hate | felix

genre: fluff, enemies to lovers

words: 1.3k

warnings: swearing

requested: yes / “kiss me again”

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desc: in your eyes, lee felix despises you. so why does it piss him off to see you with someone else?

a/n: i had another version to this but that one sucked ass so I rewrote it 🤠

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“Get out of the way, ass face.” Someone shoves you to the side, causing you to bump into Jisung who happened to be next to you. You apologize with a tint of pink on your cheeks. “Why is Felix so rude with you?” Jisung asks with a frown.

“Is that who pushed me?” He nods. You look ahead and sure enough, you see the blob of dyed orange hair that belongs to none other than Lee Felix. He maneuvered through the halls fine, yet he decided it was necessary to push you. “You know what Jisung? I don’t know why Felix is so rude to me.”

And truthfully, you really didn’t know.

Ever since freshman year, the boy’s always had quite a disliking towards you. Whenever you try and think about what might have triggered his hate, nothing comes to mind. You’ve always been nice to the boy, even if you received a glare instead of a ’thank you’.

Eventually, you stopped trying and treated him like he treated you. You two were infamous for starting arguments in the middle of a class. It also didn’t help that you had half of your classes with him.

You hated hating him because you actually had a small crush on him. Did he hate you for the fun of it? Honestly, you’d never know. You hated hating him because you actually had a small crush on him.

He hated you, you hated him: easy as that. It’s not like he’d be willing to solve any of your problems anyway.

”You’re in my physics class right?” Jisung asks. You nod as you walk alongside him, his warm and inviting aura making it comfortable being around him. ”Minho is usually my partner for this class but he got really wasted yesterday so he’s off for the day.”

”Who even gets wasted on a Tuesday night?” Your comment makes Jisung laugh. ”Minho, apparently.”

The physics class that you share with Jisung ends up blossoming your friendship, even becoming closer to Minho, who you avoided talking to due to his connection with Felix. Not because you felt the need to hate anyone associated with the boy, but because you thought since Felix hated you he would too. Like a dumb ”bros before hoes” thing.

But Minho ended up being really nice and funny, you found it easy being comfortable around him.

Someone who didn’t like this turn of events? Of course, Lee Felix. He was constantly glaring at the back of your head, and you tried your best to ignore it but you just couldn’t when it felt as if he was judging your every move. You were friends with his friend, you gave him yet another reason to hate you and push you around.

“So Y/N I was thinking we could go to Felix’s basketball game together.” You put down your pencil and blink at Minho. “Are you sure? Felix isn’t really fond of me, I don’t think he’d like to see me at his basketball game…” Minho just shakes his head with a smile, grabbing your hands and squeezing them. Per usual, you felt a pair of eyes glaring holes into your head.

“Please come, it’ll be really fun. I promise.” You sigh. You could never say no to him. “Okay. I’ll go, but only for you.” Minho cheers and pulls you into a hug. “You won’t regret it.”

It seems Minho was a bit off. Okay, no, he was a lot off. You were regretting coming to the basketball game. People around you were screaming, and the game hadn’t even started. “Why is basketball so intense?” you ask Jisung, who was next to you. Minho left somewhere else but at least you had Jisung to entertain you while he was gone.

“I don’t know. These people are crazy!” You laugh at his comment, Jisung joining with you. As soon as you two stopped laughing, Minho returned. He had a large soda with a bag of popcorn. Jisung got handed the soda and Minho let you eat from his popcorn, his arm around your shoulders.

“Hey you two, don’t make me be the third wheel.” Jisung pouts. Minho grins, stretching his arm but it barely reached Jisung’s right shoulder. “I would never, dude.”

A whistle blows and suddenly everyone goes silent, eyes on the court. In the middle was a player from the rival team and Felix. He looked mad, his stance was stiff. “Loosen up, Felix!” Minho yells. He just glances at him and looks away.

“What is he so mad about?” You shrug at Jisung. It’s probably me.

Felix ends up getting the ball and begins to dribble it, passing it to another teammate. You watch him as he plays, a blush creeping on your face. How did Lee Felix manage to look good even when playing a sport?

