don’t smile at me,

light on me

because i can’t

go to you


Her body was stilled, eyes unmoving from her phone. She felt a chilling tickle down her spine that increased her heartbeat. The surroundings seemed to have shifted into a blurry state. Muffled voices and cripling numbness devoured her consciousness.

Then she heard a voice in her head, Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?

Artificial lights beamed harsly into her eyes. Camera flashes, microphones, endless ocean of people hording towards her.

In her dazed state, she willed herself to turn her head to the direction of the group of people who had motivated her to do her job to the best she can.


That one phrase threw her off the bat. The thought still lingered, is this what she truly wanted?

“Solhee, let’s go,” A hand caressed her shoulder and as if someone had slapped her back to reality, she recoiled on the person’s hold.

Her breath heaved as nervousness clawed on her chest. The person who hovered over Solhee was still a bit unclear.

“Hey—hey …” Her cheeks felt a warm sensation over them. “It’s alright. I’m here— calm down,”

“T-Taehyung-ah” The blockage in her throat worsened as the paparazzi near them began pushing each other.

“C'mon— we have a flight to catch,” Taehyung took Solhee’s hand and let them away from the stressing circle of people.

“T-They weren’t suppose to know—” Solhee muttered, not intended for Taehyung’s ears.

It has only been two hours since the whole world found out that an 18 year old named Han Solhee was one of the keys to Bangtan Sonyeondan’s blooming success worldwide.

It has only been two hours since the world found out that Han Solhee had been writing most of BTS’s songs for the past 3 years.

It has been two hours since Han Solhee came to terms of letting go some things for the sake of Big Hit Entertaiment’s success.

It has been two hours since she realized those things she had to let go includes Kim Taehyung— and that’s what made her scared to accept the fame she gained.

the one. | joshua

member: hong jisoo (joshua) / reader
genre/warning(s): fluff, drabble
word count: 290+
song: if you’re not the one for me who is
a/n: hi, lovelies…

The warm – although, painfully out of tune – strumming of the acoustic guitar tucked within your arms is far from praiseworthy, and yet, your fingertips continue to gently pick at the strings, nonetheless. Flecks of early sunlight sets your shoulder aglow where your t-shirt slips further down your arm, revealing the perfect tease of skin in its wake. You don’t bother to tug at the loose fabric in favor of trying to play another amateurish melody.

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Irene (Red Velvet) - Dance With Me Instead

Requested: Ye ye

“i love your blog lmao. may i request an Irene smut, like her gf and Irene having a fight and ending in bed, or Irene jealous, I WANT AN IRENE SMUT PLEASE”

Word Count: 1,369 Words

Warnings: Nsfw my dudes

idk whether to close my requests or just leave them open and write everything over the summer of any of you want to give me a suggestion plz do

- C

You had been teaching a trainee at SM a new dance. The trainee had approached you when you were walking around the corridors of the SM Entertainment building, asking for your help to improve her dancing skills. You obliged, seeing how nervous she was to be asking you, seeing as you were one of SM’s top choreographers, and you saw how hard the trainees worked.

You had upset your girlfriend, Irene, by telling her you would be busy teaching a trainee when she wanted you to go to her dorm and have dinner with her. She understood however, that it was your job.

The evening you agreed to help the trainee with choreography rolled around soon enough, and you were pretty excited to just dance for a bit, you hadn’t for a while.

You got on well with the trainee, she was hardworking and well spirited, always making you smile when you worked with her.

You went through the dance, a big smile on your face as you both moved in sync to the music. The trainee began to get frustrated at the part she couldn’t master, and now it was your time to do your job. You came over to her, moving through the moves slowly, the girl’s eyes not leaving your body once as she tried to memorize each of the steps.

There was one particular move that caught her out the most. To help her get it, you went behind her, putting our hands on her hips so you could steady her if she was going to fall again. Your arms moved hers from behind, one hand holding her wrist and the other on her waist as you moved as one.


