naughty little bitch.” With that, he licked his finger and stuck it inside your throbbing core, “You’re so wet, yet I haven’t even fucked you yet.”

Fuck..” You moaned, “Please, just fuck me.”

Ignoring your pleas, he chuckled before sticking another finger inside you. You practically grinding on his fingers, wanting more. Your breathing was heavy, and you were grabbing onto the sheets. The sound of his fingers moving inside you was causing you to build pressure. You were close, and you knew he could feel your walls clenching around his fingers. And just when you were about to come, he took out his fingers and placed them inside his mouth.

“What the hell?!” You frowned, as you watched him clean his fingers with his tongue. Ready to argue some more, he pulled down his boxers revealing his long and slender member. Giving it some strokes before sliding it against your wet pussy.

“Fuck this feels so good.” You moaned, “Please don’t stop.”

“Now you’re really begging, huh?” He laughed.

He continued sliding it a couple more times, before grabbing a condom from his drawer and placing it on his cock. Slowly inserting it inside you, both your moans filled the silent room. You could feel it stretching your tight walls, as it throbbed its way deep inside you. Arching your back, you unhooked your bra, pulling it off for him to see your bare chest. You watched him stare with admiration as you squeezed your breasts together. He grabbed your hips and thrusted into you, watching as your boobs moved along with his movements. He smirked at the sight of them bouncing as he increased his pace. Biting your lip, you felt that same rush come back to you, ready to release on his cock. You grabbed onto the sheets and curled your toes, breathing heavily as you looked him in the eyes.

“Come for me.” He smiled, “Come on my dick.”

He sped up, watching your eyebrows crease as you moaned. Grinding on his cock, you moved your hips until you came and trembled all over him. He pulled himself out of you and lied down, patting his thighs, “Ride me, until I come.”

You nodded and weakly sat up on his body, inserting his cock inside you. You already felt yourself getting ready to come again as you began to ride on his hard dick. He kept his eyes on you as you bounced, with his parted lips, a soft moan escaped his mouth. Grabbing onto your hips, he thrusted inside you harshly, not stopping until finally he rolled his head back, shaking and filling his condom up with his cum.

The next morning, you woke up with a huge headache. Turning to face the sight of a half-naked, still asleep, Yoongi, and you soon remembered where and who you were with. You could barely remember the events that took place last night that led up to you having sex with him, but before you could reflect on your actions you moved Yoongi’s arm, that was draped across your stomach, and quickly grabbed your stuff and got dressed. Leaving Yoongi’s apartment before he could realize you were gone, you jumped into a taxi and headed back to your place, not ready to face the rest of your day.

a/n: im so fucking nervous uploading again, iss been a hot minute since i left this writing world. Tbh, I rewrote this plot so fucking much, it was so hard for me to try to create a story line for this. But after a long long long awaited moment, I have created a design and path for this series. I’m still writing and working on the rest, but I’ve been working and going to school, so I haven’t found motivation to write anything. So sorry for the long wait. I hope you guys enjoyed reading part one of black and white, please look forward to the rest! Much love!! Until next time, xoxo. 

velvet’s works in progress ☁

these are in no specific order, i don’t know when they’ll be out and how many words specifically they’ll have. also the plots may have some minimal changes with time. the words count will also change with time. feel free to let me know if you’d like to see some fics/scenarios out before than others!

(🍓, 🚬) strawberries and cigarettes ↪ p. chanyeol

surgeon! au | romance, smut (cockwarming, choking, dry humping), angst | trigger warning: hospitals, blood and light age gap.

words count: 17k.

Chanyeol is a famous surgeon in the hospital where you’re an intern under one of his colleagues. You smell like strawberries and that’s how Chanyeol knows you’re around, meanwhile he smells like smoke and that’s why you try to stay as far as possible from him. After some bickering Chanyeol finally decides to ask you out, but in exchange he has to stop smoking.