He looks over to you, and as he does Minho brings your face closer. “Is it just me or is Felix playing weird today?” It’s like Felix heard what he said, because he only glares and looks away. The sight makes you frown. “I think he’s playing fine…”

The game was almost over, and so far you were tied. Your school’s team only needed one more dunk shot to win. To your surprise, it was actually quite interesting. Your eyes were on Felix most of the game. And it seemed like whenever Minho got a little close, Felix would coincidentally look at you two. You cursed Minho for being close to you the whole game. Even Jisung was cursing him. Mostly because he didn’t want to be left out.

Felix snatched the ball and your side of the gym erupted into screams. Even you. “Oh my god he’s not gonna make it, we’re gonna lose.” Jisung panics. “No we’re not.” Minho smirks and grabs your face.

“Minho what are you doing-” You feel Felix’s eyes on the pair of you once again, and something inside him sparks. He runs faster and away from the other players, not bothering to pass the ball to someone else. After scolding Minho for what he did you turn back around to the game and as you do, Felix makes the shot.

The gym erupts in screams as the timer buzzes. One half were screams of victory, the other half screams of complaints and loss.

To your surprise, Felix wasn’t heading to the locker rooms like the others. He was stomping up the bleachers, making his way towards where you, Minho and Jisung were sitting. You were growing nervous. What’s he gonna do?

“Y/N L/N I need to speak with you.” You swallowed back your nerves. “Please?” His soft eyes and calm voice convinced you to agree.

“What’s with you and Minho?” Felix’s voice sounds anxious, but you can still hear a bit of anger. “What do you even mean? You hate me, why do you care about me all of a sudden?”

Felix sighs and looks away from you. His eyes stay glued to the floor.

“I don’t hate you, Y/N. I really don’t hate you. At all. It’s actually the opposite.” His words make your eyes widen. ”What? Then why have you always been so mean to me?”

”It’s because…goddamn it. It’s because I like you, Y/N. Laugh at me all you want, I deserve it. I’ve always liked you, and it became too much and I wanted it to stop so- I thought being mean to you would make my feelings go away. I was wrong. They never went away. I still like you. So much…”

You remain silent, eyes still as wide as ever. Felix liked you? The Felix that pushed you around and teased you everyday constantly?

”Oh Felix…” You grab his face and stare into his eyes. You’ve always liked his eyes. ”You should really learn how to deal with your feelings.” He starts to ramble out a response, so to get him to shut up you press your lips to his.

Felix shuts up right away, stiff under your touch. You’re about to apologize when he cups your own face, bringing you closer. "Kiss me again.”

[00:00] You two had been staring at each other for almost 3 minutes,when Hyunjin decided to break the silence.

“You don’t like it?” Hyunjin pouts at you.

“Well, I want to feel your warm lips when we kiss, not the cold metal of your piercing.” you whine.

You stared at the metal ring that was perfectly clipped on to Hyunjin’s plump lips. That tiny accessory made Hyunjin look even more alluring, and gave the cute goof a dangerous vibe.

“Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. See, it’s just a clip on” he loosens the clip and takes it off his lips to show it to you.

“WAIT! I never told you it looked bad  on you.” you raised your eyebrows at him.

“No, it was really uncomfortable anyways” he smirks and walks away.

You pout and realise you had already started missing that stupid metal ring on his vanilla flavoured lips.

Letters. | Epilogue

SummaryWedding bells. Flowers and confetti. A beautiful white dress. A sleek black tuxedo. Guests smiling. Cake and champagne. The perfect wedding. Love. The last idea was most definitely not in the picture for you, and it broke you slowly. If only arranged marriages didn’t have to happen. If only he realised.

Pairing」Jeongguk x Reader

Genre」Angst, a littol bit of fluff

Word Count」2119

Warnings」None for this chapter

A/N」Here ya go, the epilogue of Letters! Isn’t necessarily the best, but it’ll do ig!

It hurt. It hurt Jeongguk so badly.

He hated knowing that he was the cause of someone leaving to a whole other city.

Due to this, he decided to break up with Mina. She was shocked, angry even, and accused Jeongguk of a lot of things. But he really needed time to himself, to think about his actions and to not do this again. Months passed since he broke up with Mina and you left, and he found himself feeling completely horrible.