Irene was watching the way you wrapped your hand around the girl’s waist, her blood boiling. She turned her hands into fists as she watched you move, almost no space between your bodies. Only she should be that close to you.


You finished up after a while, the trainee heading out of the door. You sat on the ground, taking a minute to catch your breath. You packed up your things, leaving the practice room and heading up to Irene’s dorm. You walked in, using the spare key she gave you, licking your shoes off and setting your bag down. You walked in to the sitting room to see Irene, arms crossed, giving you a deadly glare.

“Oh, I see you’re back from your little ‘meeting’ with that trainee.” She said, inspecting her nails before looking up at you with a glare again.

“Oh yeah, she’s really improving!” You replied, oblivious to Irene’s obvious rage. She shook her head, standing up and coming really close to you.

“You two got close. Way too close.” She said, whispering in your ear.

“Oh Irene, that was just me helping her.” You replied, now nervous at her tone.

“You know i’m the only one that should be able to be that close to you.” She said, her eyes boring into yours. Your breath hitched as she ran a finger along your jaw.

“I-I’m sorry.” You managed to stutter out. Irene breathed out a tiny laugh, shaking her head as she continued to let her hands roam slowly over your body, barely touching you.

She pulled you towards the bedroom, pushing you through the door. You turned around and stood there, not wanting to move until Irene told you to. Irene noticed that, happy that you knew you were going to obey her tonight.

“Strip.” She said, sitting on the bed and watching you as you started. She leaned back, biting her lip as you took off your clothes, your body slightly worn out from dancing.

“Good. Now turn around, and bend over for me.” She said, once you had been stripped of all your clothes. You did as your girlfriend requested, not wanting to be punished worse than you were already going to be. Irene enjoyed the view, standing up after a while. She could see how wet you were from behind, but she wasn’t going to make this easy for you. She lifted her hand and spanked, a red hand print left on your behind. You let out a noise between a whine and moan, the pain moving into pleasure as she spanked you again and again.

Irene grabbed a bunch of your hair, pulling your head up just gentle enough so she wouldn’t hurt you. Your naked from was pressed up against her clothed one, her hands caressing your breasts from behind. Your head moved back in pleasure, resting on Irene’s shoulder. Irene’s hands moved lower and lower down your body. She was so close to where you needed her, and she stopped. She pushed you down onto the bed, flipping you over and discarding her own clothes. She got on top of you, straddling her leg. You could feel her wet core on your thigh, the feeling arousing you even more.

“What do you want baby?” Irene asked, moving herself slightly up and down on your thigh.

“P-please Irene. Please.” You managed to get out.

“Please what? Use your words if you want something.” Irene replied. Her voice went down barely to a whisper at the end of her sentence.

“Fuck me. Irene. Please.” You finally said, through heavy breaths, as her knee pressed against your core.

“But do you deserve it? Have you been a good girl? I don’t think you have.” She said, tucking some loose strands of your hair against your ear. The only sound you could make at this point was a moan, as Irene started circling her knee against you. She decided that she’d forgiven you, moving off your thigh with a whimper she tried to conceal.

She kneeled on the floor now, pulling your body towards her by your thighs. Your legs were put over her shoulders, allowing her as much access as she could get to you. She had her tongue out flat, so she could taste your entire opening before she went in. One long lick had you begging for more after how much she had teased you. Her tongue dipped in and out of our entrance, she was giving you something but it wasn’t enough, it made you want to scream out.

She took two fingers, slamming them inside you. She moved her tongue to your clit, licking and sucking at hard as she could. She loved your moans, she wanted to hear them as loud as they could go. She went, faster and harder, groaning as she went. The little groans that left Irene were what really sent you over the edge. Your hips rose into the air, Irene’s other hand pushing them back down to the bed as she carried on fucking you hard. You came right on to her fingers, pulling them out and letting your ride out your orgasm onto her tongue.