(🎨) warpaint ↪ w. yukhei

tattoo artist! au | series, romance, angst, smut | trigger warning: blood, gangs and fights.

words count: 4.5k

Being grown up wasn’t as fun as you imagined it to be when you were little. School was still there, but people called it university because it probably sounded cooler and people were just as stupid and ignorant as kids, if not more. At twenty you were starting your first year of university, living the full college life - classes, grades, friends and parties from time to time. And with parties he came in your life, tall, handsome, full of tattoos and always smelling like mint; Yukhei was the typical bad boy that you never wished to meet, let alone be fully-part of your daily life.

Chapter One |

(🏠, 🤒) hiraeth ↪ k. jongin

wolf! au | series, romance, smut, ot12 | trigger warning: breaking bones, possible blood.

words count: 5k.

After your father’s death your mother decides to move from the big city of Gwangju to the very small town of Jeolrim that counts only 5.000 people. Since the beginning things aren’t like they were supposed to be, starting with your house being literally three steps away from the huge forest where people said beasts lurk at night. You don’t know if you should believe them or not, you just know that your new friends at school are hiding something and that something may be connected to the howls you hear in the middle of your sleepless nights.

Chapter i |

(🥀, 🔪) feelings are fatal ↪ b. baekhyun, o. sehun, p. chanyeol

cheating! au | romance, smut (daddy kink, master/sir kink, foursome, others to be added) | trigger warning: big age gap, cheating, slut shaming

words count: //.

Your mother has a job that keeps her busy most of the evenings: she’s a marriage counselor, she helps couples in crisis. You’re almost never around when she’s having appointments in her office, until one Saturday night she starts doing these simultaneous couple-therapies, where she talks with couples that know each others in just one appointment. That one night you’re chilling around the house when you meet Byun Baekhyun first - who also is your newly transferred and fresh-from-marriage neighbour -, then Park Chanyeol who is there with his wife, both you’ve never seen but happened to be two teachers at your brother’s school and lastly Doctor Oh Sehun, father for the first time, but who also is in huge crisis with his wife. Weirdly enough, all three of them seem to have an interest in you that goes further than the simple she’s-our-therapist-daughter.

(👦, 🔞) girls your age ↪ b. baekhyun

stepfather! au | romance, smut (daddy kink), ‘guys my age’ sequel | trigger warning: age gap, stepfather/stepdaughter relationship

words count: 2k

Guys your age are boring, you tasted the teenage fever too many time and you don’t like it. You want a man and what’s better than start with the man you know the most? Your stepfather.

Guys My Age |

(🌻) sunflower feelings ↪ k. jongdae

cop! au | romance, smut (to be added) | trigger warning: //

words count: //

Being called at three in the morning because your older sister has been taken to jail is surely not something you were expecting in such a normal Wednesday night, especially when she told your mother that she was just going to her best friend’s house. Spending the morning in jail waiting for your sister you meet the man who found her, Mr Kim Jongdae, who also happens to work there as a cop.

(🙏, 👄) please don’t bite ↪ k. jongdae

yandere! au | series, angst, smut (choking, spanking, biting kink) | trigger warning: age gap, stepbrother/stepsister relationship, death mentions, depression light mentions

words count: 3k

Jongdae’s father and your mother met when you two were little, you grew up with Jongdae, until one day his dad and your mom divorce and you’re both alone again. Years after you are a college student when the news of Jongdae’s father passing out reaches your apartment. At the funeral everything seems so dark and sad, until you meet Jongdae again after ages: he looks a little different, there’s something sick in his eyes, something delirious. He wants to bite your skin.

Part 1 |

(🏫, 👧) school girls ↪ k. jongin

god! au | angst, romance, smut (to be added) | trigger warning: //

words count: //

Jongin is the one God in heaven that despise humans with all of his soul. Funny enough, he also happens to be the God of Fertility and Lust, the one who helps people procreate and fill the World with life. He has watched two of his brothers fall, one because of his mercy on humans and the other because he fell in love with one, he watched their lives crumble because of those weak beings who have such a charm even on Gods. He swore to himself that never he was going to fall for a human, ever! But then there you where, a stupid school girl who liked mythology way too much.

✉ (2) Gods series: Artificial Love (ZYX), A God In Eden (BBH)