Jeongguk’s hyungs noticed how upset he was, and so they invited him to stay at their shared home, to try get his mind off of this whole situation. Jeongguk was so grateful for his hyungs, they were always there for him and if there was a problem they’d help. And he really needed it right now.

The journey to Seoul was tiring, but he knew that he could vent to his hyungs and get all his feelings off of his chest. He dragged his black suitcase against the floor, adjusting his large army backpack. He rang the bell to the expensive dorm, waiting patiently for one of them to open it.

“Jeonggukie! Come in.” Taehyung helled, throwing his hands in the air.

Before Jeongguk got married, he would stay with his hyung’s. He did his work there and even held a few meetings to discuss business matters in the dining room. Nothing about the house changed, everything was the same, just a few more decorations added. All the boys came running downstairs, greeting and hugging their little brother. They pinched his cheeks, lighting punching him— just goofing around, like they used to. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at being with his hyungs again. He loved them so much, he’d choose them over anyone in a second.

He went upstairs, to the room he used to stay in. It was exactly how he left it. It even had stuff of when he was in his early twenties. So much had changed over the course of 2 or 3 years. He began taking his shirts out, a mix of white and black. He pulled out his Timbs, lining them up underneath the closet. He placed a few of his miscellaneous things around the room, before making the bed. Once everything was comfy, he flopped against the bed, sighing.

Damn, I missed this.

“Jeongguk, come down, we’re eating!” Namjoon called.

He hopped down the stairs, joining the others at the table. The table was covered with delicious smelling foods, ramen, and more. He sat down, next to Jimin, digging in.

“Woah, Jeongguk, it’s like you haven’t eaten in months!” Jeongguk laughed sheepishly, “Yeah… since YN left I’ve just been eating ramen…”

The boys laughed, encouraging him to eat as much as he would like. He looked down at the ramen. The side dishes. The smell. The presentation. The spice.

Just like YN’s.

Jeongguk sighed, before taking a slurp of the ramen.

Tastes like YN’s too…

The boys began to ask him questions, to catch up. “So, what’s this whole YN thing? She left? Mina? You need to fill us in.” Yoongi spoke.

Jeongguk dropped his chopsticks, and started to explain the whole situation, and then his feelings.

“I feel like crap, I should have thought about how she felt. We were married for God’s sake, I could have tried. But I tried too late… Now she’s gone, and I don’t even know where she is. I haven’t gotten the courage to text her, but it’s been months and I thought she’d text me…” The boys listened carefully, hearing the maknae spill his feelings.

“Jeongguk, do you like YN? More, or as much as Mina? At any point, did you have feelings for her?” Namjoon asked. Jeongguk stayed silent.

“Yes. Yes, I did, and I think… I liked her more than Mina. Especially after I read all her letters.”

“I think what you did was wrong. Just because you didn’t like someone at first, doesn’t mean you don’t bother to see the best in them, and ignore them. The honeymoon, when she opened up to you, it showed that she trusts you. Do you have any idea where she is? Have you even tried looking for her, even if she said not to?” Jin said.

“No…” Jeongguk replied, prodding at his kimchi.

The boys decided to stop questioning Jeongguk, incase it made him more sad, and decided to head to bed. Jeongguk laid down in his freshly laid sheets, thinking about what his hyungs said.

I’m going to try find her, and apologise. It’s the most I can do…

The next day.

Jeongguk woke up, rubbing his eyes from his sleep. He picked up his phone.A message! From YN!

I want you to sign divorce papers

Delivered 11:45pm

We’ll meet up and sign them

Delivered 11:45pm

Then we’ll tell our parents

Delivered 11:46pm

Good night Jeongguk

Delivered 11:46pm

It wasn’t the text he was hoping for. Heck, he really didn’t want to divorce you. But you still said good night, and Jeongguk knew what he did was wrong, so he agreed.

Hey YN

Delivered 10:03am

Okay tell me when and where to meet up soon

Delivered 10:03am

Now, he had to wait for her reply.

A week later.