“Fuck Irene. Fuck.” You breathed out. Irene giggled a little, coming up and straddling you again. Your chest heaved up and down, as Irene’s face hovered over yours and she gave you one of her signature smiles.

You reached up, your hands resting on her cheeks as her hair fell from behind her ears, tickling your face. You moved to flip Irene over, when she shook her head.

“You’re tired baby, I can wait until the morning.” Irene said, her thumb caressing your face. You nodded, Irene moving and lying down tiredly beside your worn body. She moved and pulled the duvet back off the bed, motioning for you to come over beside her.

“I’m sorry for being too close to that girl earlier.” You whispered, cuddling into your girlfriend’s body.

“That’s okay baby, just remember what happens. Even though you sounded like you enjoyed that light punishment a little too much.” She replied, smiling and kissing your forehead.

“Light?” You replied, kissing Irene’s soft lips with a smile. Her eyebrows raised as a smirk painted her lips.

“Yeah, don’t ask what a heavy one is. Hopefully, you’ll never have to know. Now go to sleep princess.” She whispered into your ear and kissing your cheek. She pulled you onto her chest, her heartbeat lulling you to sleep.

wanna one as funny senior yearbook quotes

daniel - “the senior quote’s due today?”

jihoon - “don’t put anything stupid for your senior quote” - mom

daehwi - “i don’t wish i was beyonce, beyonce wishes she was me.”

jaehwan - “hannah montana says nobody’s perfect, but here i am.”

seongwoo - “don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”

woojin - “as far back as i can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.”

guanlin - “i asked god for a bike, but i know god doesn’t work that way, so i stole a bike and asked god for forgiveness.”

jisung - “it’s hard being a single mother, especially when you have no children and are a teenage male.”

minhyun - “take life as it comes in your face and runs down your chin.”

jinyoung - “if we can have hover boards, why can’t we have cookie dough-flavored cookies?”

sungwoon - “you can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys bein fly.”

*in a group chat*

Chen: guys, I hit a tree

Suho: WHAT

Suho: are you okay?

Suho: or should I say oak-ay?

/Chen left the chatroom/

Suho: why did you leaf me?

Up In Flames (Mark)

《 Freshman Mark was a regular school boy at SOPA, just like everyone else. Well he’d learn that he was actually very, very wrong… (Featuring BTS Jungkook) 》

Originally posted by nctaezen

Mark’s POV

I ran downstairs after getting changed into my uniform, it was Monday, I hate Monday’s. I swung around the banister into the kitchen. My dad was making pancakes whilst my mum looked up at me from her seat and smiled.

“Mark! How are you? Did you sleep well darling?” She cooed at me, as if I was still five.

“I slept fine mum.” I said, sitting down after taking a plate.

“You don’t look fine.” She pouted with a look of worry in her eyes.

“I’m sure he is, it’s just that Monday fever love.” My dad said, kissing her on the forehead then placing down the mountain of pancakes in the center of the table.

“Thank you for the meal.” I smiled at my dad and he gave me a wink in return. “And mum I’m promise I’m fine, you don’t have to worry. I just have a test today, I’m kinda stressed.” My mum squinted her eyes suddenly, making me self conscious, she only ever did this when she noticed something wrong.

“Love? What is it?” My dad questioned, just as confused.

“Oh nothing.” She said as if she was snapping out of a trance. “I just thought I saw an orange hue in your eyes Mark, that’s all.” My dad looked slightly concerned, sharing a look with mum.

“…okay, well I need to eat then go, thanks again.” I said looking skeptical about the ordeal. So what if there was an orange hue in my eyes? What does that even mean in fact?

I finished off my pancakes and called goodbye to my parents, before dashing out of the house towards school.

I arrived at first lesson, music, it went all too quick for my liking. Why? Because now I had maths, I’m not the best at maths. I slump in my chair, already beginning to sigh.

“Hey Mark! What’s up?” Dayoun asked me.