Jeongguk decided to head outside, to revisit Seoul. Lots of people occupied the streets and shops, it was so busy. Jeongguk shopped around in a few places, buying new shirts and jackets. He took some nice pictures where there was good lighting and a nice background. Jeongguk’s deer became tired from all the walking around, and his stomach starting grumbling. He walked to the nearest coffee shop he could find, to order a nice cupcake and warm hot chocolate.

The bell tinkled as he opened the door, entering the cute coffee shop. He spotted a seat near the back, and headed there. He sat down, and called a waiter who took his order.

“Yeah, can I have a chocolate muffin and a hit chocolate with whipped cream on top? Like, a lot? Thanks.”

The waiter nodded, saying that it’d arrive shortly, smiling at Jeongguk. He scrolled through his phone, while waiting. YN still didn’t reply, so this whole divorce paper signing and telling parents would take a while.

“Here’s your order, that’s £6.25.” A girl with a familiar voice said. Jeongguk looked up.


The both of their eyes widened, mouths opening in shock.

“Do you mind coming back here at 8? So we can talk about… you know.” You said, hinting at the divorce papers.

“Uh, yes, of course. Thank you.” Jeongguk said, unwrapping his muffin. Just as you were about to leave, Jeongguk called for you.

“YN, how are you? It’s been months. Were you always in Seoul?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. And yes, I moved here. I’ll talk more when you come later, there’s a large order over there. Bye.” You said, walking back to behind the counter.

Jeongguk’s heart throbbed seeing your beautiful face again. He took a bite of the delicious, sweet chocolate muffin, before sipping his hot chocolate.

At 8pm.

Jeongguk waited in the same spot, looking at you walk over to his table.

“We’re going over to mine, come.” The both of you got into the car as your started driving.

“So, what are you doing in Seoul?” You asked, so it wouldn’t be awkward.

“Uh, things happened. I broke up with Mina after reading your… Yeah, so my hyungs asked me to live with them again. I missed it so, I don’t mind. I told my parents that I wanted to show the hyungs to you.” Jeongguk replied, looking outside the window, and admiring the lights.

You hummed in response as you parked outside your house. When Jeongguk entered, he could tell you lived here. It was all neat, and everything was decorated just like you had wanted to decorate his. You guided him to the living room, letting him know that you’ll bring the papers from upstairs. Jeongguk sighed as he took a seat on the comfy sofa, looking around. It’s a nice house.

You came back downstairs, with two glasses of water. You placed them down onto the table, giving out the form to Jeongguk, and handing him a black pen.

“This is so awkward but… I think it’s best for us.” You said, smiling at him softly.

“Don’t worry, I think so too. I… really didn’t mean to act so rudely to you. I hate what I did.” He said, scribbling down the needed information.

You whispered an ‘it’s okay’ in response, to which Jeongguk shook his head.

“It really wasn’t,” he said, as he gave you the completed form, “It was wrong. I hurt you. If I’m being honest, I did like you. But it was too late, and I shouldn’t have treated you that way. I’m so sorry.”You could see that Jeongguk was telling the truth, and you smiled at him.

“It’s okay. We can still be friends.”

Jeongguk smiled, relieved that you weren’t going to completely ignore him— like he did.

“We’ll go see the parents tomorrow? It’s my only day off.” You said.

Jeongguk nodded, asking his hyungs to bring a change of clothes.

Hyung can you bring a pair of jeans and a shirt to YN’s it’s at xxxx-xx 28

Read 9:04pm

You’re at YN’s!??!??? Okay????

Read 9:04pm

I’ll explain later, thanks hyung

Read 9:04pm

Jeongguk spent his night on the sofa, awaiting the next day.

Tomorrow afternoon. The dreaded day. The day to confront your parents about this mess.

“Why did you come back from Seoul so quickly, you two? YN, did you like the hyungs?” Jeongguk’s mum asked.

“Actually, we wanted to talk about something. It’s important.” The parents’ ears perked, listening carefully.

“When we got married, I still liked Mina. And… I was still dating her even when we were married.” Jeongguk confesses, hearing the gasps of the parents.

“What? We told you to stay away from her, you were married as wel-“ Jeongguk’s dad started.