“Oh, hey Dayoun. I’m fine.” I stated, not really wanting to admit what’s wrong.

“It’s the test next period isn’t it?” I nodded. “I knew it~ You’re so readable!” She said cutely, making me smile slightly.

“Exactly what my mum says, I’m just like a book.” Just as she was going to reply our teacher walked into the room, countless students scattered back to their seats and sat down obediently.

“So as you all know, after break we have a test. Right now you should prepare, I’ll let you go over whatever you want in these text books I’m about to give you. Good luck.” The teacher said this in such a bored way, as if he didn’t care.

The bell finally rang. I rushed out to hopefully find Jungkook, I needed to rant to him. Jungkook was a senior, but he reached out to me. Me being a freshman it actually surprised me for a senior to approach me, and now we are really close friends.

I saw him at his locker and called out his name, walking briskly towards him.

“Hey little man.” He said, reaching out to do our small handshake. “You look troubled, what’s wrong?” I rolled my eyes sighing, I really am that readable.

“I have a test next lesson, and I’m so stressed for it.” I ran my hand through my hair, a sign of pure stress.

“Let me guess.” He did a drumroll on his locker. “Maths?”

“How did you guess?” I asked, actually shocked.

“Dayoun spoke to me just before you came out.” I nodded in understanding. “But hey don’t stress, you’ve got this, okay?” He ruffled my hair, giving me a short wink.

“Thank you hyung, I’ll try, for you.” Just then Jungkook gave me the same look my mum and dad did. “What is it?” I asked confused yet again.

“Nothing, you just must be that determined that fire was in your eyes.” I was going to reply but the bell went signalling the end of break, I thought it was best to run off and get to class and so quickly waved goodbye to Jungkook.

*Whilst Mark is in class

“Hello? Taeyong?”

“Yes there was a literal flame in his eye.”

“Yes this is the one who was adopted by two angels.”

“Okay, we are at SOPA. Please just listen out for a prayer. I’m worried.”

“Thank you Taeyong. Goodbye.”

Back to Mark

“Here’s the test, good luck again students.” Our teacher said, handing out the papers.

I tapped my pen, now panicking. He placed the paper in front of me. I read over the first three questions and already I knew I was going to fail, I couldn’t even answer one question.

“Start.” My teacher signalled and my other classmates started scribbling down answers, everyone but me.

I tried to concentrate and turned the page to see if I knew anything here. Nothing. I kept turning and turning but nothing. My hands began to shake, surely I could answer one. I attempted at what looked like the easiest question on the paper, there was masses of scribbles, random numbers, anything I could think of.

I felt myself turn hot, but it was different. It felt like I was on fire, there was a pricking feeling in my back and my eyes were burning. I closed them and opened them, hoping the feeling would go away. It got worse.

The parking feeling in my back traveled through my body, my fingertips were raging. I shut my eyes again, trying not to make a scene, maybe it’s just pins and needles. I tried to calm myself to no avail, I opened my eyes again. I held my paper in my hands, trying to make myself look natural. Bad idea.

My paper burst into flame right in front of me, I dropped it and gripped onto the desk, only to set that on fire too. I jumped up out of my seat, I looked down at my hands only to be met with balls of fire. The pricking feeling in my back got worse and worse. My classmates screamed and my teacher was frenzied. Soon the fire alarms went off and I took that as my chance to run to the bathroom.

I dashed through the halls before anyone else could see me, I ran into the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. My hands were fire, and out of my back was a pair of wings. Made out of fire.

I broke down there and then, falling against the wall and rocking back and forth. I sobbed but couldn’t wipe my tears in fear of scolding my face. I couldn’t call my parents to say the probably won’t see me again, instead I’ll be getting experimented on and treated as a freak.

I screamed, scared of what’s going to happen to me, to anyone. Just then someone frantically knocked at the door. I quietened down and shuffled inside a cubicle.

“Mark!!! Mark can I come in?!?” It was jungkook, I didn’t even want him to see me like this though.