“I know! But I couldn’t help it, I was stupid. I didn’t put any effort into this marriage, okay? I know, I was wrong.”

“On the honeymoon, Mina came too. I was upset, but I had a day with Jeongguk to myself. I enjoyed it so much. After that, I actually left to Seoul, I wanted to start afresh. I know, this is all confusing and messed up. But in short…” you trailed off.

“We want to get divorced. We’ve signed the papers and are going to send them off, once we’ve talked to you. Just know that we aren’t together anymore. YN’s happy, and I’ll be happy too.” Jeongguk finished. The parents were in utter shock.

“I can’t believe you! Why would you treat YN so badly? I can’t believe this, you’re my son, and you’re treating people like this! If you could treat Mina well, what about YN? I’m-“ Jeongguk’s mum yelled.

“YN! Why didn’t you tell us he was acting this way? Your son, Mrs Jeon, has upset my daughter! I thought you said he was well mannered!” Your mum shouted. The two of you stood between the argument of the parents. You heard them yell insults about each other. This wasn’t going well.

“Stop! Just stop!” Jungkook screamed, causing the argument to come to a halt.

“It was my fault. I treated YN like literal crap, I know. I ignored her. I wasn’t well mannered, I know. But I understand my mistakes, I’ve apologised, even though that’s worth nothing, compared to how I treated her. YN forgives me, and says we can be friends. But… I love YN. And I’m sorry I’ve only realised it now. Your letters, they were right. I love you, a lot. Now, can all of you just stop shouting!” The room became silent.

“Guk… I love you too.” Even though you hadn’t seen him for months, those months by yourself was painful. You really missed Jeongguk, and you really wanted this to work. The parents shook their heads in disappointment, muttering things along the lines of ‘deal with this yourselves’ and ‘I don’t even want to be a part of this’. Once they left, you and Jeongguk were by yourselves in your old home. You two shared smiles. Then, you inched forward, coming in for a hug.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realise earlier. I’m sorry I treated you like shit. I’m sorry. For everything. Can we just… try again? I’ll put the effort in this time.” Jeongguk said, gently sobbing. You wiped his tears.

“Of course, just please… please don’t ignore me.”

begin again ➳ seo changbin

➳ genre: tattoo artist au, roommate au, angst, fluff

➳ pairings: reader x changbin

➳ word count: 6.3k

➳ description: Even in your dizziest daydreams, he’s someone you’ve never even dreamt of liking — that is until you become his canvas.

“Seungmin. I know I screwed up,” you blurted through the phone. “… stop laughing at me.”

Your friend laughed even harder on the other end of the line, sounding completely out of breath. “I can’t believe you did that. It’s so expected of you to just mess up like that. I don’t see you for a few weeks and this happens,” he snickered.

“I swear —” You were cut off by the sound of your housemate’s jingling keys. “Hey, I’ll call you later. Changbin’s back.”

“Perfect. He can deal with your problems now,” your best friend responded, and you hung up rudely before he could humiliate you even further.

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Autumn - Scary Movie

An Autumn-themed collaboration series with @bap-texts-and-snaps ! Enjoy! 🍂

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yongguk x You

By Admin B

Parts: 🎃 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 🍂

“Does it have to be storming?” you asked warily as you stood at the window in your living room. The rain was beating rhythmically against the glass, and the irregular thunder and lightning were making your heart race a bit anxiously.

“We can watch it tomorrow night,” Yongguk murmured. He came up behind you with a freshly popped bowl of popcorn, sliding a hand over your shoulder and squeezing it reassuringly.

“No…” you sighed. “It’s fine. It’s almost Halloween. When else are you supposed to watch a scary movie? …But if you see me hiding under the blanket, just let me stay there.”

“Okay,” he chuckled before leaning in and placing a quick, soft kiss on your lips.

You followed Yongguk over to the couch, though an idea sprung into your head before you sat down next to him. “Let me go light a candle,” you whispered before turning toward the mantle over the fireplace.

Scented candles were probably your favorite thing in the entire world. They helped you relax, and they filled your home with the most amazing aromas. Tonight, you would get to enjoy the crisp, comforting scent of a “Perfect Autumn” - a.k.a cranberries, spiced pumpkin, apples, and clove. It really was the perfect Autumn scent.