Suddenly a bright light burst in front of me, I tried to shield myself without setting my clothes on fire. A tall man stepped out of the light, he also yielded a pair of wings, but his were bright white.

“I’m Taeyong, I’m an angel, you can trust me. Just take my hand and I’ll take you to a safe place.” He soothed, holding out his hand. Something compelled me to take it, even though my hand was a great ball of fire.

When I placed my hand in his the fire subsided, my wings had disappeared and the pricking feeling throughout my body had gone.

“That’s better, now come with me.” I followed everything he said, feeling that he’d protect me from whatever was going to happen.

I was greeted with another flash of bright light before arriving in front of a mansion looking home.

“This is N City. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you want, maybe even forever, and we can help you with your powers now.” He said calmly, smiling at me.

“I have one question.” He nodded, waiting for my question. “What am I?” I whispered, looking down at my now normal hands.

“You’re a phoenix, probably the last of your kind too.” I stared at him in shock.

“And what is this place?” I questioned, scared it was a prison.

“It’s a safe home, for all supernaturals of all ages, some reside here now. I can show you them if you want?” He inquired.

I nodded, “Yes. Yes please.”

anonymous asked:

Hi^_^ I rlly love your blog, because you write for a lots of underrated artists and I even started to like some of them because of you! ♡ But I also wanted to ask If you also write for girl groups ?

Good morning:) Thank you so much, it makes me happy that you like some of the underrated groups!
And well I can write for gg too, there’s not a problem:)

JIHOON // [Nymph]

  • Gets the women’s attention because of what he is
  • But is actually very shy and doesn’t know what to say
  • So he acts cute for them
  • Which makes them like him even more
  • The boys tease him for doing aegyo
  • But he secretly enjoys the attention he gets
  • Is the only serious competition for Seongwoo when it comes to the female population
  • Never leaves the house without Woojin
  • Who helps him to get rid of fanatic girls that can’t take hints
  • Woojin’s also the one who introduces him to you
  • Although you find him handsome, you don’t try to hook up with him
  • Which makes him feel comfortable around you
  • Instead, you would always try to find the right person for him
  • “What about her? She looks pretty.”

Jisung / Woojin / Jihoon / Guanlin / Minhyun / Sungwoon / Jaehwan / Daehwi / Jinyoung / Daniel / Seongwoo

Busy-Kim Namjoon

(for anon)

Originally posted by softjeon

“Baby please, I am so sorry. Can we talk about this like rational adults?” You walked passed Namjoon once more to grab your hair dryer from the bathroom in a huff. You stuffed your dryer in your duffle bag dramatically and piled a pair of random leggings on top of it. Your plan was to pack a bag and stay at a friends tonight. He’d forgotten your two year anniversary today and that was the final straw. You’d felt neglected and forgotten lately by Namjoon and although you knew it was due to his extremely busy schedule and buzzing career, it still hurt and you always acted on your emotions.   

“Y/N, darling please. Slow down and talk to me.” Namjoon lightly gripped your arm in hopes of gripping your attention. You sighed, pulled your arm away and stood in front of him with your arms crossed. “Talk.” Joon nodded. “Thank you. Can I hold you for just a second? I really missed you today.” He opened his arms to you and began to slowly walk forward.

You got your tongue ready to tell him to fuck off but….you just couldn’t. You fell forward into his chest and inhaled his scent. Joon held you close to him and ran his hands up and down your back slowly. Just the way you liked. You both stayed there in that position for a few minutes before Joon’s deep voice interrupted the tender moment.