After lighting the three wicks, you shuffled back over to the couch and took your place beside your boyfriend. He immediately wrapped an arm around you and pulled you as close as you could get.

“All right, go ahead and start it,” you gulped, grabbing the plush blanket from the end of the couch and pulling it up over you.

Yongguk reached for the remote, pressing ‘play’ and leaning back against the couch as the beginning credits started.

“I already don’t like this,” you stated when a robed man in a very terrifying mask showed up on screen. Holding a knife.

And, guess what? In the movie, it was also storming.


Over the next two hours, you figured you watched about… 10% of the movie. You spent the other 90% either hiding under the blanket, burying your face in Yongguk’s neck, or staring at your burning candle to try and focus on something not completely horrifying.

And the 10% of the movie you did watch, you were screaming and whining and saying “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, I don’t like this.”

Meanwhile, Yongguk was laughing silently. He felt a little guilty for making you watch horror movies every year near Halloween because it was quite obvious you were not a fan. At all. But it was just so entertaining! And he’d tried to give you a pass multiple times, but you insisted it was okay. You could handle it.

Even though you clearly couldn’t.

As he grabbed the remote to turn off the television once the movie had ended, he realized the actual reason why he made you watch scary movies every year.

Because right as the screen went black, you turned and practically attacked him. You pressed your lips to his, kissing him hungrily and pushing him back onto the couch.

Apparently, being scared made your ‘the world is about to end, we’re about to die, so we might as well spend our last night together’ instinct take over.

And, obviously, Yongguk didn’t mind one bit. Your needy kisses, the Perfect Autumn scent, the rain and thunder… If every night could be like this, the world would probably be almost perfect.

Master list // RULES // Read About the Admins

[4:45PM] you go to the daycare center only to see, your boyfriend haechan sitting your sister on his lap and whispering along the lines of ‘shes almost here so then we can go and watch movies!’ you laugh loudly and they both look up only to have your little sister hug both of your legs and haechan smiling fondly.

[ 01:32pm ] imagine answering a video call from hyunjin, only to see your and his child drooling onto the camera. you hear him yell out your child’s name before picking them up off the ground, holding his phone with his other hand. a bashful smile is on his face (along with questionable marker drawings and food) but all his worries disappear when he hears you giggle at what just happened

Go Fetch! Part 6 (Lee Taeyong College!Au)

A/n: So who’s Zeren? And what’s up with y/n suddenly being nice to Taeyong? Btw if you guys are interested in actual Zeren he’s in a Cpop group called NEX7 and was on Idol Producer.

Summary: If there’s one thing SMU athletes hate, its sharing a field for practice. So when the lacrosse team has to share the field with the drill team, drama spikes up. Especially when the teams’ leaders are at each other’s necks.


Make Us Better

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Paring: OT7 x reader ; bts x reader 

Word Count: 1.1k

Note: So this is the first fic i’m posting..so yeah..Also for the later episode it will have trigger warnings and other warnings.

Helping others has always interested you in a way. It made you happy to see them get better with yours or a more professional help. So when it came down to choosing a major for college, being a high school student in the medical program you choose to be a therapist. 

You really didn’t know what types of therapist there was out there, but online you found clinical therapy. It was the more known type of therapy there is, it helps with counseling, treatment, diagnosis, etc.

You felt like it was a right choice - and it was. 5 years later with hard work, sleepless nights & passing test, You’ve finally made it to be a certified clinical therapist.

Looking around you’re looking for a job in seoul, it was a city that needed more clinical therapists. Looking around online you saw that a website that a company was hiring.

“Bighit Entertainment…? Do they employ like…actors?” You said to yourself. You shrugged it off and decided to apply anyways.


It was 9 am in the morning, you where sleeping on the couch since your room was a mess from all the textbooks & papers from uni. While sleeping you heard your phone go off.

You groaned in annoyance, ‘why is someone calling me at 9 am??’ you thought to yourself.

Not caring for who was calling you picked it up.

“Hello?” You asked, trying to sound like you were awake before the call.

“Hi, is this [Full Name]?”

“Yes it is…How can I help you?”

“Yes this is BigHit calling to see if you wanted to set up an interview for your job application.”

An interview…You finally got yourself an interview from one of the companies you’ve applied to.

“Ah yes! I’d love to” You said sounding more livelier.

“Is next week on Wednesday fine? At noon?”

“Yes it is! Where would I go?”

“To the Bighit building.”

“Ah okay thanks! Have a great day!”

“You too.”

As soon as you hanged up the phone, you screamed in a pillow. “FINALLY I WON’T BE AS JOBLESS ANYMORE!!” you yelled excitedly. “HEY [Y/N] SHUT UP! I’M TRYING WATCH MY DRAMAS!” Your roommate,Minsun yelled at you.

“Sorry Minsun…” You said. Being enthusiastic, you decided to treat yourself to some of your favorite snack. Taking a bite of the snack, is when you realized something that hit you hard.

‘What if I don’t get the job?’

Anxiety about not getting it soon consumed you. ‘No,no,no,no I will get the job. I will fight for it.’ you thought. Being a therapist has it perks like cheering yourself up at times like these.

◇─◇──◇──── A week later ────◇──◇─◇

It was the day of the interview, you wore the outfit that you think is the most business casual outfit you own. You were taking the bus to the building. “Aah I’m nervous..” You said quietly.

Getting out of the bus, walking to the building you noticed that it looked liked a nice place to work in, you had that feeling. Walking inside felt that way way too. Seeing a person at the front desk, you walked up to them.

“Uh hi! I’m here for an interview.” You said to the person nicely.

“Do you have your verification with you?” He asked while pulling something up on the computer.

“Yes” You said before getting out your ID & showing it to the receptionist. After a minute to see if you where the real you going into the interview, he gave you a visitor’s badge that’s only usable for that same day. ‘Huh, they really have tight security here.’ you thought to yourself.

“Okay, the interview will be on the 3rd floor, down a hall 4th door to the right.” The desk person said.

“Thank you.” You replied with a smile before walking to the elevator. Walking to the elevator, you saw that it was coming down. After a couple of seconds, a loud ding happened.

2 guys came out & where talking. One had a deep voice & one was small & had a higher voice. They both didn’t noticed you & kept walking. You walked inside while thinking of the two.

‘They looked like they had flawless skin! I wonder what type of people work here.’ You thought while pressing the button for the 3rd floor. It took a couple of seconds, but it got there. Walking down the hall, 4 doors to the right, you saw a small conference room. There was already the person inside with the door open.

You knocked on the door, getting the interviewer’s attention. “May I come in?” You asked.

“Yes you can, you can take a seat.” She said while getting some papers ready & going to close the door. You sat down while looking around slightly. “Okay we’ll start the interview now.” She said while looking at you.

“Tel me about the time you were in school”

“I went to seoul National Uni, studied there for 4 years. I’ve spent my time there mainly studying to become a clinical therapist. I’ve loved my time there, the work was challenging & it was fun to take on those challenges.”

“Why did you choose clinical therapy as your major?”

“I’ve always liked to help people at a young age. Making other feel better like giving them my lunch if they didn’t have one or giving a childhood friend a doll when they were sad.”

“What type of genre of music do you like?”

‘Strange..why would they ask that?’

“I like more of a instrumental or classical music. That type of music had really had an affect on me since a young age. This also helped me when I was studying on test or looking at a patient’s details.”

30 minutes later, the job interview was finished. “We’ll give you  a call in the next couple of weeks”


It’s been 2 weeks. It was one of the longest weeks in your life. It was 4 pm already. Lying in your bed that now free of papers from uni. Since you are jobless, you decided to do some art commissions to try to pay your part of the rent.


Your phone was ringing, you rushed to pick it up. All you saw was a text from your roommate. “..Really Minsun?” She was asking for you to make some coffee since she was coming from her job.

Getting up from the bed, your phone rang again.

“I swear…what do you want now?” You said out loud while looking at the ID. It was an unsaved number. ‘what?’ You decided to pick it up. “Hello!” you said cheerfully.