“My ray of sunshine. I am so sorry. Today’s the day that I was somehow lucky enough to make you mine those years ago and look at how i’ve treated such a remembrance. And you. I really, really don’t deserve you.” His fingers were now running through your hair and you found yourself leaning deeper into him. Your hands underneath his shirt against his bare back. Just how he liked. “Please don’t leave me tonight. I’ll make it up to you somehow.” Joon suddenly pulled you away from his chest to look down at you. “I’ll take tomorrow off. And we’ll spend the whole day together. I’ll plan something romantic just for us. And you know what else? I’m shutting my phone off. It’ll just be me and you. I swear to you, baby.” You felt the tears of overwhelming happiness prick at your eyes. “Damn it Joon!” You exclaimed before lightly hitting his chest. “I can never be mad at you for too long. You’re so good at fixing everything.” You said before snuggling back into your boyfriend’s chest. Namjoon only chuckled and held you tighter to him.

“Happy anniversary Y/N. I love you so much.”  

Red Thread (Part 6)

Red Thread of Fate: It is believed in Chinese lore that the man under the moon ties red thread around the ankles of destined soul mates.  

Pairing: Jackson Wang / Jin Dae 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Synopsis: Jackson and Dae have known each other ever since they began as trainees for JYP, Dae helping him learn the Korean language. There feelings for each other have always seen there but obstacles have always stood in their way. Now, Rebels and GOT7 have a tour together, can their red thread untangle itself?

Originally posted by jack777

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(in)sane for you || chapter o2

▼ Chapters: o1, o2

▼Pairing: Luhan x OC

▼Genre: Angst, Thriller, Psychological, Romance

▼Warnings: Obessive/Posessive behavior, Stalking, Invasion of Privacy, Sexual Content, …

Summary: Jang Hweji gets anonymous texts from her stalker secret admirer everyday. He claims he loves her and that he would do anything to please her. But yet he threatens her by saying that he’ll kill everyone she loves if she does one wrong move.

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No Matter What (Lucas)

Request: None

Author’s Note: I just watched a disturbing scene in 13 Reasons Why and I need to get it off my mind and I had this idea for a reason so here we go


Group: NCT

Member: Lucas

Type: Angst✻』

Originally posted by teurashh

“How much more do we have to run? I’m tired” Donghyuck, one of the younger boys, complained as he stopped by a tree. “Well I think we should be fine now” Taeyong the leader of your group said sitting down on the ground. “Everyone’s here right?” He asked counting each of you.

“Is anyone hurt?” You asked the eighteen boys. They all shook their heads as they tried to catch their breaths. The nineteen of you guys were currently running away from a huge group of zombies that approached you.

Thanks to a member named Johnny, who shot a zombie which caused the other zombies to hear and turn their attention to your group, you guys had to run to save your lives. You had met the boys when you were wondering alone and bumped into Taeyong. He agreed to let you into their group if you had something to contribute. You said that you could be their medical examiner since both your parents both worked in a hospital prior to the zombie outbreak.

After getting to know the group you had developed feelings for a member named Yukhei- or Lucas as the group called him- and he had feelings back but since it was the apocalypse the both of you pushed those feelings back to make sure you both stay alive.

“I think we’re all good” Jisung the youngest member said. All the others mumbled or nodded their heads in agreement. Or, almost all. Lucas didn’t say anything as he stared at the ground deeply. “Are you okay?” A boy named Ten asked him as he shook him a little. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just scraped my knee a little when I fell” He said shuffling some rocks on the ground with his shoe. “Come here, let me see” you motioned for him to come to you.

“No, seriously I’m good” he said quickly “But if it’s a deep scrape it could get infected with all this dirty stuff around-” “Y/N! I’m fine I said!” He snapped at you.

You stared at him in shocked since you’ve never seen him yell before” “Okay Lucas, calm down. Let’s go look for wood or something to start a fire” Taeil the oldest member instructed the younger ones. Slowly each boy left and only you and Lucas were left.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you” He apologized. “It’s fine I guess. I know we’re all a little stressed out” you let out a small fake laugh. “Hug?” He smirked, knowing you couldn’t reject him. You rolled your eyes but nodded your head.