“Hello, is this Ms.[Y/n][L/n]?” The caller asked.

“Yes this is! How can I help?”

“This is bighit informing you that you’ve been accepted into the job. Your first day will be in 3 days at the building. Just tell the receptionist your name and he’ll tell you more information. Also wear formal casual clothing.”

“Thank you so much!” You said excitedly before the line hanged up. You were excited for the first day.

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Haunted CH 4

“I’m so excited for tonight!” The girl in front of you squealed. “I bet BamBam will be there.” Her friend giggled.

“Everyone will be there!” She replied, sounding excited. She then turned around, quirking an eyebrow up, “Well, mostly everyone.” Her tone was demeaning, and you knew it was meant to hurt your feelings. And it did. It had been the second party that the entire school was invited to, excluding you. A boy in your class said that inviting you would be inviting your “bad juju” too, and of course they couldn’t have that.

Halloween was now right around the corner. The closer it got, the more you were mocked. You hated it, but somehow after speaking with Chan you weren’t mad at them anymore. You felt bad for the kids who bullied you, and you didn’t hold any grudges against your parents anymore. Only your thirst for answers remained.

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I really liked your Minho and Jisung school related imagines!! Can I request one for Nana? :D just soft fluff would to get me going through the semester would be nice!

Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you liked them😊

And of you can! I hope you like it~ 🌸💕

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“Jaemin, I’m tired.” You whined, head resting on the staple of books you still had to go through for all your different classes.

While you were trying to focus on studying and getting all those formulas and theories into your head, your boyfriend Na Jaemin laid on the bed, lazily scrolling through social media on his smartphone until you would call out to him and tell him you finished studying for the day. But now you just couldn’t take it anymore and you needed him.

“I’m so sick of studying at this point.” You sighed, waiting for Jaemin’s response.

“I know you’re tired and stressed out, but I’ll offer you a deal, alright?”


“Just hold on a little more and finish the chapter you were working on and then we’ll cuddle for the rest of the night and watch movies.”

Happy to hear you’ll get cuddles the sooner you finish, the more motivated you got to get to work again.

And as if his words had been working wonders, you finished in no time and you suddenly startled Jaemin by plopping down on the bed next to him, already snaking one arm around his waist and nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck.

“Eager, are we?” Jaemin giggled, hugging you back just as passionately.

“I need your cuddles now to forget about the awful act of studying.” You pouted right before placing a small kiss on his neck.

Jaemin blushed slightly.

“Well, you definitely deserve the cuddles now. You worked hard, baby. Good job!”

Before you finished studying Jaemin already prepared some snacks and put the DVD of your favourite movie in the DVD player.

“I’m yours for the rest of the night and you’re mine now.” You giggled when you saw Jaemin’s cheeks heating up again and cuddled even more into his side when he pressed play on the remote, marking the beginning of a fluffy night full of cuddles and kisses.

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You let out a small yawn as your gaze shifted off to the window on your left. Crisp colors of orange, yellow, and brown leaves flew in the cool autumn wind as the sky turned a darker grey, filling the world below it with gloom and simplicity. The some- what bearable sound of the clock ticking filled your ears as you looked around the classroom, bored out of your mind. Detentions were always this boring, but this one was made torture, due to your incapability to remember to bring your notebook; leaving you with your skin as the canvas. A thought suddenly bewildered you, eyes glistening hesitantly. It was a silly thought at that, one made for little children no little than 4, who still believed in unicorns. With a huff, you let out the most ungodly scream in your head, one resembling a gorilla. A sound that could easily be capable of making you piss your pants. You looked for any signs of other mind readers, and sure enough you found one. A boy the next row over, two desks ahead from you suddenly flinched. You remembered his name was winwin, a quiet boy that hung out a lot with the bad boys of your school. He stuck out like a sore thumb but nonetheless, they still treated him with love and kindness, an odd sight from them surely. You presumed that he had to be pretty special to get Taeyong and his gang wrapped around his finger. A prominent smirk had formed on your face as the boy slowly looked over his shoulder to gaze at you. With the squinting of your eyes you thought of something that frightened the boy dearly.

‘Caught you.’


Idk what this was lol