Lucas stretched out his arms to wrap them around you but you noticed blood on his sleeve. Not just blood that was there from killing zombies but fresh blood like he had just cut himself. “Yukhei, you didn't” he saw you reaching for his arm and tried to pull away but you were quick.

There was a bite mark.

“Y/N” he said softly. “We have to do something about this! How did this even happen! Oh god, Taeyong will know what to do” Tears started to fill your eyes.

“No, you can’t tell anyone!” “Lucas, you’re gonna die if we don’t!” “There has to be something you could do! You’re the doctor here” “I can’t! Unless…” “Unless what!” “We cut your hand off” you said collecting yourself. “Nu uh. No way” The two of you argued like this until you.finally told him there was no other option.

“Well maybe I’ll live. Maybe I’m immune to being a zombie” “Yukhei do you know how stupid you sound” you told him straight out. “Are you guys okay?” Jaehyun asked as the two of you jumped at his voice. “Yeah” you answered him as you took wood from him. ‘We’ll deal with it later’ you mouthed to Lucas who nodded his head sadly.

However the two of you didn’t deal with it later. Lucas began to get worse. He would have random outbursts at everyone. He was so underweight that his ribs were poking out and the other members had to held him up as he walked. His skin became so pale it looked like he never once saw the sun in his life but because anything that touched him would hurt her had blue and purple bruises everywhere. And his eyes had big black spots underneath while white stuff that looked like pus was coming out of them.

Of course when the first signs were obvious that he was bitten Taeyong was furious that the two of you didn’t say anything but the group worked on trying to get him better which you all knew was impossible.

“Y/N, are you still awake?” Lucas asked you one night as the others were asleep. You stayed up most nights to watch him. “Yeah” “Can you do me a favor?” He asked. His breathing was hard and ragged. “Anything” you said as you stroked his face.

He didn’t look like Yukhei anymore but you knew he was still there underneath the zombie that was taking over him.

“Can you be the one to kill me?” You were taken back by his question. “You aren’t going to die” “We both know that’s not true” he said “okay then” you told him.

The next morning everyone knew he was just dead weight to the group, including you. “I think it’s time” Taeyong said to you. You said nothing as tears fell down your face. “Are you sure you’re okay to do it” he asked as he gave you the gun. You nodded your head slowly. “Taeil, take the others away while Y/N does this. I’ll stay with them” Taeyong instructed him.

The others began to pack up “camp” as you held Lucas’s hand as he leaned on a tree. “You know I’ll always love you no matter what” he whispered to you as his eyes were closed like he was trying to fall asleep. “I’m so sorry” you cried. “It’s not your fault” “I love you too” you said to him. He gave you a last very small smile “Good.” He said

The others looked backed as they walked away from the scene. They all had sad looks. Some of the younger ones were crying since they knew what was going to happen.

“Y/N” Taeyong called for you. You gave Lucas a small kiss on his cheek then saw a bruise start form.

You positioned yourself in front of him and took the safety off the gun. Slowly you put your finger on the trigger and then without thinking because you knew you would probably back out of doing this quickly pushed it.

Yukhei’s body fell with a thud and you ran over to him. You laid your face on his stomach, you’re tears soaking up his dirty shirt. “I’m so sorry” you sobbed onto him.

“Come on Y/N it’s time to go” Taeyong took the gun from you and helped you up. You wiped your face and said okay. As the two of you walked away you wanted to turn around so badly but you didn’t want to see Lucas like that. It pained you so much to know this was half of your fault. That you did that to him.

Guess who is back after the longest break! Sorry that i haven’t uploaded in forever, so enjoy this Chanyeol imagine that popped into my head the other day!

Originally posted by littlepcy

Word Count: 2991 

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: couple of swear words, that’s it!

I do not own this gif!

“Come on (Y/N)! You’ve been in the dorm for nearly five days now! When are you going to go back to civilisation?”

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Jungkook : You wanna see how hardcore I am?

Jungkook : (punches a wall)

Jungkook : Take me to the hospital.